What Not To Do At A Wedding: 7 Don’ts For Guests

If you’re curious what not to do at a wedding, consider six things that are considered rude to wedding guests. Of course, it’s easy to forget the etiquette when you’re having fun, so you can read about this list of what not to do when attending weddings. 

Speaking of etiquette, guests should never arrive late at the wedding. Here is how early should you arrive at a wedding to ensure that you won’t get attention because you’re rushing to find your seats at the ceremony. 

what not to do at a wedding


What Not To Do At A Wedding: Guests Should Not Do These 6 Things!


Disrespect the wedding schedule 

  • Weddings take a long time and massive effort to plan, so it would be disrespectful not to do or follow the set schedule of the couple
  • First, you shouldn’t arrive late at the wedding ceremony venue, so check the wedding invitation of when it will start
  • You shouldn’t also request for the staff to move the time in some of the events because of your personal issues
  • Make sure to compute the travel time from the ceremony to the reception if the distance is significant
  • As much as possible, do not leave your seat during the various events at the wedding; if you have a good excuse, especially when you can’t finish the reception, make your exit as unnoticeable as possible 


Make it about you by wearing an eye-catching outfit

  • One of the most crucial wedding etiquettes to remember is never to outshine the bride or groom
  • Do not wear white or anything that looks bridal such as a tulle skirt or a voluminous gown
  • You need to know what’s not acceptable to wear at the specific wedding you’re attending; some cultures are more conservative, for example
  • Never wear something too casual but do not go overdressed
  • Be mindful of how much skin you’re showing 


Attend the wedding hungry

  • While most weddings provide full-course meals at the reception, it’s better not to attend a wedding with an empty stomach
  • You risk feeling “hangry”, especially with the many events before the eating part of the reception
  • You can feel dizzy and lethargic if you attend a wedding without eating 


Opt to constantly check your phone 

  • While no one might catch you, always assume that checking your phone can make you noticeable, especially to the wedding party in the front
  • It’s also rude to always be seen with your phone in your hand as you stare at it rather than immersing yourself in the wedding 
  • Before going to the wedding, put your phone on silent
  • If you need to take a call, excuse yourself and exit as silently as possible 


Get overly emotional that it becomes awkward and uncomfortable for everyone 

  • If you only need to remember one rule when attending weddings, keep in mind that the event is not about you
  • Even if you meant well or you have personal struggles that would lead you to be emotional, please refrain from doing so
  • Unless you’ve practiced and you’re sure that whatever you’ll do or say, especially with wedding speeches and other tasks at the front, do not do anything scandalous
  • Keep your issues to yourself as the couple tried their best to ensure that they’ll have the perfect day


Get drunk and plastered

  • Another rule to remember at weddings is to control your alcohol consumption
  • Even if the couple provided an open bar, please know your limits to avoid being plastered
  • If each guest is limited with what they can consume, be understanding of the couple’s budget


What Should You Avoid In A Wedding?

Here are some common things of what not to do at weddings as a guest in addition to the list above:

  • Unless you’ve run it with the couple, do not propose at a wedding because you’re taking the attention away from them
  • Do not bring someone that the couple doesn’t know or had a bad relationship with
  • Never assume plus-ones when nothing is indicated in the invitation
  • Never give a drunk speech or wing your toast at a wedding 
  • You shouldn’t bring a gift as it’s more common nowadays to send it earlier than the wedding day itself
  • You shouldn’t switch or change your seats at the reception or ceremony 

If you’re worried about wedding attire etiquette, read what colors should you not wear to a wedding


How Do You Ruin A Wedding?

Guests should be mindful of what they’re doing at a wedding as the couple’s special day can get ruined:

  • Show up late
  • Have your phone ring loudly
  • Wear a white dress
  • Bring someone the couple doesn’t want
  • Get plastered
  • Stress the bride or groom out because of your personal matters


What Is Unnecessary For A Wedding?

  • Going over the budget for a super extravagant event
  • Overly priced wedding attire
  • Celebrity performers
  • Having too many guests
  • Having an extended celebration
  • Including all family members in the ceremony or reception
  • Buying expensive wedding thank-you gifts



And that’s it! To recap what not to do at a wedding, they include disrespecting the wedding schedule, gathering attention, attending the wedding hungry, checking your phone constantly, getting overly emotional that you end up being disrespectful, and getting drunk. 

We hope this list and our additional guides will help you maintain guest etiquette. 

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