How To Check Used Furniture For Bed Bugs? 4 Easy Steps!

Have you ever thought, “how to check used furniture for bed bugs?”

Bed bugs tend to stay in dark places to hide and widen their colony as time passes by.

To accomplish this, they find cracks and crevices on old furniture that are inhabitable for them.

It is one way for bed bugs to grow in numbers.

Some second-hand furniture already has those when you get them,

It means bed bugs already roaming in your house.

Spreading the fear of getting bitten and obtaining those reddish itch rashes will become a severe skin disease over time when not treated right away.

Now, what will we do to avoid this kind of situation?

But, worry not because, in this article, we will explain to you how to accomplish it.

So, stay with us until the very end.

We will give you practical methods and tips that may help eliminate those bed bugs staying in your home.


Bed Bugs In Used Furniture

Purchasing second-hand or used furniture is an excellent way to acquire antique or even valuable items to display at your house.

But just because it looks good, that should not be a sign for you to be complacent about the item you’ve bought.

Remember, the appearance is essential, but the interior of what you have invested in is much more important.

Mainly if it is expensive yet poorly maintained.

Bed bugs may be present on some old furniture due to the item not being cared for because of its oldness.

Allow them to wander at night, infesting specific items that might cause and impact how the human body reacts to it.

They are quite troublesome in that they may cause serious damage to your skin.

It causes irritations and many more, which is why you should avoid them.

Having them in your furniture does not mean that you should stop purchasing items, though.

Instead, you have to be wary of them and get rid of them.

Here are some tips to avoid bed bugs on second-hand furniture.

Regardless, it sometimes might be a hard thing to do since they only appear during nighttime.

We assure you that it will be worth it once they are all eliminated.


Steps To Check Used Furniture For Bed Bugs

To help you out, we have prepared a list of tips and methods that you can follow on how to check used furniture if bed bugs are present on them.

So, how to check used furniture for bed bugs?


Step#1. Have all of the required tools for inspecting

When checking for bed bugs, the first thing to do is to have all the necessary tools to look for hiding insects like them.

A flashlight, magnifying glass, and some latex gloves will help you do the job.

These things are crucial enough when checking because they are dangerous.

Use the magnifying glass for magnifying to view the tiny little insects.

You can utilize the flashlight for proper lighting and detection of it.

Meanwhile, it will serve their purpose for the gloves by protecting you from bed bug bites and from crawling into your skin.

Another reason you should wear light-colored latex gloves.

It contrasts nicely with the color of the bugs, which means it gives you high visibility.

Bed bugs may be hard to find because of how small and hideous they are.

We recommend you start doing this in the evening to prevent this from happening.

Bed bugs usually crawl out of their habitat and seek blood to suck to survive.

Also, remember to keep a zip lock bag with you at all times to catch one.

You can immediately place it in the bag and freeze or heat it afterward.


Step #2. Use a white sheet for better visibility

Now that you have completed all of the essential tools for this process.

The next thing that you will need is a white piece of clothing or simply a sheet.

The material does not matter as long as it is easily spreadable over the surface area underneath the furniture you are checking.

The white sheet is included because it serves the same purpose as the latex gloves mentioned before.

It allows you to check the furniture for pests easily.

To perform the examination, use your flashlight and magnifying lens to examine the cloth closely.

If you are having trouble finding them, a gentle shake of the furniture may assist the bugs in falling out of the surface areas.


Step#4. Disassembling the furniture

Another way to thoroughly check for infestations is to disassemble the whole furniture itself if the parts are removable.

There are areas where the bed bugs live, and it is hard to reach for us people.

Now that you’ve dismantled the bed.

You may use the techniques before thoroughly checking.

Each component and eliminating any bugs that may be lurking.



Now that we’ve addressed the question, “how to check used furniture for bed bugs?”

I hope you’ve learned something that can be useful.

When it comes to buying second-hand or used furniture,

You will buy it in the future to enhance the aesthetics and looks of your home.

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