How To Clean An Air Mattress? In 3 Easy Steps!

How to clean an air mattress? You could either wash it using a brush, broom, or vacuum. You could also choose whether to clean it or deep clean it lightly.

We all know how much comfort an air mattress could bring us and how convenient it is to use.

How to clean an air mattress

You could use it for camping, a sleeping mattress for the guests, or just a mattress after a picnic.

Although we can’t help it after these activities, dirt will be all over the bottom, and if you are lucky, there will be less at the surface part of the mattress after use.

This dirt could cause damage and therefore lessen the lifespan of your air mattress.

Worry not because we will show you two ways on how you will clean your air mattress.


Ways To Clean An Air Mattress

So, how to clean an air mattress? You can do it easily if you have the right tools for it.

You could either use a brush, damped cloth, or a vacuum.

You can either lightly clean it every after use or deep clean it. Want to know more?  Read on to find out!


Step #1. Light cleaning

When it comes to lightly cleaning your mattress, you won’t need to bring your vacuum with you every time you use your mattress.

We don’t want to store away our mattress with all of that dirt sticking on it now, do we? In that case, we should lightly clean our air mattress after each use.

So how will you do the light cleaning process? You could always brush away the dirt sticking to the mattress before deflating it.

An air mattress is more comfortable to clean when still inflated because every side sticks out.

You could either use a soft brush or broom to remove any dirt attached.

You will need a hand-held vacuum if you have an air mattress with a velour top.

When it comes to plastic air beds, you can use a damp rag or cloth to wipe the dirt out.

You will have to make sure that the air beds are dry before folding and placing them in the box.


Step #2. Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning should be once a month or every other month to prolong your air mattress’s lifespan.

No matter what your air mattress is, it would be best if you always kept it clean.

Lucky for you, we’ve laid out three simple steps on how you would deeply clean your air mattress.


Step #3. Prepare it

In preparing to clean your mattress, you should first remove the sheets and the mattress pads.

When you are using your mattress outdoors, it tends to get dirtier than when you use it indoors.

If your air mattress has a built-in air pump, unplug it before cleaning to avoid getting it damaged.

Some mattresses have a removable pump. Well, it is a hassle to remove it because it will deflate once you remove the pump.

With that in mind, it is still a must to remove them to keep it getting the moisture in. When you are cleaning around the air cap, make use of a damp cloth.

Be extra cautious not to get water onto it. You could use painter’s tape to cover it up while cleaning.

Inflate it again after wiping all the dirt off because you must have deflated it by the time you finished wiping the dirt off.


Steps On How To Deep Clean Your Air Mattress

Suppose you think that it ends here; think again.

Are we deep cleaning it, remembers? Deep cleaning can happen when you are going to store it for an extended period.

So here’s how you are going to deep clean your air mattress:



In vacuuming, you tend to remove the dust and hair that left on the air mattress. It is also best to use if your mattress has a velour top.



After all the wiping in the preparation part, you will still have to wipe it all down again using a soft cloth damped with alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol is best for removing stains and germs.

Used mostly in sanitizing your air mattress and prevent any bacteria that may cause a foul odor when you open it again after a long time storing it.


Tougher stains

When it comes to tougher stains, do not use bleach. It could result in damage to your air mattress.

If you are having a hard time removing tough stains, go over the section a few times while rinsing then cleaning it back again.

Ensure you rinse your rag after wing that portion out because you may just be rubbing the dirt back.

After all of the cleaning steps, rinse the mattress with water (cloth parts on your air mattress). Make sure that no water could get inside the mattress.



Remember how your clothes smell if you store it while it’s still wet? It stinks, right? It is also the same when it comes to keeping your mattress.

So you have to make sure to dry it off thoroughly before you store it in the box. To do this, leave it inflated for a few hours or so.

With the help of rubbing alcohol and a warm sunny day, your airbed should dry off quickly.



To prolong your air mattress’s lifespan, it is a must to know how to clean an air mattress.

Trust me, having a dirty mattress when storing it is a hassle when we are about to use it again for another trip.

I remember asking my sister to clean it up before we pack it in.

But she stored it uncleansed, so we suffered the bad odor the next time we used it. You don’t want that experience. Trust me.