What To Say To Your Brother On His Wedding Day

If you’re unsure what to say to your brother on his wedding day, please read these tips for writing the toast and speech. We will even provide a speech outline example to wish your brother the best in his marriage. 

You might be his best man, so these tips also apply to the best man speech at weddings. And for the bride’s sibling, we recommend reading how to write a wedding speech for my sister

what to say to your brother on his wedding day


Tips On What To Say To Your Brother On His Wedding Day

  • Start with welcoming and thanking the guests for coming to your brother’s wedding day
  • Give yourself a quick introduction as his sibling 
  • You can talk about the significant moments growing up with your brother
  • Don’t forget to compliment and show your admiration to your brother
  • Talk about how he met his bride and how you know that they are fit for a marriage 
  • Discuss the compatibilities of the bride and groom
  • Say something that makes your brother the best husband for the bride
  • Give a sweet message to the bride
  • Finish the speech with a toast to the newlyweds as you wish them well


How do you write a wedding speech for a sibling?

To make your wedding speech or toast even more personal and entertaining, apply these tips and practice what you’ve written in front of a mirror. You can also record yourself to know if your delivery is smooth and minimize nervousness once it’s your turn to talk at the wedding. 

  • Write the toast a few weeks before the wedding
  • Bring a copy of the draft at the reception in case you forget the speech flow
  • Consider timing what you’ll say to your brother on his wedding day; a 4 to 5-minute toast is enough
  • Watch your alcohol consumption before the speech
  • Be personal with your brother’s wedding speech, but it’s unnecessary to include stories and jokes that the guests lack context
  • Humor is welcome, but make sure your jokes are not embarrassing your brother or his bride
  • Read your wording and check your tone with the speech to ensure that you’re conveying the emotion and message you want; is it supposed to be heartfelt or funny, for example
  • Do not make the wedding speech for your brother about you
  • Include the bride and how you think she’s the perfect match
  • Welcome the bride into the family


Speech for your brother on his wedding day outline example

Here’s a basic brother of the groom wedding speech you can follow when writing a draft. Of course, you can always include heartfelt quotes, but it’s best to be genuine with what you’ll say than copying quotes online. 

  1. Welcome the guests and thank them for coming to the wedding; you can also thank the wedding vendors and welcome the bride’s family
  2. Introduce yourself as your brother’s sibling; feel free to joke and give him a few teases, especially if your brother is humorous with comebacks
  3. Congratulate the newlyweds and talk about the wedding day
  4. Compliment the bride 
  5. Talk about the newlyweds’ compatibility and how you’re excited about their marriage
  6. You might also read some messages from people who can’t come or give a speech
  7. If a relative or friend close to the groom is deceased, you might also be given a short message to honor them
  8. End the speech with a toast

Here is how to write a wedding toast for more tips. 


What Do I Write In My Brother’s Wedding Day Card?


How to write wedding wishes for brother on his marriage and wedding day

  • Be genuine with your wedding wishes; start with how you’re proud of your brother, and you’re very happy and supportive of his marriage
  • Talk about how he’s important to you, and you’re grateful to be his sibling
  • Show your appreciation and enjoyment of your wedding day
  • Wish the newlyweds the best years ahead and that you’ll always be there for them
  • Show your excitement for their future


Wedding day card examples from your sister or brother

  • To [brother’s name], I am so happy to see you getting married. Know that I’m always here for you and [bride’s name], and I wish you both happiness today and forever. 
  • Who would have thought that my baby brother is going to get married? Jokes aside, I know that you and [bride’s name] are the perfect match for each other. Congratulations! And I’m happy to be a part of your wedding day. 
  • All my love to you bro. Seeing you become the man you are today has been a great pleasure. Congratulations and welcome to married life!
  • Here’s to my brother who convinced [bride’s name] to marry her, haha. I’m delighted you’ve met the best person to spend your life with. Love you. 
  • As my older brother, I have always looked up to you. Seeing you on your wedding day has given me so much joy because I know how happy you are with [bride’s name]. Can’t wait to roll my eyes at your dad jokes. I love you bro. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to say to your brother on his wedding day, which is something genuine and personal. 

Convey your happiness with his marriage and that you’re supportive of his wedding with the best match for him. We hope our speech outline helps; let us know below if you have other wedding speech tips to share.

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