How To Decorate A Vase For A Wedding: Easy DIY

If you want to know how to decorate a vase for a wedding, consider this easy wedding decor vases tutorial. You’ll start with preparing the vase, flowers, and then fill it with water. 

This decor is ideal for wedding tables to elevate your reception, but you don’t want the usual bouquets in a vase. And if you want to add more elements to the tables, here is how to decorate candle holders for the wedding

how to decorate a vase for a wedding


How To Decorate A Vase For A Wedding In 3 Steps

Before you get started in decorating your wedding vase, prepare the elements like faux flowers, gemstones, floating candles, submersible LED lights, ribbons, floral tape, scissors, a glue gun, and the vase for decorations. 

This DIY wedding vase idea is unique because it lights up, and the flowers are submerged in water. This is why it’s also important to use LED lights that can get wet, and just omit them if they’re unavailable. 


Step 1. Prepare the vase for wedding decor

  • To ensure that the decorations will adhere to the vase decor wedding, clean the vase thoroughly with water and dry it completely
  • If you need to cover some portions of the vase or you want to wrap the base with ribbon, do it first before the flowers
  • Cut a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the vase’s bottom portion
  • Glue in place and let it dry before decorating with wedding flowers
  • You can also use other flat decors to cover the vase, or if needed, paint and let it dry before the next step; if you prefer this, then wrap with fabric 


Step 2. Prepare the flowers for the DIY wedding vase

  • Prepare the wedding flowers for decorating the vase; ideally, you should use fake flowers or combine faux and fresh flowers
  • The advantage of fake flower decorations is you don’t need to worry about keeping them wet, and they will last long, regardless of the reception venue 
  • Create a mini bouquet with the flowers you had; use the other floral arrangements in the venue as inspiration
  • Remove the flowers from their stems and stack the flowers over each other
  • Tape the flowers in place securely 


Step 3. Construct the wedding vase with floating decors

  • After making the floral decorations for the wedding vases, you can start styling them as your DIY vase centerpiece 
  • Put submersible LED lights at the bottom of the vase; this is optional, and you may omit the lights, especially if it’s a daytime wedding
  • Pour gemstones inside the vase to cover the lights
  • Insert the floral stems from earlier into the vase
  • Put the flowers inside the vase and fill it with water 
  • Leave some space at the top of the vase to finish with floating candles on top of the water


How Do You Make A Vase Centerpiece For A Wedding?

Easy wedding decor for weddings is a simple vase centerpiece with flowers. This tutorial does not need floral foam, but we recommend using vases big enough for the number of flowers you’ll use for the vase decoration.  

  1. Keep in mind that a vase with a 3-inch diameter can only house a maximum of 25 flowers, so please select the correct size depending on how big your floral centerpiece is
  2. Fill the vase with water and floral food
  3. Prepare each floral stem by removing excess foliage and trimming their tips
  4. Fill the vase with roses in pairs; cross their stems to make an X and fill until the centerpiece reaches the size you want for the wedding decor

If you’re unsure of the number of wedding flowers to order for your vases, read how to calculate how many flowers are for a wedding


What Can I Put In A Vase To Decorate A Wedding?

Besides flowers, here are some vase ideas for your wedding decors and centerpieces. Please select the ones that fit your wedding theme, budget, and venue. 

  • Make tall vase centerpieces by filling them with long sticks and have cascading flowers and greenery around the vase
  • Stick to one color of flowers inside the vase
  • Fill the vase decors with lights
  • Use a candle inside each vase
  • Fill the vase with water and use floating candles, gems, and other decors that can sink and float inside
  • Use jewelry and stones instead of flowers inside the vase
  • Layer colored sand inside the vase
  • Filled the wedding vases with seeds, stones, or other tiny objects the wedding theme


How Do You Make A Vase Look Pretty For A Wedding?

  • Embellish with stones and gems
  • Fill with flowers, water, candles, and other decors
  • Paint the vases to match the wedding theme
  • Position the vase on the table with other centerpieces like candles and frames
  • Wrap the vases with string lights
  • Use different shapes and sizes of vases and position them on the table in group 
  • Stain glass vases



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to decorate a vase for a wedding by cleaning the vase, preparing the flowers, filling the vase centerpiece with the lights, flowers, water, and finally, the floating candles. 

You can also create simple floral arrangements in the vase. Or, if the vase has a unique look, you can paint or embellish it for decor. 

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