How To Get Bed Bugs Out Of The Carpet? 4 Easy Steps!

How to get bed bugs out of the carpet?

In some instances, you will be sometimes surprised to see that a bed bug is welcoming you to your home’s carpet.

Hence, the first thing that comes to mind when you see this bug is eliminating them.

You can do many methods without spending a single penny for an anti bed –bug treatment.

As soon as you see these bugs, it would help if you got rid of them immediately to avoid infestation inside or outside your home.

A single bite of a bed bug may cause your skin to have rashes that will spread over time, leading you to skin disease.

But you don’t what that to happen, right?

Then, in that case, stay with us until the end of the topic to help you eliminate these terrors.


Steps To Get Bed Bugs Out Of The Carpet?

Carpets are a must-have at one’s home as they are used for various purposes.

Including heat insulation or as a welcoming footwalk for a home.

The majority of carpets sold in the market right now are thin and usually cost you a low and budget price.

Will these low-cost carpets, on the other hand, last and serve you for a long time?

I propose that you choose one that is thick yet still affordable and meets your needs.

Bed bugs are these small insects that feed on by sucking on the blood of their target.

They usually appear at night time to sneak at their prey.

When they bite, they leave a reddish spot on the skin that swells and spreads continuously.

It leads to itchiness that may also cause diseases in the future.

They are commonly seen on cracks or even under your bed’s mattress.

They make it a place for them to inhabit and make it their territory to lay eggs and spread.

It is not only in those areas that they spread terror, though.

Sometimes they can inhabit carpets, too, leaving them infested.

Now that you have come to the right article.

Let us teach you some steps to avoid these bed bugs from infesting certain areas in your home.

These are easy to do and budget-friendly too, we have found the simplest way to do this.

So, how to get bed bugs out of the carpet?


Step #1. Removing and clearing all items

The first thing you might want to do is clear all the items on your surface area as much as possible.

Bringing a companion with you may help the process be done quickly.

This step involves carrying around and dismantling items.

Such as furniture and any other items that give weight will make the carpet harder to carry.

Thoroughly check one by one and clear all areas as much as possible.

That may hinder the process of magazines, papers, or any trash is in the way.


Step #2. Laundry of carpets

Now that you have cleaned the surface areas, it is now time for you to put them all up in a plastic bag.

Once everything is put inside the bag, carry it over to the washing machine and pack them all out.

You can also do this just by hand washing, though it will consume a lot of time to make the process longer to be done.

After that, put them all up in the machine and set it to the highest setting possible.

Take note that bed bugs cannot withstand when exposed to extreme temperatures such as freezing or heating.

If you are doing this by yourself, do not forget to use carpet shampoo.

Spread a generous amount of it to cover the whole surface area as much as possible.


Step #3. Applying borax powder into the affected areas

Once you are done shampooing the carpets, you can now apply the borax powder to your carpets.

This step may be applied to all surfaces and let to set for approximately three to five hours.

Remember that these products are irritants that are toxic enough to kill bugs.

Though keep this away from the reach of children as they may get intoxicated by it.

Borax is one way to fend off bugs that keep on coming back on to your things.

This step is applied to break down the bed bug’s exoskeleton leaving them dead.


Step #4. Vacuuming surface area

Now for the final step, you may want to vacuum the entire surface area of your home.

This to avoid any bugs that may cause harm in the future.

Also, when vacuuming, go to the carpet and clean it thoroughly.

Until there are no signs of powder, dust particles, debris, and bugs.

After vacuuming, empty the vacuum contents.

Then, please put them in a separate trash bag, and throw them directly into the trash can.

We recommend you do this outside around the morning to expose it to strong sunlight, leaving them dead.



Now that we have answered the question “how to get bed bugs out of the carpet?”

It is now time that you clean your carpets that were infested by bugs too.

Always remember to take precautions when doing this.

In order to avoid any harm that may endanger you and cost you money or even your health.

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