How To Clean A Portable Air Conditioner? In 6 Simple Steps!

Do you want to know how to clean a portable air conditioner? There are about six steps that are easy to follow. And after reading this, you’ll have no problem cleaning your portable AC.

Maintaining your air conditioner includes cleaning it and keeping the air high-quality and fresh. But how often should you clean it? You shouldn’t be satisfied if you only clean it once a year. There are high chances that you damage your AC instantly. This post will assist you in familiarizing yourself with the most efficient method of cleaning it. Stay tuned!

how to clean a portable air conditioner


Steps To Clean A Portable Air Conditioner

The frequency of cleaning the air conditioner should depend on the weather changes and usage. However, it is advisable to clean the whole unit once every six months. But take note that professionals suggest that you clean the filter once every two weeks to maintain good air quality.

It’s not challenging, but it would take a lot of time and effort if this is your first time. However, after this article, we assure you that your portable air conditioner will look and function like a brand-new product. And you can save energy, which means lower electrical bills! Now, we should tackle the steps on how to clean a portable air conditioner. Here they are.


Step #1. Prepare your unit

Before cleaning, please turn off your air conditioner and unplug it from the central power source. Since we’re going to remove the filter later on, we wouldn’t want the unit to operate while it was not attached.

In this step, you will also gather some materials and tools that you will use for cleaning. You might need a vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachments. But if you don’t have one, a soft brush or cloth can work, just not efficiently. Unplug the cables and exhaust hose from the unit if necessary. Or if you want to clean your aircon outside or someplace else.


Step #2. Remove the filter/s

Some portable ac units, such as those of the LG brand, have more than one filter. So, you need to read the manual or inspect all sides of the portable air conditioner. If you can see removable covers that look like grills, that is where you could find the filters. However, not all units are created equal, so make sure to double-check. Open the front panels. Then, you can effortlessly remove the filters by the handle. Don’t be afraid to bend the filters if needed. They are flexible because they’re made of 90 percent screen.


Step #3. Clean the filter/s

There are plenty of ways to clean the filter, but there’s no harm in doing them all.

Method #1. Soak

Use a large tub or container large enough to let the filter lie flat on the surface, with all edges submerged in soapy water. By soaking it, the dust balls can dissolve into the water. And the chemicals can penetrate the screens. After a few moments, wipe the filter with a soft cloth to dry it. But this way is not efficient enough to clear off all dirt.


Method #2. Spray

Use a spray bottle with detergent and water mixture to evenly wet the screens. Make sure to be generous in spraying all sides and edges of the filter. Wipe off all the dirt using a clean cloth. But you can also gently brush the screen before wiping. Don’t brush aggressively.


Method #3. Vacuum

This step won’t include wetting the screens of the filter with some water.  But using a vacuum with small brush attachments, you can let it pass through the surface of the filter. It will suck all of the dirt, leaving you with little to no dust particles. Bear in mind that doing all three can give you better and reliable results. And make sure that you’ll leave the filters to dry before placing them back in the unit.


Step #4. Vacuum the condenser coils

After removing the filter, you can observe a visible inner component in the back that looks like thin pieces of metal arranged vertically and side by side. It’s possibly a condenser or heat exchanger, and it functions similar to a filter. And they are responsible for providing you excellent air quality.

So, insert your brush attachment to the nozzle of the vacuum and start cleaning the fins. Let the bristles travel into the fins vertically and gently. We should make sure that it can suck off all of the dirt. Do this step until you have brushed the entire surface.


Step #5. Wipe the outer and reachable surfaces

Wipe the unit’s exterior surface using a damp cloth. You can also wipe the inner sides and edges that do not contain any electrical components.  Then, wipe the unit dry using a clean and soft cloth.


Step #6. Put it all back together

You have cleaned all components that you can clean without taking them apart. Now, you have to put back the filter/s and close the outer panels. If you removed the cables earlier, reattach them. Ensure that they are fastened tightly and correctly. Plug the main cable into the outlet. And your portable air conditioner can function better and release fresh air just like it was brand new.


It’s A Wrap

That is how to clean a portable air conditioner. The steps are easy to follow! But it would be best if you were careful in handling your equipment to avoid damaging its parts, especially the electrical ones. Click here for more helpful guides. See you again soon!

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