How To Clean Fridge Water Dispenser? In 7 Easy Steps!

Do you want to understand how to clean fridge water dispenser? This procedure is easy and would only take about a couple of minutes. It consists of seven simple steps. And we’re going to explain them to you thoroughly.

As years pass by, every model released by various brands has unique features and advanced technology and engineering. These days, almost all fridges have water and ice dispensers, and you don’t have to refill them with water since they can obtain their water supply.

It also has a filter that ensures safe and sustainable water for you to drink. But is replacing the filter enough to maintain the cleanliness of the water? If you don’t know how to clean your water dispenser, this article will show you how. So, stay updated!


Steps To Clean Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are not just an additional feature or an accent to your fridge door. But it plays an essential role in providing you with a supply of safe drinking water without getting a pitcher or bottle.

So, it’s necessary to keep it clean. But we need to consider the products we use in cleaning the tubes and faucets. We should avoid using toxic chemicals. Instead, we’re going to use your vinegar. Now, let’s start discussing the steps on how to clean fridge water dispenser.


Step #1. Turn off the unit and switch off the water supply

While you’re cleaning, this step will prevent you from consuming too much energy and water. Switching off the water supply can also avoid making a mess or flood your kitchen.

You can directly turn off the fridge through the thermostat and unplug it from the outlet. And you can stop the water supply by disconnecting the pipes, where the water travels, in your water tank.


Step #2. Remove the drip tray and grille

Undrained water will allow unwanted dirt and other contaminants to evolve. So, make sure to drain it frequently. We need to detach all removable parts, including this one. With this, we can clean the dispenser continuously.


Step #3. Clean the water passage

You have the option to clean only your faucet or the entire water line. But we’ll walk you through both processes.  Before that, you need to prepare your distilled white vinegar. It’s an effective cleaning agent due to its acidic feature.


Method #1. Only the faucet

In this method, you should place your vinegar in a spray bottle. To have balance, you can put 50% water and 50% vinegar on the bottle. The spray nozzle will allow you to distribute the vinegar evenly on the interior and exterior sides of the faucet.

Ensure to spray all sides and edges of the dispenser, including the part where you put the drip tray. Then, let the solution settle for a couple of minutes.


Method #2. Through the water line

As you can remember earlier, we disconnected the pipes to stop the water supply temporarily. You can loosen the ring that seals these tubes together. Prepare your vinegar, and you don’t need to transfer it to a spray bottle.

However, if the opening of the tube is small, you’ll need a funnel. Grab the tube that is connected to the faucet of the dispenser gently. Place the funnel on the open end and start pouring in your vinegar until adequate.

Ensure that the tap is not available to keep the solution in there. Leave the vinegar to settle for a few minutes. And you can tape the tube onto the fridge’s wall to prevent the vinegar from spilling.


Step #4. Scrub

Use a small clean brush or sponge and saturate it with the vinegar and water solution. Make sure to scrub all edges and sides of your water dispenser located in the fridge door. Also, scrub the surfaces of where you place the drip tray. Some contaminants may cause discoloration if it’s already been a long time since you clast cleaned the dispenser.


Step #5. Rinse

You can rinse it by using a spray bottle with warm and clean water. However, if you chose the second method of cleaning the waterline, dispense first all solution. Then, turn on the water supply and the unit, allowing clean water to flow. Finally, switch on the faucet/s to rinse off all the vinegar solution and its taste from the dispenser.

Drain the excess water using a wet vacuum. If you don’t have one, you can soak a clean cloth in the water and let it gather some. Then, you can wring it off in a sink or bucket. Wipe the dispenser dry using a dry or slightly damp clean cloth.


Step #6. Clean the drip tray

Soak your tray and grille on a container with water-vinegar solution. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Then, you can scrub all sides and edges thoroughly. If there are any hard-to-remove black spots, let it soak for few more minutes and wash again. Rinse these pieces and let them air dry.


Step #7. Putting it all back together

If all parts and edges are entirely dry, you can place back the drip tray and grille. And you can use your dispenser again.


Wrapping Up

And those are all the steps we have gathered on how to clean fridge water dispenser. Do this procedure twice every year, or you can do it every month. It depends on you, but  once you feel the slightest changes in your water, there might be a problem with the filter or water line. So, always pay attention to the slightest features of your appliances. Do you want to read articles about cleaning? Read how to clean fridge outside. Thank you for reading!

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