What Should A Teenager Wear To A Wedding

It’s easy to know what should a teenager wear to a wedding as long as you see the wedding dress code. In this article, we’ll go through the casual, formal, and semi-formal wedding dress codes to guide your teenager on what to wear. 

We’ll also include some suggestions if the event is an outdoor wedding. And for more styling guides for guests attending various weddings, please browse our blog for multiple selections. 

what should a teenager wear to a wedding

For example, you might be curious about what to wear to a court wedding if you’re one of the few invited by the couple. 


What Can Teenagers Wear To A Wedding?

Before anything else, refer to the wedding invitation to know the dress code set by the couple for their wedding. From here, it should be easy to decide what the teenager can wear to remain appropriate and respectful. 


Formal wedding dress code

Most weddings follow a formal dress code, which means that casual clothes like graphic t-shirts, denim jeans, flip-flops, and exercising outfits are inappropriate. Instead, teenage girls can wear long dresses while teenage boys can opt for a tuxedo or vest. 

If the formal wedding is held in the evening, think of formal outfits typically worn during dinner at a fancy hotel or restaurant. Be mindful of the outfits’ details, colors, and lengths because you don’t want the teenager to grab the attention away from the couple. 

If you’re the teen who’s unsure about what to wear, don’t hesitate to ask other adult guests, especially when you already have an outfit in mind. Additionally, be mindful of modesty, especially when selecting cuts of dresses. 


Casual wedding dress code

Some couples prefer a more laid-back ceremony. If you checked the wedding invitation and it indicated casual wedding attire, then your teen can skip the long dresses or tuxedos. 

Instead, teenage boys can wear a button-down shirt with dress pants, while teenage girls can consider rompers or blouses with dressy pants. These outfits are not as formal but not too casual, so the teens can remain wedding-appropriate. 

Even if the invitation mentions a casual dress code, you still don’t want to dress as if you’re not attending a special occasion. The only other consideration is if you asked the couple themselves if they don’t care about the attire of their guests. 


Semi-formal wedding dress code

The most common wedding dress code is semi-formal because it doesn’t require the guest to dress up too much, but everyone will still look appropriate for such an occasion. Teenagers can consider different outfits similar to what older guests can wear. 

For example, teenage boys can wear a suit without a tie, and teenage girls can opt for maxi or cocktail dresses. If they don’t like dresses and skirts, they can also wear pantsuits. 

Comfort is still crucial, even if the dress code is semi-formal or formal. Your girls can skip the heels if they feel uncomfortable, and the boys should wear their most comfortable dress shoes. 

Here are some tips on how to wear a flat shoes to a wedding to help your teen decide what alternative to get for heels.  


Outdoor wedding

The last thing you want is to have your teen in a bad mood because they feel uncomfortable at the wedding. Outdoor weddings, for example, can get incredibly challenging because the weather is inconsistent, and there are other variables to consider. 

Ask your teenager to bring a cover-up to protect from the sun or breeze. Depending on the wedding site, teens can consider shawls, a light jacket, and even hats. 

You also want them to walk and stand comfortably, especially if the terrain is grass or sand. Beach weddings can accept sandals, and nature weddings can allow dressy sneakers. 


What Does A 14 Year Old Boy Wear To A Wedding?

If you don’t know how to dress your 14-year old boy for a wedding, check the dress code to know what outfit will be appropriate. You can never go wrong with a smart shirt and dress pants or even his school trousers with a well-fitting polo shirt if you don’t want to buy new clothes for one occasion. 

As long as he won’t wear a graphic shirt and ripped jeans, he should look respectful for the wedding. Additionally, skip the bulky rubber shoes and wear a comfortable pair of leather shoes. 


What Dresses For 16 Year Olds To Wear To A Wedding?

A 16-year old teen can consider different dresses for a wedding as long as the style is not too revealing or heavily detailed that she’ll draw attention to herself. Similar to other female guests, the ideal wedding dresses include maxi, midi, and even certain types of cocktail dresses. 

Can a teenager wear white to a wedding? It’s better to avoid white for your outfit color when attending any wedding as it’s traditionally reserved for the bride

However, not all weddings are traditional, and some brides are okay with their guests wearing white. You can ask her yourself if your teen is considering a white dress to clarify as well. 



And that’s it! This guide discussed what should a teenager wear to a wedding, and we found out that it’s no different from what adults must wear as well. 

This means following the dress code and avoiding anything too casual, revealing, or eye-catching. Finally, since teens tend to be less direct than adults, make sure that you ask them if they’re comfortable with the outfit. 


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