How To Remove RV Sleeper Sofa In 4 Easy Steps

Did you know that it’s easy to learn how to remove RV sleeper sofa because it’s only four steps? This article will go through the step-by-step procedure of disassembling the RV sleeper sofa, starting from the bolts to the backrest to make it easier to take outside. However, the emphasis is necessary that RVs differ in their furniture, so you’ll need to adjust the procedures according to what model you have. 

There might be a specific reason why you want to remove the RV’s sleeper sofa. Perhaps you want to replace it because it doesn’t feel as comfortable as before. We would like you to check this article on how to make an RV sofa bed more comfortable beforehand as you might be able to solve the issues before removing the RV furniture. 


How Do You Remove A Sleeper Sofa From An RV?


Step 1. Loosen all the bolts

  • Prepare a ratchet and socket set that is suitable for the hardware of your RV sleeper sofa
  • Label several ziplock bags for organizing the hardware during removal
  • Fold the bed part of the sleeper sofa and lean the headrest of the furniture forward
  • With the bed portion out of the way, loosen all the bolts that attach the RV sleeper sofa on the floor
  • If the furniture has seat belts, remove them as well by loosening the hardware pieces

Step 2. Remove the heel plate 

  • Search for the heel plate with the bed portion out of the way
  • Remove the bolts on the corners and lift out the heel plate to remove it
  • Taking out the heel plate will help you fit the RV sleeper sofa through the door later 

Step 3. Remove the arms

  • Pull out the sofa to inspect its frame easier
  • Loosen and remove the bolts that attach the frame to the arms
  • Dismantling the arms of the RV sleeper sofa can be a tad trickier because some hardware pieces also hold the main frame of the bed
  • Make sure that you are looking at the attachment between the arms and the frame

Step 4. Remove the backrest

  • With the heel plate and arms removed, take out the sleeper sofa’s backrest 
  • Find the nuts that connect it in place, typically behind the bed portion
  • Remove the hardware pieces accordingly
  • After disassembling the majority of the sleeper sofa’s parts, you should easily remove it out of the RV

Are RV Couches Bolted Down?

RV couches are bolted down for safety, and this is the reason why it’s not recommended to use any furniture in place of them without proper installation. Removing the RV furniture also becomes time-consuming since the interior is built before the exterior. Therefore, you will need to remove the bolts and screws that hold the sleeper sofa in position. 

Removing the bolted RV couch is only the first part because you will need to disassemble it to make it fit through the door. Dismantle the arms and heel plate to lessen the bulk, and then remove the bolts that install the sleeper sofa on the RV itself. You don’t need to remove all the hardware, except the parts mentioned. 


How Do You Remove A Jack Knife Sofa From An RV?

There are different types of RV furniture and among them is the jack knife sofa. Uninstalling it from the RV is quite similar to how you’ll remove any sleeper sofa. The only difference is the tools you’ll need and the areas where you might need to dismantle the parts. 

Before you remove it, consider knowing how to make a jack knife sofa comfortable. Perhaps you only need to spruce it up. This decision requires careful consideration since you can’t just use any furniture on the RV as it will eventually need to be bolted out for security during travel.


How To Replace Jack Knife Sofa With Recliners

Replacing the jack knife sofa with recliners in the RV is possible to do yourself. Find RV communities where owners share their projects, so you can ask them for possible tips regarding sofa replacement. However, please check if removing the jack knife sofa won’t affect other parts of the RV. 

  1. Remove the lower cushion of the jack knife sofa via the nuts and bolts to reveal the inner frame
  2. Remove the screws that connect the steel parts to the wooden parts
  3. The wooden frame is usually held to the RV by upholstered screws, so you will need to remove the staples of this covering
  4. Unscrew the hardware pieces of the wooden frame to lift it out
  5. With the jack knife sofa removed, position the recliners in their designated spot
  6. Install the recliners accordingly, but remember to make the necessary modifications in case the removed sofa left spaces, holes, or gaps in the RV


Do you need to replace your RV furniture? We have discussed above how to remove RV sleeper sofa, and hopefully, you have learned some tricks to make the procedure easier. Start by removing the heel plate, arms, and then the backrest. 

It’s important to dismantle the sofa to make it fit through the door for unloading. And if you want to replace the furniture, please bolt it securely. If you tried this project, let us know in the comments if you have pointers you want to share.

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