How To Clean A Burnt Stove? 9 Awesome Ways!

Are you worried about how to clean a burnt stove? In this article, we will talk about some straightforward and valuable tips for cleaning it.

Yes, the stove is the essential part of your kitchen as it helps you cook the food, and it is used all the time from season to season. If you know how to clean the top of a stove, it means you are a household as well as a kitchen master.

how to clean a burnt stove

It is the best skill that helps you clean all your house appliances and keep them in good condition. If you are fond of delicious and healthy food and cook them at home, you must deal with a messy kitchen. No doubt it takes too much time to clean a messy kitchen, especially to clean food on a burnt stove, but if you have cleaning skills, you clean your kitchen easily.

There are many more things to discuss, so delve into this article further!


Tips To Clean Burnt Stove

How to clean a burnt stove depends on which type of stove you are using. The top of your stove may be made of glass or ceramics. To clean the food or all dirt from the top of the stove is very tough. We will discuss some helpful tips to clean the upper part of the stove, which is too messy because of daily use. So, how to clean burnt stove top? Here are the following:


#1. Deep cleaning

To deep clean the top of the ceramic stove, you must need some ingredients, baking soda, vinegar, hot water, and one clean cloth. Just mix all these ingredients and clean your stove with a towel or cloth. This thing helps to remove all the dirt from the top and make your stove brand new. These ingredients are very useful in cleansing action, especially baking soda; these all things are safe and harmless.


#2. By using vacuum or scrubbing

Sometimes when you turn on your electric stove, it gives off a foul smell of burning; this gives you a sign that your stove is not clean well and needs to be cleaned under part of the stove. For this purpose, lift the front part of the stove and clean it inside the stove with a sponge. By doing this, all the mess sticks to the sponge; if some dirt remains inside, then scrubbed it well or also used a vacuum that sucks all the dirt and dust quickly.


#3. By using razor blades

If dirt is still stuck on the top stove despite all the efforts, use this fantastic tip. Use big knives, guns, or razor blades, hold them at 45-degree angles, slide the razor under the dirt with slight pressure, do this when your stovetop is damp but make sure that your hands are not wet.

But in this method, there is a chance that you may scratch the upper part of the stove, so be careful when you try this tip; try this method at the end when other tips are not working.


#4. Wipe with a damp cloth

The metal stove gets very dirty because of everyday use. First, wipe the coils of clothes with a damp cloth; it removes all the dirt from the stove coil. Then, turn the burner on for about 3 minutes, and it removes all the dirt. It depends on how dirty your stove coils are. After that, cool it and again wipe with a damp cloth. For better results, sprinkle the stove with baking soda and spray vinegar on it. It gives shine to your stove.


#5. By using baking soda paste

Mix baking soda with water to make a thick paste-like toothpaste. Use 1 part of clean water and three parts of baking soda mix well and leave them for 30 minutes or overnight to settle and use this paste to clean a burnt stove. It works very well. Here are the ways to clean with baking soda.


#6. By using a microfiber towel

Just clean the top of the stove with a microfiber towel. It wipes out all the sites from stove plates and gives them shine. Dip the towel in hot water and detergent, and then wipe the stove. This tip is straightforward, and you clean your stove quickly with less effort.


#7. By using a sponge

When you are done cooking, allow the burner to cool down and after that, remove all the dirt and mess from it; use a plastic or silicone spatula for this purpose. The points where the food stains are intense, directly pour the vinegar in them. Mix the baking soda with water and apply this paste to the stains. Leave the stains for about 30 minutes and wipe them with a cloth. If it does not work well with a cloth, use a sponge; it works very well.


#8. By using lemon and baking soda

Lemon has bleaching action, grease-cutting properties, and baking soda has cleansing properties as it is antibacterial. Don’t scratch the stovetop; just use this mixture. It removes all the debris from the stove. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the stove and rub it well with lemon. It gives shine to your stove. Read about lemon as a cleaning agent.


#9. By using hot water

If all these things are not available at your home and are necessary to clean the stove, you use boiling water. Boil the water well and pour it on the messy area of the stove. The adamant stains easily wipe away, and your stove is clean nicely.


It’s A Wrap!

Those are the ways on how to clean a burnt stove. There are nine easy ways, which I’m sure you can execute with ease. Hopefully, we’ve enlightened you a little. Have a great day, my friends! You may also want to read related articles on how to clean griddle on stove top and how to clean electric stove top coils.

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