How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs? 5 Easy Steps!

Have you ever thought or had any idea of how to change tanning bed bulbs?

Well then, if you want your tanning bed to keep doing its job and giving you a rich tan, follow these steps.

Then you need to know more about when and how you should change your UV tanning bulbs.

As its name states, a tanning bed is an indoor device used for tanning.

It emits artificial UV rays to darken the skin color of the wanted part of the body.

According to scientists, tanning beds are not safe, and skin harm might occur while using one for the first time.

Others say that it is much safer to get a natural tan from the Sun’s UV rays than that from an artificial.

Artists are well-known for obtaining a tan to look better when they appear on the big screen.

So, stay with us until the end of this article to learn everything you need to know about tanning beds and find the answer.


Changing Tanning Bed Bulbs

How to change tanning bed bulbs?

This article will answer that for you.

When it comes to changing a bed bulb, you want to make sure that you do it safely.

And this is true especially handling a machine that emits artificial UV rays, which could cause severe damage to your skin when not done correctly.

Regardless, tanning has been a popular thing for adults ranging from 16 to 29 years old, and most of them are white women.

The public health efforts that the target population has high levels of indoor tanning must reduce this to avoid any skin problems.

Because they are popular amongst people, UV bulbs tend to wear out already when used around 9000 hours.

These bulbs need to be changed every twelve months of usage.

But how can this be done?

Below are simple steps for you to easily follow and get the job done right away.

Always remember that before doing this, safety is a must at all times.


Step #1. Unplugging your tanning bed

As I said earlier, safety is a must.

So before messing around with bulbs, unplug your bed and make sure that everything has already no power running to it.

Electric shocks because the bed is unplugged and the device isn’t turned off properly have already happened in the past.

To avoid this from happening, always make sure to double-check the devices as much as possible.

Also, there are texts on the bulb that can be seen; necessary information about the wattage, type, and everything.

Make sure to take note of all of those at once before getting a bulb that will not fit you and your bed’s standards.


Step #2. Removing the plastic acrylic shield from the bed

All tanning beds have these acrylic shields that act as a layer for protection to prevent the skin from having direct contact with the UV bulbs.

There should be protective clamps that hold them onto a place that has them in to remove the shield.

You want to locate the clamps and start making them loose, and the piece of the acrylic shield should slide out with ease.

If you are having a hard time doing this by yourself, you can also ask for help from a fellow companion.


Step #3. Removing old UV bulbs

Using two hands to hold the bulb, release the prongs from the socket by giving it a quarter-turn spin to give you easy access to lifting the bulb.

Always keep in mind that when it comes to any bulbs available in the market today, they are fragile enough that even being hit delicately, they’ll break.

So once that you have got them out of the device, slowly pull them and carry or else you would have a huge mess to clean afterward.


Step #4. Inserting of acrylic shield and new UV bulbs

Now that you are removing all of the old UV bulbs, make sure to insert the new bulbs into place as to how you did it with the old light bulbs.

To do that, slide in the prongs onto the bulb’s socket, then give it a quarter turn just like how you did it when removing to now secure it in place.

Always keep in mind that the text visible on the bulb should face upwards and away from the covering.

To secure the acrylic shield, slip the two sheets back into the slots you removed earlier and closed the clamp to secure it.


Step #5. Plug and testing your tanning bed

For the final step, plug your tanning bed to turn it on to make sure that everything is working just fine, all lights are bright and functioning.

And there you go; you are now ready to use that tanning bed for another 12 months of usage before changing its UV bulbs once again.

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That is all.



Now that we’ve addressed the topic of “How to change tanning bed bulbs?”

It will be much easier for you than before to change the bulbs on your tanning bed.

But remember to take precautions when dealing with such a device.

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