What Blood Type Do Bed Bugs Like? Amazing Facts To Know!

Are you bothered by bed bugs that suck your blood, and you are curious about “what blood type do bed bugs like?”

We will help you have the knowledge you would need to be satisfied upon answering your question.

It is quite interesting to know if bed bugs can be somewhat choosy when it comes to the blood type they would prefer sucking.

Bed bugs couldn’t survive if they have no hosts to feed on.

Usually, they feed on human and animal blood.

Just like mosquitoes, is it possible that bed bugs are attracted more to some blood types?

Or let’s say, are they interested in a certain blood type, or maybe we assume them to be.

As we go further in this article, we will answer those questions that popped into your head.


What Blood Type Do A Bed Bug Likes? 

Bed bugs are known to be one of the greatest enemies a human could ever encounter when sleeping.

They can sometimes be worse than your nightmare.

Mosquitoes and bed bugs feed on human blood.

But one thing that mosquito is weak at is that when they sting and starts sucking on your blood, they give pain or itchiness in an instant.

In that way, you will recognize that there is a mosquito already feeding on your blood.

Bed bugs can be considered as worse than mosquitoes.

They get that perfect timing where you are tired and sleeping.

Once you are asleep, they will start sucking up your blood.

But the only problem is that you won’t be able to feel it.

It is like you are being paralyzed that your body couldn’t feel anything but just tiredness and sleepiness.

You will notice it when you see the sunshine on your window the following morning.

They will leave marks such as swollen surfaces on your skin and itchiness on a level that you would brush hard.

But then refrain from doing this because it might worsen the situation.

Let us now answer your question.

So, what blood type do bed bugs like?

Bed bugs do not choose between blood types. When we blood type all of it is included.

We have the negative and positive A, B, AB, and of course the universal blood, which is O.

There are no studies that can be used as proof to support this kind of claim.

Bed bugs feed on any blood type as long as the blood does not have any alcohol content.

They are annoyed, and they avoid sucking on your blood if they know you have an intake of alcohol.

But regarding the blood type, it is not a big deal for bed bugs as long as your blood is healthy and clean.

For them, all bed bugs are the same and what’s important is that they can feed on them.


How do we get rid of bed bugs?

If you want to know more about how we can get rid of these bed bugs, there are so many ways.

You can opt to clean the surface, especially your mattress, to avoid bed bug infestation.

Also, you can use a bed cover that is bed bug proof to prevent them from entering your mattress unwanted.

If you want an easier way to solve your problem, you can just hire people to make sure that you get rid of it.

They are so many companies that offer a great cleaning service, and that includes removing bed bugs.

You will need to make somehow sure that you can get good company services by checking their history.

Try to browse over the internet about these people called professionals to get rid of bed bugs.

In that way, you can see how many people rated them and what their comments are.

It is all up to you to make sure that you pay attention to the details.

Or you will be the one to suffer the consequences.

Although this might be a lot of money for you, we can advise you to try several ways to eliminate bed bugs.

Maybe you can use oil mixture sprays, do a cleaning method that includes vacuuming the surface.

It is all up to you, you can check it out on our blog page and just enter the word “bed bug”.

There, you will see all the topics connected to bed bugs, including steps on getting rid of them.

One that is more affordable and practical for your situation. It is not bad to try, so click on it and check it out.

Find one that applies to your situation. Sometimes bed bugs stay not only on beds.

They can be in cars, couches and many more.

Learn how to observe never stop until you find answers to your questions.



And we have ended up answering, “What blood type do bed bugs like?”

You can now say that it is not only you or anyone else who could be a target for bed bug bites.

Everyone can be a host since they do not rely on any blood type.

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