How To Keep Wood Stove Burning All Night? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you here to find out how to keep wood stove burning all night? When it comes to heating using a wood stove, its control is a crucial factor in slowing down or speeding up the burn. To achieve longer burns with the wood stove, you should control the size and shape of the wood loading. Today, you will learn how to extend fires all night: wherein the big firewood pieces are packed tightly to keep the burn longer and so fir will last the entire night.

The fire is dependent on the healthy bed of coal which means that this may not work if the start is cold.

how to keep wood stove burning all night


Extended Fire Burning

One of the most essential configurations that people relying on wood heat should know is the extended fire burn. This type of burn will maximize the burin type. Not only that, but it will also deliver the right heat that many burners need to expect during colder nights. If you know how to make this extended fire burn configuration, you will be able to enjoy the warmth longer. Just take note that you will need non-resinous and seasoned hardwood for this. That is because that type of wood can provide maximum heat and longevity.

A lot of wood-burning stove users would just add large woods onto their firebox in the desire to keep it burning through the night. These woods are placed over the coals with the log pieces crossed over each other. With this type of loading technique, the fire can quickly spread. It will engulf all the logs resulting in large fires. A large and hot fire can produce a massive amount of heat in an instant. However, when you set the stove low, it would be able to get a sufficient amount of heat.

It will also tend to smolder allowing the stove to produce too much smoke.

To be able to prevent this from happening, you have to learn to build an extended fire. In this fire type, the front layer of logs will be insulating the woods at the back, thereby keeping the fire from spreading too rapidly. This also means that the visible flames will be maintained for several hours. So, how to keep wood stove burning all night?


Steps To Keep Wood Stove Burning All Night

In case you are about to start working or settle to bed, you would want to have extended fires that can warm you up all night. To achieve this, you have to load big chunks of wood on your wood stove. This should be packed tightly so that the fire will spread slowly from one log to the other. Doing so will extend the burn for up to six or eight hours, providing you a steady heat all night. Let us elaborate on this further through the steps below.


Step #1. Coal placement

In learning to keep the wood stove burning, coal placement is important. You need to keep the coals organized at the front of the wood-burning stove so that it can provide strong heat that can ignite your logs. If you put all the coals across the whole bottom of your wood stove, those coals will ignite all at once making the burn shorter.


Step #2. Place large logs tightly behind the coal formation

The log pieces should measure four up to six inches. Each log piece must be placed one by one from east to west. The orientation of this should be parallel to that of the coal formation in front. You should also keep them pressed towards the back of the firebox. As you keep adding more log pieces, carefully layer them with the other pieces tightly. After you put the final pieces, the edge of most pieces in from must be just kissing those glowing coals.

You must not lay those log pieces crosswise on top of the other nor place those pieces perpendicular to the forward orientation.

If you stack the log pieces in such a way, fire will spread quickly engulfing all your wood. In other words, it will burn faster. Also, take note that you need not add kindling or newspaper anymore. If your wood is well-seasoned, the fire will start in a while with the glowing bed of coal. If I was you, know how to make a coal bed.


Step #3. Enjoy

After some time, the wood stove will ignite and the fire will start to spread over the forward layer of log pieces. This will burn them slowly towards the backward layers. The fire will keep burning inside your wood stove for up to several hours. For additional information, read the wood stove basics and how to keep it burning all night.



It’s A Wrap!

One way to keep warm during colder months is to use a wood-burning stove. But how to keep wood stove burning all night to ensure maximum warmth? Aside from the steps above, also check the moisture content of the logs you are using. It should be around 15 to 20 percent only.

You also need to ensure proper airflow by stacking the logs properly. Make sure that the door is closed when using your wood stove. Before lighting the fire, ensure your safety as well. Keep a fire extinguisher close and keep away all flammable objects. We have here other articles for you to read, read on how to put out fire in a fireplace before bed and how to keep a tent warm.  Thank you for reading!

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