How To Make Wedding Punch In 3 Easy Steps

Those who want to know how to make wedding punch at home can use this easy almond punch recipe. It’s suitable for a wedding because it’s tasty, but you won’t seem like you’re serving a backyard barbecue. 

We have also included wedding punch recipes that you can make, including those with alcohol. And speaking of which, are you considering not having a bartender at your wedding?

how to make wedding punch

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Here Is How To Make A Delicious Almond Wedding Punch

Here is an easy party punch that you can create for your wedding guests. Making this almond bridal punch is easy, and it also won’t seem like something you’ll serve for a barbecue since the almond flavor is reminiscent of a classic white wedding cake

You’ll only need a box of raspberry-flavored jelly powder, almond extract, a can of pineapple juice, sugar, cold water, and boiling water. Of course, you can add alcohol or lessen the sugar for this recipe. 


Step 1. Prepare the main punch

  • Ideally, it would be best if you made this wedding punch the night before the wedding
  • Create the main wedding punch by boiling two cups of water
  • Mix in two cups of sugar until the powder is dissolved completely, then remove the water from the heat
  • Add your pack of raspberry jelly and stir until no lumps
  • Set this main mixture aside 


Step 2. Mix in the other ingredients

  • Making a wedding punch is easy because, at this point, you can add juices and alcohol of your choice as long as they taste well with raspberry
  • Because the almond flavor would be perfect for a wedding punch, make a separate mixture of a tablespoon of almond extract, a can of pineapple juice, and eight cups of cold water
  • Add the cold mixture into the hot mix earlier slowly while stirring 


Step 3. Freeze overnight

  • Cover the wedding punch and freeze; make sure that there are no other items in the freezer that can leak into the wedding punch
  • On the day of the wedding, you can remove the wedding punch earlier, so it will reach a consistency similar to slush by the time you’ll serve it at the reception
  • Place the wedding punch somewhere out of direct sunlight at the reception
  • Notify the guests of its flavor by writing a card at the front of the punch bowl


How Far In Advance Can You Make Wedding Punch?

You can make a wedding punch no more than the day before the wedding. This way, you can freeze it overnight, and the consistency will be perfect when it’s served later in the reception. 

But for caterers, they’ll usually make it the morning of the wedding. This way, the taste won’t be off because the water from melted ice will make the taste bland. 

You also don’t want the other ingredients to cause a weird flavor because you made the wedding punch too early. Furthermore, know the perfect time to add bubbles to the punch. 


When to mix carbonated beverages in the punch?

Pour the carbonated beverage at the time you’ll serve the wedding punch. Mixing bubbly drinks into the punch too early will cause the fizz to be gone when your guests get served. 

The best carbonated beverages to add fizz into a wedding punch include soda, seltzer water, or sparkling wine. 


How Do I Keep My Wedding Punch Cold Without Watering It Down?

Another dilemma when serving wedding punch is keeping it cold. You want the punch to still be refreshing, especially at a hot wedding reception.

To avoid watering the mixture down and losing its taste, use large blocks of ice rings on your wedding punch. But the key is using a size that suits the large container of the wedding punch. 

If you use small ice cubes, you’ll likely dilute the punch since they’ll melt faster, and you’ll continually add them to maintain coldness. A block of ice, on the other hand, will melt slower. 


How Much Alcohol Should I Add To Wedding Punch?

A wedding punch is not a cocktail that is meant to get guests drunk. Instead, your guests continue to drink it to feel refreshed, especially when it’s hot. 

However, you can still add alcohol to your wedding punch with sparkling wine. One part of sparkling wine for every two parts of spirits and one part each of sweet and sour juice will be refreshing. 

For more ideas, read what drinks to serve at a wedding


Easy Non-Alcoholic Wedding Punch Recipe

Mix a can of orange juice, a can of pineapple juice, two cups of lemon juice, a gallon of water, and two cups of white sugar. Freeze overnight and serve. 


Easy Alcoholic Wedding Punch Recipe

Mix a can of lemonade, two cups of vodka, a quart of cranberry juice, and ice. Chill and mix in lemon-lime soda before serving. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to make wedding punch, you can easily make one with raspberry-flavored jelly powder, almond extract, a can of pineapple juice, sugar, cold water, and boiling water. 

Freeze it overnight and serve it the next day at the reception. If you’re adding bubbles, do it when you’re about to serve the punch. 

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