How To Use A Gas Stove? 3 Easy Ways You Should Try Out!

Do you not know how to use a gas stove? Well, it can be daunting to use gas stoves, especially when it is your first time. Fortunately, most recent models are designed with an electric igniter that can make the process easier. One advantage of utilizing this is the fact that you can continue using it without electricity.

With such feature, you can cut off your electricity bill to a bearable amount.

how to use a gas stove

All you have to do is to ignite it with a match. People would also opt for this type of stove instead of an electric one since it can better control the flame intensity and temperature. Furthermore, a gas stove can provide more heat to your cookware while dispersing less heat to the kitchen. Not only that, but it all cools off faster once you turn off its flame.

Ways To Use A Gas Stove

Igniting the stove can be done either through knobs that have igniters built into it, or you can use a separate igniter. It might be scary at first, but you will appreciate using a gas stove as you get used to it. Of course, this depends on your model. Below is a quick guide for beginners on how to use a gas stove.


#1. Light a flame using a separate igniter

If the gas stove comes with a separate igniter, use one hand to push it inside while the other hand turns the knob of the burner you intend to use. Electricity will power the igniter causing it to create a spark that will light the gas up. As you push the igniter, you will hear a ticking sound that indicates a spark.

Turning the knob will open a gas line. When the spark collides with the gas, the flame will start to appear.

As you turn the knob more, you will be able to control the flame height. Higher flames mean more heat, and lower flames signify less heat. To shut the gas off, you need to turn that knob back to its starting position. Doing so will remove the flames immediately.


#2. Gas stoves with built-in igniters

Other custom models are designed with built-in igniters for every burner knob. Turning any of those burner knobs will ignite the burner. In doing so, you will hear a ticking sound which indicates that it is firing. Turn the knob repeatedly until you see flames and until the sound stops.

Typically, the fire will start high, so keep turning the burner knob to achieve a lower flame.


#3. Using a match

If there is no electricity, do not worry since you can still cook using your gas stove, although igniters are dependent on electricity. For this, you can use a lighter or a match in place of an igniter. To ensure safety, light ignition flame first before turning on the gas. This will prevent accidentally leaving your gas on too long enough, allowing it to make a cloud that may end up bursting into flames as you strike the match.

Furthermore, when using a lighter or match stick, ensure to put flame close to the burner. After that, turn the knob so that the gas line will open up to the right burner. You will see that the blue flames will immediately pop up. Now, put out your match or flick the lights off and start adjusting the burner knob to control the stove’s flames. Finally, to turn off the gas flame, return the burner knob to its starting position.

Doing so will close the gas valve off the burner.



Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you:


#1. Is it dangerous to use gas stoves?

Natural gas furnaces and stoves are used in many basements and kitchens in the United States. However efficient this device is, it produces different pollutants that can be harmful to health. This includes formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter.


#2. Is a gas stove hotter than electric ones?

Not all the time, gas stoves are hotter as compared to electric. But it can distribute heat evenly. Furthermore, the heat will become more consistent as time passes which means that turning off the flame in the burner can make the heat go off right away.


Some Gas Stove Cooking Tips To Remember

Now that you learned how to use a gas stove, here are some simple gas stove cooking tips for you:

  • Make sure to turn the gas off if you have to go away
  • Do not leave whatever you are cooking unattended
  • Don’t permit your child to cook if no adult can supervise them
  • It would help if you turned the pot handles away from the edge of the stove
  • Ensure to keep your cooktops and stoves free from fat and grease build-up
  • Wear sleeves that are tight-fitting when cooking
  • Hang oven mittens and tea-towels away from the gas stove
  • Have a fire extinguisher or blanket nearly available from the kitchen
  • Make sure that your smoke alarm is working
  • It would help if you did not utilize cooking appliances in the gas stove, such as a heater, for example
  • Ensure that the flames do not go out. That is because the gas leak invisibly and silently


It’s A Wrap!

If you know how to use a gas stove, you will be able to cook finely. You can ask people using gas stoves that cooking with this device is not as hard as it seems. The gas stove is suitable for a household who wants to save electricity or for quick trips when you can pop up your stove, butane, pan, spatula, and you are ready to cook! On the other hand, you might be familiar with a stove that uses propane, but what about fridges? Here’s how a propane fridge works!

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