How To Clean A Pellet Stove Chimney? 7 Awesome Tips!

Are you wondering how to clean a pellet stove chimney? Then, you’re just in the right place; this article will talk about tips that I’m sure are easy to execute.

As long as you use something for cooking, you should make sure that it is clean. It’s essential, especially nowadays, that the virus is up. Who can dwell in dirty things, by the way? I guess you’re here because you want your pellet stove chimney to be clean. So, sit back, relax, and read this article further so you will better know some essential tips in cleaning it. Let’s get started!

how to clean a pellet stove chimney


Tips To Clean A Pellet Stove Chimney

So, how to clean a pellet stove chimney? Here are the following tips that you should follow:


#1. Cleaning everything included

So, I have this daily cleanup ritual. I can’t deny being a neat freak who hates having ash all over the place; I guess that explains why I’m doing it. So, When I clean the woodstove, of course, I also clean the grill. I just used the brush that came with my fire starter to finish the job. Then, I sweep the ashes into the bucket.


#2. Adding color and light to the outdoor chimney will enhance its ambiance

If you’re thinking of trying This method, it necessitates a wide range of safety precautions. For example, outdoor chimneys are frequently outfitted with a roof. Because of this, you will require a ladder.

It’s a good idea to go with someone you know. Don’t let yourself go off the ladder and break your leg. Who would want to, anyway?

You must remove the chimney cover next. The use of wire chimney brushes allows for thorough deep cleaning. To break up the crease in your external chimney, follow this process. As a result, it will burn up in your wood stove instead of blocking your chimney. After you’ve fulfilled this, you may venture down from the roof.


#3. Clean the spark box’s air intake vent by removing it and wiping it down.

Perhaps, you have the same situation as ours. Our chimney has a spark box attached to it. It prevents our roof from catching fire if wayward chimney sparks fly through it. In contrast, our spark box is perpetually blocked, requiring regular cleanup.

As part of the cleaning process, we make a point of emptying the woodstove. So we use the chimney wire brush to clean the spark box’s external vents while someone is up there. This removes all of the gunk from the vents. As a result, more oxygen maybe instead of only smoking due to clogged vent holes. As simple as this cleaning process may seem at first, you must repeat it frequently to ensure that your fire burns efficiently.


#4. Put the puzzle pieces back together again

Now that you’ve completed all of the previous steps, it’s time to put the puzzle back together. First, you must reattach the chimney cover and you must proceed cautiously as you descend. After that, put your chimney back together from the inside out by reassembling it. In addition, you labeled where each screw goes and how you built the chimney initially.


#5. Things should be a lot less stressful for you from here on out

Remove all of the wood ashes to your garden and thoroughly clean the ash bucket before using it again. Re-oiling your fireplace accessories is also a good idea now. Well, in my case, so as to grease my pan, I heat up some fatback or salted beef.

You can, however, utilize any oil of your choosing. After then, allow it to cure in front of a fire. The set will remain lit as long as you use it. Don’t forget that if your set is iron, all you have to do is grease it. If you’ve been using a stovetop kettle to keep the air moist, now is the time to refill it.


#6. Clean the floor and add more wood to the fireplace

In advance of lighting your stove again, make sure everything is spotless. Too many goods near the stove might be dangerous, so keep them away from it. Sweep the stove area with a dustpan and brush to remove any stray ashes. Make sure the area around your stove is free of anything that could be causing you trouble.

Fill the wood ring to the brim at the very end. Well, I make sure we have plenty of kindling, wood, and a fire starter on hand throughout the colder months to keep us warm and comfortable. Don’t forget to ensure that your fire source is working correctly. Sweep the area around your firewood ring while you’re at it.

The only disadvantage of utilizing wood to heat your home is the resulting mess. On top of it, you shouldn’t have to worry about it trailing around the house. As you might expect, this fills me with joy, seriously. It may be a good idea to read how to heat your house with just a wood burning stove.


#7. When it’s on fire, be sure to keep an eye on it

Light a new fire in your wood stove after cleaning it. The efficiency of a clean wood stove is lower than that of an unclean one. Also, because there aren’t any coals at the bottom, starting is a little more complicated. So, when you’re igniting the match, keep a calm head and be patient. As a result, you’ll know whether or not your stove is ready for the upcoming season. You may want to read how to keep wood stove burning all night


It’s A Wrap!

This concludes our guide on how to clean a pellet stove chimney. There isn’t as much as it appears to be. Cleaning it from top to bottom should take you anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on your speed. Remember how crucial it is to keep your pellet stove chimney clean. Read how do you vent a pellet stove and how to install a pellet stove through the chimney

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