How To Move A Fridge Without Scratching The Floor? 3 Helpful Steps For You!

How to move a fridge without scratching the floor? The difficult part with bulky appliances is moving them, and the last thing you want to see is your beautiful floor covered with scratches. Regardless, fridges are essential, which means you should have one after you move into a new house. Today, almost everybody has one.

With that appliance, you can keep your foods until the time that you’ll consume them. They keep items away from expiration, too, etc. They are heavy and come in various sizes, colors, aesthetics, design, and many more. You can choose from them and see what suits your taste the most.

how to move a fridge without scratching the floor

Also, fridges have different price ranges depending on their quality. We can help you pick one, but let us focus on what we will tackle in this article today. It is doable once you have an idea of how to move things.

Although it’s hard to avoid pushing your fridge just to move it even an inch, it would be best to call someone and help you lift it up to avoid damages on your floor.


Moving A Fridge Without Scratching The Floor

How to move a fridge without scratching the floor?

Before anything else happens, you must first unplug your device. When handling electronic devices, make sure to take it out from the power source to avoid accidents.

Now that you’ve done it, you are now ready to move your fridge to your preferred location. Below we have prepared some steps that might come in handy in situations like yours; you can use them as a basis for accomplishing the task. It isn’t that hard to do so we can assure you that you will have some spare time to move other furniture and appliances.


Step #1. Clearing your refrigerator

A fridge may get messy once you’ve unplugged it since ice buildup in the freezer may melt due to room temperature and may drip that will cause some issues and some cleaning to your fridge if you don’t find a way to clear it right away.

Refrigerators are already heavy by itself what more if it has contents inside? Will it be heavier than usual? The answer to that is yes, and that is why we need to clear it out of the way for easier moving of the appliance since it is hard to avoid damages.

You’ll want to prepare a storage box for all your foods, beverage, etc. Then the next thing that you’ll do is to remove the shelves out of the way. With that released, clear the fridge and put buckets, towels, or newspapers right away to the wet areas to clear it up. Dry with a damp towel right away.


Step #2. Securing the fridge

This next step might not be essential since you’re only moving it inside your house though, it is also necessary at the same time to avoid your fridge’s hinge from getting damaged so that it would not need some fixing.

Any type would do in this scenario, but we recommend electrical tape the best one for you. Unlike other kinds, it holds more on to sleek surfaces and can ensure that your doors will be safe. Wrap it around the fridge, making sure that it sticks to the doors or around the unit correctly without any worries.


Step #3. Moving the refrigerator to the desired place

Now that all the other steps have been done, it is now time for moving the fridge. Before that, you should pull the unit away from the wall where it is placed. In that way, it wouldn’t be hard if carried later on.

Carefully lift the fridge and let it lean in the wall. With some towels, place it underneath; make sure that it’s sufficient enough to avoid scratching. Gently tilt it back to place and let it slide out of the wall where it was originally standing.

At this time, it would be best to move your fridge with a dolly. First, place the dolly near your fridge and make sure that the cablings are safe. Now slowly lift the refrigerator, making sure that it doesn’t hit the dolly. Next, place the towels underneath the doll and also your unit. Move it to your desired place, and voila, you are now done with moving your refrigerator. We hope you find these steps helpful!



Now that you have an idea of how to move a fridge without scratching the floor, we hope you can put it to use whenever needed. But, moving your fridge is a challenge, so is keeping the floor underneath it clean. So, make sure to follow the steps provided and call a friend to help. And when you do that, don’t forget to clean the area where you originally placed the fridge as we expect it is covered with dirt and dust.

Regardless, it’s fun to read informative and helpful articles as you learn a lot and discover new terms and tricks. So, if you’re still hooked, and want to read more, then this one about how you dispose of a mini-fridge might be interesting for you. That is all.

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