How To Dress A Bed Like A Hotel? 7 Easy Tips To Follow!

Hotels ensure to provide guests with luxury and comfort.

So you may want to know how to dress a bed like a hotel to have the same experience while sleeping.

In this post, you will know how to replicate the setup of the suites and rooms of hotels in your home.

You will achieve both the comfort level and appearance of those rooms. So stay tuned!


Tips To Dress A Bed Like A Hotel

I know you are excited.

Without further ado, here are the steps in dressing bed for a hotel experience.

So, how to dress a bed like a hotel?


Tip #1. Getting a quality mattress

You will not be able to make the bed comfortable if you do not use a good-quality mattress that can match the level of luxury that you desire.

The mattresses use by the hotels may not be available in the market.

The companies specifically make them for them.

Fortunately, some of those hotel mattresses can be availed, but note that it will cost you a lot.

You must be willing to make such an investment.

You may also get a bed manufactured for mattresses.

Otherwise, you can get a premium quality mattress such as a spring mattress, instead.

Some people would also opt for therapeutic mattresses, and they can also work.

But if you cannot afford to buy a new mattress just yet.

Just flip your existing mattress to be sleeping on the side that is not pressed down yet.

It would also be good to add another layer of foam to improve the softness.


Tip #2. Choosing bed sheets

What even good about a hotel bed is that it is very smooth to touch.

This can be achieved by using a bedsheet with a decent thread count.

Remember that the key to softness is the material used for the bedsheet.

Remember the golden rule that high thread count means a softer bedsheet.

You may also layer two fitted sheets above the mattress to make it even softer.

Another tip to remember.

Stick in white sheets as they will offer a comfy and pure look like those in the hotel suites.


Tip #3. Adding layers with duvet and comforter

Adding more layers to the bed will make it more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious.

This is employed in hotels. The beds are layered to exude a plushy feeling.

You can replicate this if you add a duvet and comforter to your bed.

With this, you would want to be in bed all day as it gives you a comfy and soft sensation.


Tip #4. Choosing the right cushions and pillows

You should also add the right cushions and pillows that will match your bed.

It is ideal for getting 2-4 pillows.

In choosing which pillow to use, opt for feather or fill pillows as they are the softest.

Then, match it with fiberfill pillows.

Some would also add extra pillows so that they will have more options on which to use.

Make sure that the pillow is more than three pieces so that you’ll have choices.

This is also good if you always hug another pillow.

Furthermore, you can add some cushions and throw pillows to improve the appearance of the bed.

Doing this will also make your bed fluffier.

Not only that, but these extra pillows will also provide more support.


Tip #5. Making the pillows fluffy

The secret of having a hotel experience is lying on the pillows.

If they look fluffy, then the bed as a whole will look enticing.

However, as you use them night after night, the pillows can become deflated and flat.

So it would help if you kept their fluff.

This seems like a small step, but it matters a lot in making the bed comfortable.


Tip #6. Choosing colors

The aesthetic of the room is another key factor in replicating a hotel bed.

You need to ensure that the colors of the bed are well-coordinated.

This applies to everything in your bed, including the pillowcases, comforter, added layers, and sheets.

When it comes to the sheets, it would be good to opt for white since it will go underneath the layers.

Choosing this color will offer a clean look.

You need to choose a color that complements the other colors in the room for other bedding components.


Tip #7. Cleaning regularly

The bed will not feel like a hotel if it is not clean.

It is integral to clean the sheets for them to look crisp and fresh.

Wash the sheets two times every week.

Your delicate cushions, on the other hand, must be dry-cleaned more often.

After all that, you will be proud of making your bed as a hotelier does.


It’s A Wrap!

With the tips provided above, you should already know how to dress a bed like a hotel.

Again, you can capture the same quality and feel with the right mattress and bed sheet choice.

If you keep in mind all that tips.

Every night you will feel like you are having a staycation in a hotel suite.

And you may not want to get out of bed anymore.

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