How To Clean Electric Stove Top Coils? 4 Easy Ways!

Are you that person who’s trying to know how to clean electric stove top coils properly? Lucky for you, as this post will show you exactly what to do and how to do it!

Your heating coils will inevitably gather burned food over time, and the longer you leave them unmaintained, the harder it will be to clean them.

how to clean electric stove top coils

Once you understand clean electric stove burners correctly, you won’t have to spend as much time maintaining them week after week. In using your stove, the lovely luster on the heating coils will eventually fade. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this article if you want your electric stove to appear brand new and attractive.


Ways To Clean Electric Stove Top Coils

You should understand the parts of an electric stove; remember that there’s a significant difference between gas and electric stove. Knowing the names of electric stove parts is a good idea while cleaning up your stove. The parts on the cooktop include the following, and included are the ways on how you can clean them:


#1. Coil

When you switch on the control button for that quadrant of the stove, the coil (the circular component) turns red hot. The coils on most electric stoves are usually of varying diameters. These are also known as “eyes,” therefore any advice you discover on cleaning stove eyes will work on your coils. Anyway, you may want to read related articles, understand how to clean air conditioner coils inside.


#2. Drip pan

The stainless steel metal bowl under the coil serves as your drip pan. You could catch spills if you’re lucky. You should know the parts of the oven found inside.


#3. Bake element

This is the stove’s heating source. It plugs into the stove wall with prongs on the back. Unless anything spills and spatters inside the stove, they usually don’t become dirty.


#4. Racks

Stove racks hold baking pans and can be taken out like a drawer when casseroles and cake pans need to be removed from the stove. If there is a spill, you will need to clean it up outside of the stove.

Warning: you should disconnect the stove. Before putting water on the stovetop or removing burner coils on an electric stove, ensure it’s unplugged. Yes, this will necessitate a time change. It also means you won’t electrocute yourself because it’s far easier to find out how to reset the clock than it is to survive a significant electrical shock.


Steps In Removing The Electric Stove Burners

Allow the burners to cool fully after unplugging the stove. The burner prongs should then travel through the drip pan into their receptacles, which you should be able to see. Next, remove the cooled coils by yanking the burner connections straight across the drip pan holes. Don’t push it if it doesn’t want to come. Review your handbook if the connection is more complicated.

Some chefs may clean their burners by turning them up to high and letting the gunk burn off. This is a smokey, stinky, and potentially risky alternative. Worse still, it isn’t sustainable. The following will be the things you need and steps to take on how to clean electric stove top coils:


The things you’ll need:

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Sponge
  • Baking soda (optional)
  • Water (optional)
  • a pair of towels


Step #1. Disconnect your stove’s heating coils

To begin, move the burner a few inches away from the stove. Look for the connection between the burner and the stove. Remove the burner from the stove and set it aside.


Step #2. Soap and water to clean

Clean the electric heating coil using one of your towels dampened with soap and water. Then proceed to step 3 if your stove coils are dirty.


Step #3. Use a scrubby sponge to scrub

Scrubby sponges are ideal for removing stubborn dirt from your heating coils. Over time, sponges can get worn out, old, and filthy if you haven’t replenished them in a while; head over to a reputable shop and buy a new sponge.


Step #4. Remove the coil from your electric heater

After scraping the filth off your heating coil, wipe it clean with a wet cloth to remove any leftover residue.


Step #5. Return the stove coils to their original positions

To remove the coils, reverse the procedure. If the coils fit within the burner drip pan, you know they’re installed correctly.


Step #6. Get a vent hood over your stove to get fresh air!

A vent hood completes your kitchen wonderfully when paired with a modern electric stove.


It’s A Wrap!

So those are the procedures and considerations to remember while learning how to clean electric stove top coils. Cleaning the electric stovetop coils isn’t at the top of most people’s to-do lists, but it’s critical to keep your kitchen clean and free of germs and unpleasant aromas.

Keep an eye on any cooking pot, and if it’s set to a high temperature, don’t leave anything covered. Your stovetop will be hot if you bake and cook at the same time. If you spill something, clean it up right away.

A cooktop accident isn’t the end of the world, but if it’s not cleaned up quickly, it may turn into a big disaster. Spills happen, but long-term problems don’t have to be. Thank you for continuing to read our guide about cleaning electric stove heating coils. Now, it’s time for you to get cleaning! You may also read about how to clean fridge outside.

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