How To Clean Wood Burning Stove? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to clean wood burning stove? You can do so in five easy steps, and I’m sure you can do it yourself, or maybe with the help of your family members.

I will tell you a story: we were all sound asleep on a chilly night when you heard a loud noise around the house. Drills were being used, and metal was clinking all about. It is like a bear’s grunting, sounded distressed as if it were in pain.

how to clean wood burning stove

But then and there, we found out that it’s just my brother, building our enormous wood-burning stove; yes, it’s not any wildlife, not what I thought! Trying to handle a hefty stove caused him to grunt.

We lighted the first fire after everything was safely installed and in place. Since then, we’ve heated our house using a wood stove. But owning it means that you should know how to clean it. Cleaning your wood stove regularly is critical if you want to keep it running efficiently and safely. In this article, we’ll discuss all that. Let’s start!


Steps To Clean Wood Burning Stove

So, how to clean wood burning stove? Maintaining your wood stove is simple if you follow these steps. Here are the following:


Step #1. Making sure it’s not hot

Never clean a wood stove that is lit, hot, or just out of a fire, as a general rule. If you do so, it will just lead to a potentially hazardous situation, and you don’t want that to happen.

Even though the burner is boiling, it should be safe for you to contact it with your bare hands. You must finish this stage if you want to avoid being covered from head to toe with ash. Besides, you’ll get burned if there are any hot coals around. When working with a wood stove, keep safety first at all times. What’s the point of cleaning it if we’re not going to use it? It may be a good idea to know where to buy wood for wood burning stove


Step #2. Removing the debris

Keep your fireplace clean by removing as much debris as possible. Even though many people have never heard of one, a firebox is simply a container where you place your wood to be burnt. This is a critical component of the stove, without question. Check to see if it’s completely filth-free.

Put the old ashes in an ash bucket, using the shovel that came with the fire pit. Seize the opportunity to learn as much as you can. To see the fire brick, you’ll need a clean stove. Make sure your stove works before you start cleaning. As soon as you discover this is the case, contact a repair service right away to schedule an appointment for service.


Step #3. Clearing out the chimney

Removing the ashes from the fireplace and cleaning the chimney are both essential tasks. Some houses have an elbow-shaped chimney that exits through the roof. The one I’m holding goes through the ceiling and comes out the other side. Because it is rarely dirty, our indoor chimney is one of my favorite features.

In odd parts of the year, we burn extremely high flames because our chimney is straight up and down. You can hear the ash return and burn away, and you should do so before it gets too hot. We do this once a year to make sure the chimney is in good working order.

No matter what kind of stove you have, you should clean out your inside chimney on a regular basis. Make a note of where the screws go and how the chimney aligns so that you can quickly reassemble it once you’re done with the project.

When you’re done, sweep up any creosote that may have collected inside the chimney. Over time, the collection in your chimney has the potential to catch fire, which would be disastrous. A wire brush is all you need to clean your chimney thoroughly.


Step #4. Making the entranceway shiny

You will notice that the glass door of your wood stove becomes dusty and filmy if you use it frequently. What do you want, exactly? Your magnificent view is obstructing, and your wood stove loses some of its lusters as a result. It’s time to get the house ready for the new season by cleaning. For best results, try using a glass cleaner specifically designed to remove the film from windows. You created this cleaning solution with the particular purpose of cleaning the wood stove’s window.


Step #5. Removing the dust cover to clean the ash box

At home, our woodstove has an ash box at the very bottom. The ash box’s little slide-out drawer is jam-packed with ashes. As the ashes settle, it’s great because it gives them a place to rest. Then you won’t fill my ash pan with scorching hot coals and ash. These pests haven’t even begun to land in my backyard yet; that’s what you can do with wood ashes. To avoid this, make it a habit to clean it out regularly.

You should know the ways to clean a stove. Before you begin cleaning out your stove, make sure it is entirely empty. There is no need to use the fireplace until everything is clean and ready to use. When you’re cleaning out your wood stove, don’t forget about this handy compartment. Also, use your special fire shovel from your fire set to put the contents of your drawer into a bucket rather than spilling it all over your garden.

You can’t move ash receptacles about the house because they often have lids. Simply put, in my perspective, it creates less of an issue over the long term.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know how to clean wood burning stove. As easy as five steps, you can! First, you should make sure that it’s not hot. Then, get rid of all those debris. Next is to clear out the chimney and make the entranceway shiny. And lastly, remove the dust cover. You may want to read why does my wood stove smoke when I open the door and how to seal wood stove chimney pipe

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