How To Decorate A Basket For A Wedding In 2 Steps

You can do two steps to learn how to decorate a basket for a wedding. First, we will use greenery and flowers to create a classic wedding basket. 

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how to decorate a basket for a wedding


How To Decorate A Basket For A Wedding Yourself


Step 1. Start with greenery

  • Create an arch on the front center of the wedding basket by attaching greenery on each side and facing each other
  • Secure the greeneries in place with florist wire, but make sure that they’re not too noticeable when you wrap them on the basket’s weaving
  •  You can have as much greenery as you want on the basket’s center front as long as they are symmetrical
  • Fan out the greeneries to make them more voluminous 
  • Add big flowers to the center of the greenery; use the primary flowers of the wedding and attach them with a wire


 Step 2. Fill with flowers and finish

  • Add filler flowers on both sides of the ones on the center 
  • Use the weaving of the basket to hide and manipulate the wire to make the wiring and attachments look neat
  • Make sure to bend and cut the excess wires, so they won’t poke whoever will hold the basket 
  • Add ribbons and other embellishments such as beads to your liking, following the wedding theme
  • You can also skip the flowers and greenery, but simply wrap a ribbon around the basket 
  • An alternative is to tie ribbons and fabrics on the basket’s holder then wire the flowers and greenery on the corners of the basket
  • If the basket is shallow, cover its bottom with lace or lightweight wedding fabric like tulle glued for security 
  • You can also wrap the basket handle with twine; just make sure that the user can still hold it comfortably
  • For wedding baskets as wedding favors, you can cover the entire basket in mesh material then tie the end with ribbon and small flowers
  • Finish the basket with a decorative label for its use (e.g., gift basket, wedding card basket, or a short greeting if it’s a wedding favor)


How Do You Use Wedding Baskets?

  • For holding the petals and flowers of the flower girl
  • Alternative holder for wedding rings
  • For collecting cards and monetary gifts
  • For distributing wedding programs or favors such as goodies and memorabilia
  • For storing food items and desserts
  • As decorative storage for flowers and greenery
  • As centerpieces to the table
  • As aisle or reception decors


Alternatives to wedding baskets

Instead of carrying a flower basket, the flower girl can hold a:

  • Boquet
  • Photo
  • Wand
  • Balloon
  • Lantern
  • Garland
  • Parasol


Are Wedding Bathroom Baskets Necessary?

Providing your guests with wedding bathroom baskets is not mandatory because guests will often bring what they need, especially in destination weddings where they’ll stay at another location for several days to a week. 

Some guests rarely even use what’s in their wedding bathroom baskets. However, this basket might still be helpful to accommodate your guests better, or you can just give them to close friends and family like the ones included in the wedding party.


What are wedding bathroom baskets?

Wedding bathroom baskets are baskets with toiletries for the guests. They are also called hospitality baskets that usually contain deodorizers, sanitizers, and even basic medications such as aspirin that guests may need at the wedding trip. 

For an alternative to hospitality baskets, read what to put in small jars for wedding favors


What Is A Silver Bride’s Basket?

Back in the day, brides got a basket made of coin silver and sterling silver as a gift. It symbolized graciousness and elegance and was used by the flower girl to scatter flower petals down the aisle. 

Then in the 1800s, brides used silver baskets during their ceremony and reception. It will hold the bridal bouquet during luncheon or dinner. 

Nowadays, silver baskets or bride baskets are valued by collectors. You may even find baskets that are a hundred years old but are still in good shape. 


What Is A Glass Bride Basket?

As the years’ pass, the market finds a way to introduce bride baskets that wouldn’t be as expensive as the traditional silver bride’s basket. The solution they come up with is to add a glass insert bowl on the silver frame. 

The result is something visually appealing to be a gift but still lightweight for functionality. In addition, the glass bowl was not limited to a round shape, but there were also triangles and rectangles. 

And to make these glass bride baskets even more aesthetically pleasing, some offer them with hand-painted flowers, fruits, and images applicable to weddings. 



Was this article helpful? We just learned how to decorate a basket for a wedding in two steps. 

This basket style only uses flowers and greenery on the center for a classic-looking flower wedding basket. However, you can always add ribbons and other embellishments, depending on the use of the basket. 

We hope you have many decorating ideas; let us know how yours turn out below. 


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