How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress Successfully

Understanding how to clean memory foam mattress is relatively simple in just two steps. This is crucial knowledge to ensure that your memory foam mattress stays in its ideal structure for optimal comfort and support. Furthermore, proper maintenance will extend your memory foam mattress’s lifespan just like with its pillow counterpart

Cleaning a memory foam mattress has some rules that you have to follow because of its material. You even need to know how to dry it correctly to prevent mold growth. Continue reading below and get started with cleaning your bed!

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress


How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress


Step #1. Vacuum

Before the cleaning part, the first step to ensure that you’ll clean your memory foam mattress thoroughly is to vacuum it off. You want to vacuum the surface to remove dust and other particles that have built up over time. Start at the surface using a handheld vacuum and then go around the corners and sides. 

Remember to do this systematically so that you’ll reach all the nooks and crannies that may have collected debris and lint. A useful tip is to use the crevice tool to get the difficult areas as well. Overall, you can consider this step as a part of your weekly cleaning regimen, regardless if your mattress is a memory foam or not. 


Step #2. Remove stains

Consider the previous step as the pre-cleaning method before you start removing the stains on your mattress. Since it’s made of memory foam, you have to be careful with wetting your mattress and using cleaners. Therefore, please use a mild detergent diluted with warm water on a spray bottle. 

This should work for spot cleaning most stains, but you can also make a more potent remover using white vinegar and water. You can even use baking soda if you want to treat discolorations safely, as hydrogen peroxide can damage the memory foam. Now that you have the stain remover, you can start spot cleaning. 


Spray and blot

Spray the affected areas lightly so that the foam won’t absorb the solution. It’s crucial to prevent this because you may not dry the mattress thoroughly and cause mold. After spraying, use a sponge and wipe the surface in a circular motion until you removed the stain. 



To remove the soapy residue, wipe the spot with another clean cloth, but for challenging stains like urine or vomit, use a vinegar solution instead. Then, absorb the solution on the mattress surface with paper towels before covering it with baking soda to further freshen and deodorize the mattress. Let the baking soda sit for 8 hours and vacuum it off after it absorbed the liquid.  


How to dry a memory foam mattress

Drying your memory foam mattress after you cleaned it is crucial to avoid mold growth. You can air-dry your mattress if the surface is not too wet, but it’s better to use a hairdryer to dry the mattress thoroughly. Place it four inches above the mattress and hold it in a circular motion as you dry the area. 

Be mindful not to use a high heat dryer setting to keep the memory foam intact. An alternative for a hairdryer is to place your mattress in front of a fan until the damp areas dry well. Never use your mattress if it hasn’t dried as it can develop mildew.


How Do You Deep Clean A Memory Foam Mattress?

While the cleaning method discussed above seemed like the general cleaning method, you can also consider doing it for deep cleaning your memory foam mattress every now and then. Depending on personal usage, you can do it more often or later. The process is similar to the stain removal techniques discussed, but note to avoid bleach and hydrogen peroxide since they’re too harsh for memory foam.


For odors

As for odor removal, use a citrus-based gentle cleaner on the mattress. Then, spray and let the product dry before vacuuming. You can also let the baking soda sit on the mattress and vacuum it off with the soft brush attachment.


For spills

Spills will also demand deep cleaning and make you feel worried that they might damage the memory foam. The good news is that immediate care should protect the material. You want to absorb the liquid with a towel and then remove the cover to check for stains.

Spray the affected areas with a solution of gentle detergent and lukewarm water and wipe in a circular motion. Finally, dab the spots once more with a clean cloth and let the mattress dry using the earlier methods. 



Cleaning your memory foam mattress regularly is vital for your health and also to extend its lifespan. Fortunately, learning how to clean memory foam mattress correctly is straightforward. The key is avoiding harsh cleaners like bleach and hydrogen peroxide. 

More so, remember to dry your mattress thoroughly after getting it damp to prevent mold and mildew. After vacuuming all areas of the mattress, select the right solution for the stains. You can use vinegar and water for stubborn ones, but mild detergent and warm water should suffice for most stains. 

Spray the affected areas lightly, and then use a sponge to wipe in a circular motion. Finally, use another cloth to pat the areas once more before drying them with a hairdryer. Some people even apply baking soda and let it sit before the drying part to further help with odor removal.