How To Clean Griddle On Stove Top? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean griddle on stove top? In five easy steps, you can. And these things you will be aware of as you read this article. Yes, owning a grill for a stovetop may be one of the best things to have at home even though, sometimes it may get heavily dirtied due to excessive usage, which causes the grill to be filled with lots of greases. So to accomplish that without any worries, you must know how to clean it.

Grills can usually be seen in fast-food restaurants, wherein they cook most of their food. And due to a whole day of usage, grease may stick onto the appliance or device, which will then dirty the griddle heavily.

how to clean griddle on stove top

Oil is known to be sticky and oily, which we don’t want to have to stick on our food. So with that, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless, let us continue discussing the topic in this article to have a more profound knowledge of what we are about to dive into. You may also get to know terms or words that can be helpful to relate to our topic for today. So without further ado, let us continue the discussion.


Steps To Clean Griddle On Stove Top

So, how to clean griddle on stove top? Griddle cleaning may be simple enough, but there are still some considerations that you should put to use when doing this. These steps are essential to get a hold of them as they can be helpful in future usage whenever needed:


Step #1. Removing fat or grease from the griddle

Since griddles go through a lot of cooking throughout the day, fat or grease gets accumulated into the device. So before you start cleaning with anything, it is necessary that you first remove fat, food particles, or any grease present in the skillet. This is to make sure that cleaning it will much be more accessible.

Using a plastic spatula, slowly start from one end scraping all the grease. This is to ensure that all the grease present gets carried into the spatula so that no repetitions are needed when cleaning. Then, put it all in a paper towel or rag and throw it away afterward once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the surface area. It’s best to know how to clean a griddle.


Step #2.  Clean the surface area with warm soap water

Now that you have reduced the grease to a significant amount, you can now clean the grill using warm soapy water to get the surface clean. When doing this, we recommend that you should not use anything abrasive on the surface. Otherwise, it can damage the grill and can even break its non-stick coating.

Also, why warm water? As we all know, warm water melts fat or grease left on the surface that you’ve cleaned earlier. So with a soft sponge and some water and soap, you can get things done quickly without needing anything special.


Step #3. Drying the griddle

Once you’ve thoroughly washed off the oily and greasy surface of the grill, it is now time that you dry it up so that we can read it for subsequent usage. Now what you’ll want to do is thoroughly dry the grill with some kitchen or paper towel. You’ll have to make sure that it stays dry as possible.

In this step, make sure that all the moisture has been removed from the grill. Water can eventually lead to rusting, which is why we would like to avoid that. As much as possible, double-check the areas and ensure that it has been cleared for an excellent result. Anyway, you may read related topics such as how to hang kitchen curtains.


Step #4. Preheating the griddle from low to medium heat

Now that you’re all set, it is now time that we move on to the finalization of this cleaning process. Just like grease, moisture can still be left unseen in the skillet without any spots or notice. Now to burn this all up, there is one effective process: preheating the skillet on a stovetop.

This process can perfectly dry the grill, making the cleaning process much easier to do while making the chances of rusting in your griddle significantly less from happening. After that, you should be able to have a clean grill readied for subsequent usage. Always keep it clean as it is perfect for cooking.


Step #5. Finalization

Since most grills come with a seasoned surface, a layer of oil is already applied to them, and that is why most griddles, when being used, have non-stick elements on them. It may lose that element over time, though. So to solve that problem, you’ll have to rub some oil onto the surface by applying it using a paper towel. It may also be best to read how to repel bed bugs from skin.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you already have an idea of how to clean griddle on stove top. However, you must keep these in mind, especially if you are fond of using skillets in your kitchen, as they may require some heavy cleaning after some usage. With these steps, that can be eliminated quickly and efficiently without any worries further.

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