How To Keep Mattress Pad From Bunching? In 5 Easy Ways

Each one of us wants a peaceful and comfortable sleep or rest, so, how to keep mattress pad from bunching?

Which can be very annoying if it keeps on happening.

how to keep mattress pad from bunching

All we need is something that stays in the right place.

A bunching mattress could result in stress or uncomfortable sleep for the owner.

It may be weird, but when you made sudden movements on the mattress, it gets disassembled or arranged, which shouldn’t be normalized.

Why settle for something that would ruin your peaceful sleep and bedtime if you could do something about it?

There are so many ways to avoid this. You have to look for it.

It might confuse you as to why this happens, but do not worry, we’ll get your problem fixed.

I have many options that will suit your budget and your capabilities to prevent your mattress from bunching.


Options To Keep Mattress Pad From Bunching

When your mattress pad slips or bunches from your bed, there are easy ways to prevent or avoid it from happening.

You have to buy cheap things to help you with your problem or be innovative enough to solve it.

Here are the options on how to keep mattress pad from bunching:


Option #1. Use pad straps

One way of solving this problem is by using a padded strap.

An elastic pad strap keeps most things together. It is one way of making things pulled up together.

These elastic pad straps are said to put your mattress in place in your bed throughout the night.

It clings under the bed and to every corner of your mattress.

In a sense that you do not have an elastic pad strap, if you have a bedsheet with a strap on it, that is an excellent substitute for it.

Do not worry. It works the same way.


Option #2. Pinning the mattress

Yes, you have read it right; you will pin the mattress.

Do not worry because I would not suggest this if it is not safe or could result in something terrible.

You will be pinning the mattress using corkscrew-styled pins.

You can decide on the number of pins you would want to use. Many pins would mean a more secure mattress.

You can pin it on every corner making sure it is placed right on the box springs under your mattress pad.

Follow all the necessary steps or research about it to avoid getting a damaged mattress while doing it.

You have to be very careful about how you act or do things, especially when necessary and pricey.


Option #3. Make a mat (non – skid ) an option

If some of the other options would not work, maybe this one would.

It will be more useful if your mattress material is latex, not that this would not help other materials, but it is always worth trying.

Non – skid mats often are used in between an area rug and carpets, but it does not necessarily mean that it would serve that purpose alone.

As I have said, sometimes all you need is innovativeness to solve your problem.


Option #4. Trying a velcro tape

Do you know where Velcro tapes often are seen?

Well, mostly it used on kids’ shoes, you might wonder why. Velcro tape has adhesives that make it easy to remove and stick on both sides.

In that way, kids won’t suffer hard tying their shoelaces and untying them from time to time.

The same goes for your mattress pad. It would be a lot easier if you got Velcro tapes on it.

You may stick one of these in the corner of your mattress pad and the other one on the mattress itself or the box spring found in the said area.

You will need to make sure that it would not slip to look at it before sticking the velcro tapes.

Make sure that they are aligned well and balanced.

In an instance that you cannot afford to buy the said material, you can look for an alternative like duct tapes or any other tapes that would stick properly.


Option #5. Using tight and fitted sheets

This last option might be the most ideal or less hassle option you will have to solve your problem. It is relatively easy as how you see it in the option name, right?

You can buy mattress covers or bed sheets that have elastic straps already attached to them.

As you can remember, I mentioned this in the first option, but it will be detailed this time.

It is like a temporary option to solve your problem, but it’s worth the investment.

Make sure that when you buy one, it is tight-fitting but super elastic that it won’t break off when stretched out.


Having a bunching mattress pad is a significant disadvantage when you are sleeping.

It would put you in shock when you wake up on the floor or right at the end of your mattress pad.

Now we have answered the question “How to keep mattress pad from bunching?”

I hope that you will have a good sleep and a very comfortable feeling until you wake up.