How To Clean Drip Tray On Fridge? Surprisingly 3 Easy Steps To Follow!

How to clean drip tray on fridge? Not everybody knows, but the air emitted inside the fridge comes from the evaporator coils that have refrigerants on them, resulting in refrigerant condenses and becomes water. And the drip tray catches it.

Everybody knows what the primary purpose of a fridge is. But to give you a little recap, a refrigerator is one of the most valuable household appliances to own. It keeps your foods, beverages, and other items cold at a stable temperature. This is accomplished with the help of the internal system’s coils and refrigerators.

how to clean drip tray on fridge

Without those components, your refrigerator won’t work the way that it’s supposed to. Also, refrigerants are necessary so that your appliance stays cold for a long.

As time passes, water is collected by a drain located at the back of the fridge that accumulates the liquids caught until complete. Most of this is because of the condensed refrigerant; they turn into liquid once fans are cooled.

Now that it is complete, it may cause problems since it is located at your internal system’s back. So, if it overfills, there might be a casualty. If you feel that there is something wrong, you should go and check it out afterward. But don’t you worry; we will learn how to deal with it here, so keep reading.


Methods Of Cleaning A Refrigerator’s Drip Tray

How to clean drip tray on fridge? First and foremost, the first thing that you should always be doing is turn off your refrigerator. In this way, you can avoid accidents and make sure that there will be nothing wrong that’ll happen to your fridge just in case.

It is also critical that you read the manual if one is available. It contains all of the required information for dealing with your refrigerator.

Reading it will take some time, but it will be worthwhile. Please keep it on hand for when you need some context to work with in the future. They are helpful when it comes to dealing with these.


What is a drip tray?

While most of you may not know about it, a drip tray is a container located at the back panel of the fridge where it catches condensed flow from your freezer or inside the unit itself to the outside where it can evaporate.

Most refrigerators come in various designs, and their components may differ depending on where they are placed. On the other hand, a drip tray is nearly always found at the bottom part of a refrigerator. Regardless, let’s move on and learn the steps on cleaning the fridge drip tray.


Step #1. Gaining access to the back panel

The electricity has been unplugged, and now, remove the water supply before you access the internal system as it may have some issues later on. Once you’ve done this, take a screwdriver with you and start unscrewing the back panels.

It may not be easy to enter at first, but after you’ve done so, it will be much easy to open in the future if necessary. For example, now you must open the doors of your refrigerator to obtain access to the kick panel. Then you’ll have to slip something in between to get it out.


Step #2. Removing and emptying the drip tray

Some models may not have removable ones, but most others have. So, now that the cover has been removed, try to see if you can pull out the tray from the fridge. You will remove it quickly once you put some momentum into it.

Now empty the accumulated water from the tray. Some might be still in the fridge, but don’t worry; we can get rid of that too. Finally, pour all the water to get rid of the tray’s contents.


Step #3. Cleaning the drip tray

Prepare your bleach solution by mixing one part bleach with two parts of water. Then spray it all over the tray, making sure that it’s entirely wet to avoid any build-ups from occurring.

Let it stay in for at least three minutes.

Once three minutes have passed, scrub the tray so you can remove that dirt. There may be mold build-ups, so as much as possible, work from one side to the other so it doesn’t spread all over your drip tray. Rinse once again, making sure that the solution has been completely removed from the tray. Let it run over warm water several times until bleach can’t be seen nor smelled from the appliance’s tray.

Make sure there are no residues left. Now that you’ve done all the necessary steps, it is now time that you dry it. Make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned, leaving no spots of droplets behind. This is one of the causes why mold builds up in your trays. Could you put it back to place once it has dried?



And that is how to clean drip tray on fridge. It isn’t that hard for a beginner, and it is pretty easy to accomplish if you focus on doing it. But, again, molds can build up if not cleaned thoroughly. Otherwise, your fridge will smell foul.

Also, if you’re not the type to deal with these, call a professional to help you out.

Regardless, learn more about cleaning some refrigerator parts by learning how to clean refrigerator water dispensers. That is all for today!

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