How To Decorate A Staircase For A Wedding: 3 Steps

Try three steps to learn how to decorate a staircase for a wedding. In this article, we’ll go through how you’ll measure the fabric you need for the wedding staircase, how to use the material, and then finally, finish the staircase’s look for the wedding. 

This tutorial will use tulle, but we’ll also include another guide if you want to use greenery for your wedding staircase. Nonetheless, you may also be interested in how to make a tulle bow for a wedding, as this fabric is versatile for wedding decorations. 

how to decorate a staircase for a wedding


How To Decorate Stairs For Wedding


Step 1. Preparing the amount of tulle fabric needed

  • Get the staircase length and multiply it thrice; use this number to ensure that you’ll have enough fabric for decorating the stairs
  • Choose a tulle fabric according to the wedding theme; the classic tulle used for decorating wedding staircases is white, but you can also opt for tulle fabrics that give off a shimmer for added interest


Step 2. Styling the staircase with tulle

  • Place and tie the tulle at the top of one end of the staircase and secure it in place with a string; have someone assist you to keep the fabric from slipping
  • You can also tie the tulle to the staircase with a ribbon and treat it as part of the overall design
  • Once the tulle is secured on one end of the stairs, you want to twist the material to make it easier to wrap around the staircase handle
  • Continue wrapping the twisted tulle in and out of the staircase rails, ensuring that it is equally distributed and not too loose or too tight
  • You can also leave some parts loose, allowing the tulle to flow down as long as there is consistency in the pattern, so the staircase looks cohesive
  • Once you reach the other end of the stairs, tie it the same way you did at the top


Step 3. Finishing the wedding staircase

  • If there is excess tulle at the bottom, leave it to flow with minor fixes to look effortless but elegant
  • Do the same to the other railing of the wedding staircase, then step back to see if the pair looks symmetrical
  • After wrapping tulle on the staircase railings, check if you need to make any adjustments or add another tie on the ends for security
  • You can leave the tulle staircase as is, but embellishments should also look good as long as you don’t go overboard
  • Consider adding bigger bows on both ends of the railings or add flower arrangements on several points of the tulle with the middle loose
  • You can also incorporate string lights on the tulle or wrap a garland with it
  • Balloons should also look good as added stair decor with the tulle, or you can combine two types or colors of tulle fabric when weaving in the staircase 


How Do I Attach Greenery To Stairs For A Wedding?


  • Place the greenery at the bottom

If you already weaved tulle fabric or another type of decor on the stair railing, you can add the greenery or floral garland on the bottom of the spindles instead. The advantage is that the look doesn’t seem over the top, and the stair itself is still easy to use if some guests need support from the handrail.

You can add another garland for volume if you think that the greenery looks out of place at the bottom. The bottom will be fluffier and can match the top decor if there is any. 

You can also place the greenery directly under the handrail instead of at the bottom of the spindles. Of course, this will leave the top of the railing bare for usage, but you’ll still have decoration at the top. 


  • Wrap the greenery around the handrail

If you don’t think they’ll be used, you can wrap the handrail with greenery or floral garland. Perhaps this part of the wedding venue is not even accessed in the first place. 

However, you want to prepare several greenery garlands to make this look better. Another option is to combine the greenery with tulle when going in and out of the stair rail. 


  • Combine with floral arrangements

Some greeneries are not that stiff, and you can let them loose when wrapping around the handrail. This is excellent not just for aesthetics, but you’ll also be leaving some parts bare if you want to hold the railing when walking down the stairs. 

Then, stabilize the parts of the greenery on the handrail with floral arrangements. Allow the middle garland to flow and continue this pattern throughout the stair’s railing. 


  • Place the greenery on the stair spindles

You can wrap the greenery in the spindles of the stairs. Weave the garland through them or treat the greenery as decor and create alternating groups on the spindles. 

To make the stairs more interesting, you can embellish these clusters with ribbons, flowers, or lights. Here are the best fabrics for wedding draping if you prefer flowy fabrics on the stair railing.  



And that’s it! You’ve just learned how to decorate a staircase for a wedding by weaving tulle fabric on the railing. 

You can also add ribbons, lights, and flower arrangements to the wedding staircase. If you have garlands and greenery, they are classy options to add to the tulle or have them on their own instead of fabrics. 

We hope this guide gave you many ideas; leave us a question if you have any. 

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