How To Fold Air Mattress. The Best 2-Step Guide

You can learn how to fold air mattress correctly using two simple steps. You can do it yourself or with a friend, but it’s not something to be intimidated by. However, please follow any indications that your manufacturer has to avoid damaging your air bed.

Why do you need to learn to fold an air mattress? It will be useful when you need to travel or if you’re moving. Learning the proper tips will also keep your mattress safe from tears and holes that can cause it to deflate

How To Fold Air Mattress


How Do You Fold Up An Air Mattress


Step #1. Preparation

To avoid drawbacks in the process, you want to have your air mattress bare before you deflate it for folding. Remove all the accessories like covers on the air bed and then open the valve to remove its air. Air mattresses typically make a noise as air escapes, and you can also press the surface as it’s deflating to hasten the air removal. 

Each air mattress varies in the time duration to finish compressing, ranging from hours to minutes. Once you notice it flatten and stop deflating, close or replace the valve cap to prevent air from coming back in. However, please double check if there is no air left inside the bed, and press it with your hand to remove any leftovers. 


Step #2. Folding

After your air mattress loses its structure completely, it’s ready for the final step, which is folding. Lay it on a large and flat surface, so you can see the wrinkle that formed. Use your hands to smoothen the bed, but ensure that you’re not wearing any jewelry or accessories that may tear or poke the material. 

Continue pressing the bed gently until it’s smooth and flat. Once done, you can follow the crease in the middle for folding so that both edges meet. Folding both sides should be easy unless there is some air left inside. You can also make another fold if your air mattress is extensive. 

Finally, you can roll the mattress to make it easier to put in your bag for storage or travel. The direction for rolling shouldn’t matter as long as it will fit nicely on the mattress bag. You also want to be gentle the whole process, and you’re done!


How Do I Store My Intex Air Mattress?

Now that you master the best and safest way to fold your air bed, you should also learn how to store one correctly. This way, it won’t develop damages, and you can use the air bed with confidence for the next time. You can always check the specifications on your Intex air mattress, but here are some useful tips to remember regardless of the brand:


Where to store air mattress

Never place your air mattress in the basement or garage because these rooms can get humid. Moisture and undesirable temperature conditions can put the mattress materials at risk for damages and even mold and mildew. Instead, use a controlled environment like your closet or a storage unit to keep the vinyl and other materials intact. 

Your air mattress also typically comes in a bag, and it’s the best container for storage. However, any mattress bag will do as long as it’s the correct size and you can seal it securely. Use duct tape if needed to ensure that no dust or insects can get stored inside the bag. 


How long to store air mattress

Should you aerate your mattress? Most experts recommend letting your mattress breathe every six months if you’re storing it for an extended period. This should also help deodorize it and prevent any deformity on the air bed’s structure from being folded and rolled in a long time. 


Why Does My Air Mattress Have A Hump In The Middle?

After some time, you may notice a hump or a bulge in the middle of your air bed. Unfortunately, this is a trickier issue than a leak because it affects the mattress’s feel and your sleep quality. How does a hump form?

The humps, lumps, or bulges are due to air passing between sections after seams rupture inside. They would rupture due to low-quality materials, wear and tear, overinflating, or if the user exceeds the air mattress’s weight capacity. 


Can you repair a mattress with a hump in the middle?

If the hump is due to overinflating, you can open the mattress valve and let some air out as you press on the bulge. Do note that you must deflate your bed in a controlled way, so air escapes slowly. Once the bubble is gone, close the valve back.

For more prominent humps, you can deflate the mattress entirely and then inflate it. As you pump air, be mindful if the bulge in the middle is reappearing to stop inflation immediately. But if these practices didn’t fix the issue, perhaps it’s time for a new air bed. 



Do you need to store or bring your air mattress with you on a trip? Then you must master how to fold air mattress correctly! It’s as simple as removing the air entirely and smoothening the bed. 

Once you have it flat and wrinkle-free, fold it in half and roll to help it fit better in the protector or bag. Please reread our tips for proper air mattress storage and what to do if you notice humps and bulges.