How To Roll Up A Memory Foam Mattress? 6 Easy Steps!

How to roll up a memory foam mattress? You will be moving out, and as much as possible, you want to bring everything you have to your new place.

The process of packing is a very tiring thing to do.

How to roll up a memory foam mattress

You are transferring all the stuff from the tiny one to the biggest object inside your home.

You can put it inside the boxes, but how about the mattress? Can you put it inside your trunk?  Of course, you can’t, and you’re worried about how.

In this article, you will know how to pack your mattress safely without damaging the foam.


Steps To Roll Up A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam can be inflated and deflated. If not properly handled, you cannot reuse the mattress.

So, here you will be guided step by step on how to preserve your mattress.

Just follow the guide, and you will be happy with the result!


Step #1. Prepare the things needed

You are worrying about how to roll up a memory foam mattress? Worry no more! In this article,

you will learn simple and easy steps.

Here are the things you needed to roll up a memory foam mattress.

These are very simple things and minimal in amount.

  • Ratchet straps or rope – use in securing the mattress, served as a handle while transporting it
  • Duct tape – reinforce the ratchet straps in securing the mattress
  • Plastic mattress bag – use to cover the mattress and protect from dirt during transportation
  • Vacuum valve – only the valve will be used in a vacuum bag
  • Vacuum cleaner – you can even use a vacuum cleaner make use that it is compatible with the valve


Step #2. Preparing your mattress

You need to remove the beddings on your bed, the pillow, blanket, fitting sheets.

Set them aside or put them in a box so it will be easy for you to transfer.

Now that the mattress is clear, you are now ready to do the rolling technique.


Step #3. Covering the bed

You don’t want to see your bed with dirt after transferring it. As much as possible, you want to preserve the cleanliness of your bed.

The first thing you will do is to cover it.

You buy the correct size of a plastic bag for your mattress.

If the bed is double, buy the same plastic mattress bag to ensure that the cover fits well.

The extra size is not right. It will give you more work in securing the excess plastic.

It is better to use a sealable bag if you can.

It can secure the mattress well from the inside and less effort for you. It already has a seal on it that will help the bed tightly in place.

You can add duct tape to reinforce the bag’s seal, so if the seal will break their still duct tape that will cover it.


Step #4.  Connecting the valve

You don’t need the whole vacuum bag.

All you need is only the valve on it. I will teach you how to make an improvise valve.

First, you need to detach the valve from the bag by cutting it out.

Then outline the plastic bag of your bed by tracing the valve on it.

After tracing, cut the outline using scissors. Just make sure that the hole is the same size as the traced valve.

Next, attach the valve to the mattress bag where the hole is and secured it tightly.

Put duct tape as much as possible to secure the area.


Step #5. Out for the air

Now that the valve is secure in place position the vacuum cleaner over the valve.

Just make sure that it is properly fitted or connected to the valve and securely in place.

Turn on the vacuum, and then the vacuum will draw out the air from the mattress bag.

It is better done if you laid down the mattress on the floor flat.

In this way, it will release all the air out, and the foam will compress almost the same in its original size.

You can do this while waiting for the foam to compress, or you may start rolling the bed.


Step #6. Securing the mattress

By removing the air inside the plastic bag, the bed becomes compact, and the size shrinks.

It is now convenient to roll the bed.

Once the mattress is compacted, remove the vacuum and seal the valve with duct tape.

You can now start rolling the mattress.

When rolling it, let the ratchet strap ready to reinforce and secure the rolled mattress.

Put it underneath the mattress and strap it at the top. This ratchet strap can also be used as your handle in moving out the mattress.

Now it is easy for you to carry out your mattress anywhere you go.

Now you can put it inside your car compartment, and it’s the safest way to transport.



Now worry no more! How to roll up a memory foam mattress.

This technique is very easy, and you can do it all by yourself. You save time and effort, plus money.

Some of the movers will leave this large furniture because they don’t know how to transport it.

Here you will be encouraged to save your bed with less conflict technique. The things you needed are readily around you or maybe less expensive.

You don’t need to say goodbye to your bed.

Now you save your bed, you still enjoy the comfort of your bed. You conveniently transported it to your new place.

Next time consider buying a memory foam mattress that will save you from buying a new one that will you a lot of money.

This technique gives you an easy way to move out.

So enjoy moving your mattress with ease!