How To Install A Pellet Stove Through The Chimney? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to install a pellet stove through the chimney? We’re going to tell you how and what steps you need to take for installation. It is essential to observe the proper safety measures when installing any appliances.

Pellet stoves are a kind of stove that burns biomass in the form of pellets; these pellets are compressed wood. This is how the stove creates heat for warming up the area and is not used for cooking whatsoever.

how to install a pellet stove through the chimney

Pellet stoves operate with electricity and can be plugged into an emergency battery backup system during a blackout. The stove works by having a blower pull the outside air into it and through a fresh-air vent.

But don’t worry because we’re here to let you know what you need to know about it. If you need to know a few more details about the pellet stove, we got that for you too. It’s best to get to know your stove before you finally install it in your home or any space you intend. Keep on reading!


Benefits Of Pellet Stove

You might be looking for a reason how a pellet stove can be helpful. In this section of the article, we will discuss the benefits of owning a pellet stove. First, here is a list of a few ways this stove can be of good use.


#1. Easy use

Pellet stove fires are automated and make it easy to use that way. Think of it as an electric stove with the flames of a gas stove. But with the way it is built, it is much safer this way. Also, since it is mainly used for heating a room or building, they are much bigger than a cooking stove.

Even pellet stoves have the modern technology you would not expect to be on an appliance that gets heated up by the fire. An automatic fire will start with one press of a button. Some of them have touch screen control panels to adjust the temperature with a press of a button easily.


#2. Clean burning fuel

Pellet stoves, unlike gas stoves, are manufactured to burn efficiently. When supplied with their required high-quality pellet fuels, these bad boys leave no crumbs behind. You don’t have to worry about the cleanup after because there might not even be that many ashes left. Just like any other stove, you need to check the fuel that suits your stove. That way, you get the most out of your pellet stove, and it can show you its top performance.


#3. Bring on the heat

Pellet stoves can produce a lot of heat. But, thanks to their clean-burning feature, they efficiently create as much heat as there is fuel and with minimal wastage. Pellet stoves blow heated air into the room rather than let its body act as the heater. This is how the wood-burning stove operates, and it usually takes more time. But through innovation, a pellet stove can heat the room in a shorter time.


#4. No more messy cleanups

Wood-burning stoves can be a pain after the fire is out. With the crackling wood jumping out the stove, the ash would be all around, making it difficult to tidy up again. But with the pellet stove, well, you’ll have to hear about this. The pellet stove has tidy storage for its fuel supply. Pour the pellets into the hopper located at the top, and you’re good to go. The stove will automatically supply itself with the storage fuel however needed.


Steps To Install A Pellet Stove Through Chimney

Pellet stoves don’t need a chimney, but they can be installed in an already existing chimney. After all, they need a passageway for waste air. Here are a few steps on how to install a pellet stove through the chimney.


Step #1. Inspect your chimney

Although you might have had that chimney for years and trust its safety, it is best to call a chimney inspector to check the inside of it. You should also check on your fire marshal if you need a permit to install a pellet stove or have a pellet stove installation inspection. Any mishandling in the installation can cause a house fire. Read how to seal wood stove chimney pipe


Step #2. Chimney liner

This is the metal pipe that attaches to your pellet stove and goes all the way to the top of the chimney and a little more over the top of the roof. It would help if you wrapped this pipe with insulation. Then, make sure to secure the pipe in its place when everything is cleared out.


Step #3. Chimney adapter

A professional needs to do this step as it takes experience and skill to ensure a safe installation. At the end of the liner, an adapter will be clamped and sealed. After the seal has dried, the pellet stove can slide into place, making sure it’s lined up to the exhaust hole.



Now you know how to install a pellet stove through the chimney. This installation should not be attempted alone and without professional help to avoid any unwanted incidents in the future. You may want to read how to seal wood stove chimney pipe and how to vent a wood stove without a chimney. Thank you for reading!

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