How To Clean Burnt Stove Top? 5 Easy Steps For You!

How to clean burnt stove top? You will need baking soda, vinegar, some microfiber towels, dishwashing soap, and patience to help you throughout the process. You probably had dinner last night or a family gathering at your home when you had to cook many dishes. Of course, along with cooking, there is always litter and dirt left in the kitchen.

While cleaning might not be in your best interest, it is a procedure you must do to have a clean and hygienic cooking space. When it comes to cooking, especially at sauces and soups, burnt and spills are the most common dirt fount on the countertop.

how to clean burnt stove top

Sometimes the stovetop experiences burning if there is too much heat. Nevertheless, you can clean your burnt stove just within a day. In this article, you will learn how to clean that burnt stovetop, so stay tuned and let’s get started.


Cleaning A Burnt Stove

So, how to clean a burnt stovetop? When it comes to cleaning, of course, you got to have materials and do some preparations first. So I’ll lay out a few simple steps to help you throughout the whole cleaning process. So, how to clean burnt stove top?


Step #1. Preparation

Before we go to the actual cleaning steps, we’ll have to prepare the area and the solution that we’ll be using. You are probably thinking of using baking soda and vinegar; well, yes, you thought, right. Well, you’ll have to prepare a couple of plastic bags, some sponge and scrub brush, towels preferably made in microfiber, dish soap, a stovetop scraper, baking soda, and vinegar for the solution.


Step #2. Removing grates and coils

Start by removing the grates and burner caps if you are using a gas stove and heating coils if you are using an electrical one. Next, soak the grates and burner caps in hot and soapy water for about 8 to 10 minutes while making the cleaning solution—the solution consists of baking soda and water. Next, wipe the loose dirt at the stovetop to prepare it for the solution application.

Make a paste solution out of the water and baking soda; the solution is baking soda and an amount of water. Apply the solution to the grates after the 10-minute soak from the soapy water.

Try to focus the paste on tight spots and hard-to-reach areas. Let the paste sit on the grates for at least 25 to 30 minutes.

If you are using an electric stove, unplug the stove, wait for the electric coils to cool down, and wipe it with a damp cloth. Make sure that it is not as wet as water could drip with dish soap. If you see tough stains, sprinkle the coils with baking soda and let it sip through the coils for about 15 to 20 minutes before sprinkling it with vinegar. Make sure to cover the burner holes in your stove to avoid the solution from going inside. To help you understand further, know how to clean your stove grates while you sleep.


Step #3. Use of sponge and scrubs

After letting the solution sip, use a sponge to clean the area and scrub for the difficult to remove stains. For tougher stains, you might have to use abrasives and scrapers. Make sure to create a mixture of baking soda and water as thick as toothpaste and let it sit on impossible stains for at least 20 minutes or overnight. After letting it sit, you can spray vinegar all over and watch it frizzle as it slowly gets the stains off.


Step 4. Wipe it out

Wipe the solutions with a microfiber towel. It is better to use microfiber since it can absorb much better than a regular towel. If stains don’t come off, try dipping a new towel in vinegar and use it to wipe the stain away.


Step #5. Finishing

After wiping the stains off, your stove must be shining clean or near that level of cleanliness. As a final finishing touch, sanitize the area to prevent the bacteria caused by the molds and stains from developing. If I were you, know how to clean stainless steel stove top.


Preventing Burnt Food On The Stove

As much as we love to see a clean cooking area, you just can’t avoid having those stains drip from soup and sauces. So here are a few simple tips to prevent burnt food on the stovetop.


Tip #1. Make cleaning a habit

If you don’t want the stains t stick and develop on your stovetops, make it a habit of wiping the excess sauces or soup spilled over. By doing this, you will have less work to do when it’s time to clean your stovetop.

Make use of your kitchen cloths and wipe the sauces, excess food, or waste above the stop top while it’s still in its liquid state. It will get tougher to clean once it has dried up.


Tip #2. Schedule a thorough clean

You can schedule the cleaning at once a week to make the cleaning easier and faster. However, it may consume a lot of time if you let the stains sit on for too long. The key to making the colors go away faster is to clean them as soon as possible. For more tips, know the four ways to avoid burned food.



Now that you know how to clean burnt stove top, I hope you have an idea of how to keep your stovetop clean. Above all, a clean kitchen is the first place your food is being prepared, so cleaning it is necessary. My friends, here is another article for you; read on how to clean a gas top stove with baking soda. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have learned something from this article.

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