Best 15 Baby Boy Baby Shower Ideas You Should Consider

It can be overwhelming to come up with baby boy baby shower ideas because of the numerous themes you can try. However, we’ve rounded up the best 15 baby boy shower ideas, including the color scheme, decorations, baby shower games, and even food for each theme. 

You will also know how to pick the best party theme with three factors. But for expecting parents who don’t want a specific baby shower theme for their baby’s gender, you can refer to our guide on how to do a gender reveal baby shower

baby boy baby shower ideas


Top 15 Most Popular Baby Boy Baby Shower Ideas With Tips On Choosing Colors, Decorations, Food, And Games 


Bee baby shower theme for the baby boy

If you want a unique theme for your baby boy’s baby shower, a cute party idea is a bee-themed baby shower. This baby shower features a yellow, black, and white color scheme and will stand out from other common baby shower ideas for the little man. 

To throw a bee baby shower theme, plan the venue’s focal point. You can have a yellow, black, and white balloon arch against a green backdrop, then feature beehive-inspired wall decorations and centerpieces. 

Don’t forget to get your baby shower bee theme reflected on the invitations for the guests. There are many affordable bee-themed cards, and what better baby shower favors for the guests than honey jars? 


Blue-themed baby boy baby shower

While it’s a classic, a blue-themed baby shower for the baby boy is famous for a reason. But before you think that it will be too common and boring, you can always make the blue baby shower more unique and memorable for family and friends.

Your venue can be by the pool or beach, and take advantage of the body of water for the baby shower games. For decorations, you can incorporate white elements in the flowers, balloons, and baby shower food, so the color palette is not only baby blue and navy blue.

Another color to include in a baby boy’s blue baby shower to create a modern look is silver or gray. Have plush elephants or incorporate silver ribbons and sculptures around the venue for an indoor blue party.


Cars theme baby shower theme for the little man

Cars, race tracks, or even motorcycles can inspire your little man’s baby shower. Think of a checkered backdrop with flags and racing elements on your table centerpieces and stationery for the party. 

You can even surprise the expecting mom and dad with a ride-on toy car to hold the party gifts. Alternatively, have the guests of honor in outfits inspired by racing overalls with customized prints. 

Then for the guests, you can prepare an indoor toy car race. You can also use the racing theme on your game props, like the baby shower bingo cards.


Circus baby shower theme for the baby boy

A fun baby boy baby shower theme that can also feature many creative baby shower games and foods is a circus party. It has activities like balloon darts or ring toss, where guests can win exciting prizes. 

A color scheme for this theme would include bright and carnival colors like red, blue, green, and yellow. And, of course, don’t forget to be generous with balloons. 

For the food, you can serve sweets like fried mac and cheese bites, caramel apples, ice cream, and other fair favorites. You can also give away popcorn for baby shower favors with this theme. 


Construction baby boy baby shower theme

You always see blue, cars, or even safari baby shower themes for the baby boy. But if you prefer a unique party theme with the potential for various creative baby shower games and foods, then have a construction baby shower theme. 

The ideas for decorations for the construction theme are easy, like yellow balloons, cutouts, stickers of construction signs, and street elements like traffic cones and Caution signs. Your decorations, like trucks and Legos, can be take-home gifts for the expecting mom and dad. 

This theme is an opportunity to be creative with puns and have fun. For example, use “baby boy under construction” for your baby shower invitations or banners. 


Cowboy-themed baby shower for the little man

If the baby shower is outdoors or you want a more rustic party, you can never go wrong with the cowboy or Western theme. Encourage the guests to dress as cowboys or cowgirls to make it more fun. 

This theme is perfect for farm venues during the fall or summer. Have rustic decorations like hay, ropes, burlap, and leather elements, and use a natural color scheme of browns and greens. 

Your baby boy’s baby shower cake can feature a cowboy hat topper or serve foods like steak, tacos, or chili. This theme is even more enjoyable, especially for a co-ed baby shower where both male and female guests can attend since you can design cowboy-inspired baby shower games for the two groups. 


Dinosaur baby shower idea for baby boys

Research suggests that boys love dinosaurs and might even love them more than young girls are also dinosaur-obsessed. This makes the dinosaur theme a perfect baby shower for the baby boy. 

Think of a green color scheme and get creative with the decorations, like DIY dinosaur eggs or cute dinosaur cutouts as banners and backdrops. You can also serve guests cookies with dinosaur prints or pack them for the baby shower favors. 

This theme is surprisingly easy to pull off because you can use nature-inspired decorations. You can add various dinosaur decorations that you can print at home. 


Firefighter baby shower for the little man

One of the young boys’ most popular dream jobs is to become a firefighter. That being said, this theme is fantastic for a birthday party and a baby shower. 

The color scheme for this baby shower includes red, yellow, and white. Think of details like bricks, hoses, and prints inspired by a firefighter’s attire. 

For the food, you can get creative with “flaming hot” recipes or cool desserts and drinks. And for baby shower games, incorporate water in the theme, like the baby shower game, “My Water Broke. “


Gentleman-themed baby shower idea

A modern baby shower theme you can do for the baby boy’s party is little gentlemen. It usually uses a color scheme with black and white details, and you can even request a formal dress code for the guests. 

This theme is perfect for indoor venues and evening baby showers. Feature decorations and food elements like neckties, canes, suits, and tuxedos. 

You can also prepare a backdrop designed like a three-piece suit. This is a simple theme to pull off, but keep sophistication with cuteness in mind. 


Jungle baby boy baby shower theme 

Animals are always a favorite for baby shower themes. And instead of the usual safari, why not go with a jungle theme for the baby boy’s baby shower? 

The perfect color scheme for this baby shower theme includes green, brown, yellow, and white. You can also reduce decoration costs with faux plants instead of purchasing fresh ones. 

As for the food, get creative with fruits and meats. Your focal point at the food table can be a lion or tiger baby shower cake. 


Nautical baby boy baby shower theme

The nautical baby shower is a cute baby shower theme that should be considered for any baby boy’s party. It has blue and white color scheme with details like boats, anchors, and sails for decorations. 

You can serve a cake with a boat topper or have a blue punch for the drinks. Some other menu ideas include fruit slices, charcuterie, and seafood appetizers. 

This theme is also easy and affordable for the baby boy baby shower, as you can add nautical elements to any typical blue baby shower. But of course, be creative with the banners and signs like “Ahoy, it’s a baby boy!” to make the party more memorable and suitable for a baby boy’s baby shower. 


Outer space baby boy baby shower theme

Astronauts are undoubtedly one most common dream professions of children. That being said, why not throw an outer space-themed baby shower to celebrate the little man?

The classic blue baby shower theme can easily be transformed into an outer space party with planet-hanging decorations, star backdrops, and galaxy-colored desserts. Don’t forget to feature a rocket ship on the baby shower cake or find a cute astronaut cake topper that can be a memorable keepsake for the baby boy once he grows up. 

The baby shower food and games for this theme can use props with space elements like stars and planets. For examples, the guests might enjoy a space-themed Family Feud or Pictionary with a twist.


Pilot baby shower theme for the little man

Another adorable theme for the boy’s baby shower is the pilot. Pilot-themed baby showers can feature a typical blue baby shower with elements like clouds and airplanes. 

You can make hanging cloud decorations with cotton and cardstock or paint a blue backdrop to look like a sky. Like the other themes for professions, consider a cake topper of a pilot that can also be a memorable toy for the baby boy once he gets older. 

And for the baby shower favors, decorate airplane cookies or give guests airplanes constructed from candy pieces. For the food, it can be your usual menu for a tea party baby shower in containers like hot air balloons or stands with cutouts of miniature cartoon pilots. 


Rockstar-themed baby boy baby shower 

A fun theme for the boys would be a rockstar baby shower. This is also fantastic for music-loving parents-to-be; you can even have a musical performance at the event. 

There is no particular color scheme for the rockstar baby shower theme. However, black pairs nicely with blue and silver, and be aware of the fonts you’ll use for signs so the party truly embodies the idea. 

For the details you can feature on the baby shower venue, you can always set up musical instruments like guitars and drums. And with food, why not get creative with cupcakes that look like records?


Sports-themed baby boy baby shower 

The best baby boy baby shower themes would not be complete without sports. You can decorate the baby shower inspired by sports like football, soccer, baseball, or basketball. 

Consider getting inspired by a sports team’s logo when deciding on your baby shower invitations. You can also encourage guests to wear their favorite jersey at the party. 

The ideas for the decor, food, and games are endless. For example, serve ball-shaped pastries, decorate with a garland featuring paper baby onesies that look like jerseys, or play a version of the sport for the party. 

If you want ideas on what gifts to give the guests at a boy baby shower, here’s how to make baby shower favors for a boy


What Is The Best Theme For A Baby Boy Baby Shower?

Picking the best theme for your baby boy’s baby shower will depend on many factors. Consider your budget, venue, and the expecting parents’ interests. 

Some baby shower themes cost less as they won’t need as many elements. You can also take advantage of the venue or use it as an inspiration for deciding on a suitable party theme. 

And finally, the host can always work with the parents regarding the baby shower. If they can’t give a detailed suggestion, you can just ask them what colors they’d want. 


What Are Good Colors For A Boy Baby Shower?

Blue has always been the first color that comes to mind for a boy baby shower. In gender reveal parties, blue is often used to announce that it’s a baby boy.

But nowadays, there are no limitations with the color scheme of a baby boy baby shower. The theme should help you pick the best colors, but try to only go with three to prevent a chaotic look. 

Pick a main, accent, and secondary color for the party. For example, if blue is your primary color, you can combine it with white or gray, then add some yellow at the venue for a tasteful contrast. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned 15 of the most popular and unique baby boy baby shower ideas to consider if you’re hosting one for the little man. 

A blue baby shower is a classic, but why not let your creative juices flow with unique themes like the bee or rockstar baby showers? And if you can’t decide from this list, refer to the three considerations we’ve also discussed above. 

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