How To Clean A Glass Top Stove With Baking Soda And Peroxide? 4 Easy Steps!

If you’re having problems cleaning your glass top stove, then you should know how to clean a glass top stove with baking soda and peroxide. Why these two materials? Well, they can be found at home and is easy to use on any surface. In addition to that, they are budget-friendly and can be easily found in stores.

Most of these problems are caused by foods that get burnt and dull the glass. At the same time, it obscures the burner’s perfect circle markings.

how to clean a glass top stove with baking soda and peroxide

Thus, giving it an inconvenience for you to locate it where the stovetop is. Though, worry not we can fix that problem with simple solutions. We know that you want a clean glass top stove, so here, we find the possible ways for that to happen. Regardless, let us know more about the topic in this article by digging deeper and learning furthermore. You may also pick up some terms that might be relevant for future situations concerning this.


Steps To Clean A Glass Top Stove With Baking Soda And Peroxide

Before you start cleaning, you must know how to use these two materials. These can also be used as considerations to use properly to avoid further damage to the surface area. Now, here are the steps on how to clean a glass top stove with baking soda and peroxide:


Step #1. Putting dish soap onto the surface

Let us begin by locating that dirty top stove of yours. Trying different solutions, yet it doesn’t affect the dirt or anything that has been staying on the surface for a long time? Well, this is the time that you start doing this process for easier removal. To start it all off, try scrubbing the surface slowly. If it doesn’t work, try putting some water to see if it has made some results. If not still, then here comes the dish soap. Apply a good amount to the affected area of the stove.

Make sure that it is enough to spread for the whole surface to be covered.

You’ll have to make sure that all the parts where there are burns that cover the line are also covered with soap. Also, take note that scrubbing won’t remove the visible outlines. They are almost impossible to remove since they are made not easily get rid of by burns or by scrubbing quickly.


Step #2. Adding the baking soda

For this step, that’ll be the most effortless one of them all. All you have to do is sprinkle the baking soda all over the surface area where the problem is located. Once it is all covered up, you are good to go. Then, let us move on to the next step, where all the magic happens. See for yourself if you don’t believe it.

Locally branded baking sodas are a good buy too. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re using as long as it is good enough to cover the whole problem area. It’ll take some time, but promise, your site will look good as new. For additional information, read here on how to clean a glass stovetop.


Step #3. Adding peroxide to the problem surface

Yes, you see it right. This step is as simple as the second step, but it’ll significantly impact this whole process. To start it all off, add the peroxide to where the baking soda has been spread. You will automatically notice the “magic” as the baking soda starts to react with the peroxide.

And with that, the whole surface will start to react. Start spreading all the peroxide to the affected areas for the burns or dirt to be instantly removed. These chemicals are effective when both have responded appropriately. To understand more, check here on how to clean a gas stove with baking soda and peroxide.


Step #4. Cleaning the surface area

Now that the ingredients have all mixed up, it’s time to start cleaning. Using a scrub, scrub all affected parts of the stove surface. Repeat it until you see good results from the scrubbing. Also, it can be easy to miss since you cannot see it through the thick mixture of the ingredients.

After that, leave it for at least three to five minutes to stay on the surface area. In that way, the chemicals will react with the surface. Please don’t leave it too long, though.

It may completely dry up, and you will have a hard time removing it. Wash it off after three minutes have passed by to avoid any hassles. Finally, wipe the top stove with a clean cloth to remove all the thick mixture staying on the surface for a while now. Do it from up to down so that all the mixture falls off and can be easily cleaned afterward. Once done, redo the wiping, but the cloth has been thoroughly cleaned with new water this time.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to clean a glass top stove with baking soda and peroxide. You must have a good understanding of the steps, as these may come in handy at any time. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid burnt on the top stove; so with these, I hope you use it as a guide to get rid of that problem of yours completely. For more articles, read here on how to clean a portable air conditioner and how to clean memory foam mattresses successfully. Thank you for reading!

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