How To Defrost A Fridge Freezer Without Turning It Off? 5 Best Hacks!

Does the freezer of your fridge has an ice buildup and wondered, “How to defrost a fridge freezer without turning it off?” To get rid of the ice inside the freezer without turning it off, remove all food products first, then use an ice scraper, fan, blow dryer, a hot cloth, or a vacuum.

These materials help you defrost your freezer quickly, without the need to turn off the fridge. Additionally, it is more convenient to defrost your fridge freezer by following the hacks that do not require you to turn your fridge off, as the quality of food on your fridge will not be affected.

how to defrost a fridge freezer without turning it off

Defrosting the freezer often is necessary to maintain the excellent quality and performance of your fridge. You may notice that there is an ice buildup on your freezer and many other factors cause the frost in the freezer.

So, keep in mind to defrost it immediately when you notice that the ice buildup has at least ¼ inch thickness to prevent further issues.

Read on as we teach you the best hacks you can try to defrost a freezer quickly.


Hacks To Defrost A Freezer Without Turning It Off

Several freezers are attached to the fridge, so turning it off when you just wanted to defrost the freezer could affect other products stored in the refrigerator. And of course, before you could start defrosting the fridge freezer, you have to remove all products stored in it and transfer them to a more incredible full of ice. With that, you may try the five best hacks on how to defrost a fridge freezer without turning it off.


Hack #1. Using a scraper

Using a scraping tool to eliminate ice buildup on the fridge freezer is one of the traditional methods to defrost it. Scrape the ice that has formed, but make sure that you do not overdo it because this may damage the freezer. Moreover, an ice scraper could also be utilized on the following hacks to be discussed later.


Hack #2. Using a fan

To defrost your freezer quickly, placing a fan in front of the open freezer is one of the most common choices. However, this best works quickly if the atmosphere inside your home is warm enough to be circulated when you use the fan.

With that, leave the freezer open after you emptied it and settle the fan just outside the freezer. It takes a longer time for the ice to melt, so if you do not want to wait a little longer, proceed to the next hack for you to try.


Hack #3. Using a blow dryer

Before you use a blow dryer to defrost your fridge freezer, keep in mind some essential precautions. There is a risk of electric shock, mainly when you use a plugged blow dryer, so you may opt to use a portable one. Another thing is that the freezer may be easily damaged if you used the blow dryer on it in the wrong way.

When you prefer this hack, point the blow dryer against the ice and prevent the cord from touching the wet surface if you do not use the portable one. Ensure that you do not point the blow dryer directly to the walls of the fridge freezer, as this may cause some damage. Next, when the ice seemed to soften, you may use a tool such as a scraper to drag out the ice quickly, but remember to avoid hitting the freezer walls.


Hack #4. Applying a hot cloth

You may also try using a hot cloth to remove the ice buildup from your fridge freezer quickly. But before that, wear some protective gloves to keep your hands safe from heat or use some tongs to hold the hot cloth. Once ready, pour some rubbing alcohol onto the rag and apply this to the ice. This method is beneficial, especially when you only have thinner layers of ice on the freezer.


Hack #5. Using a vacuum

To defrost your fridge freezer using a vacuum, set its switch to the blow option and point it against the ice and start blowing it from top to bottom. Once the ice buildup started to soften, switch the option on your vacuum to draw the water and ice.

Repeat this process until you have thoroughly dried up the freezer. However, this hack may be too risky for you to try, just like when you use the blow dryer as it can electrocute you, so make sure to follow some vacuum cleaner safety precautions before trying this.



And those are the five best hacks on how to defrost a fridge freezer without turning it off! Defrosting a freezer could be a little time-consuming, but it is best to do it regularly to make your refrigerator efficient.

Some hacks may be too risky to try, so make sure that you handle the appliance safely if you prefer doing it.

Furthermore, while it is an excellent choice to keep your fridge turned on while you’re trying to defrost the freezer to maintain the quality of other foods stored inside, it may also consume more electricity, so keep that in mind. Regardless, to add something to your current knowledge, read how often you should defrost a mini-fridge.


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