What Size Is A Bunk Bed Mattress? 4 Best Size Options!

You might want to buy a bunk bed, and you are interested in “what size is a bunk bed?”

If you are, then put your mind at ease because we can help you with that one.

Bunk beds can be one of the nicest things developed and innovated in the modern eras.

It has many purposes, and it can help you save more space in your room, and it can also lessen your expense.

You can also have these beds in your guest room where you can accommodate a lot of visitors.

Calls for never-ending family bonding and endless sleepovers since there are lots of bed spaces.

Bunk beds are fun since it has layers and one is elevated. Who would not want to have one like this?


What Size Is Your Bunk Bed Mattress?

You might be very interested in purchasing a bunk bed since it has good features and is handy.

Generally designed for younger ones but can also be used by adults. So it is very worth it to purchase.

It is like sharing a bed but not sharing your bed with someone.

But you are still wondering if how big or what is the size of these bunk beds. Well, let us answer your questions down below.

A bunk bed has fixed dimensions, but different sizes correspond to various dimensions.

Do not worry because we will discuss all of them to know more about them and have the details you will need.

It might help you out in choosing which bunk bed would fit perfectly in your room.

We have here the different sizes and options for you. Choose which one do you think fits most in your bedroom.

So, what size is a bunk bed?


Option #1. Two twin bunk bed

That is the most common and known to be the standard version of bunk beds. It can fit in 2 regular-sized mattresses.

Its dimension is around 38 inches in width and 75 inches in height. That can fit in about one person each.

But then it can still manage about two persons per mattress if and only if you want to.


Option #2. Two twin XL bunk bed

There are bunk beds that are specifically made to fit in mattresses in two twin sizes.

Both do have a standard size twin mattress, and then it has an extension or addition of 5 inches long.

That means it measures about 38 inches in width and 80 inches in height alone.

Are you familiar with queen and king beds?

So with that, the length of the two twin XL bunk bed is similar to these two.

If you are to put two twins and two twin XL bunk beds, you must know that one works better for taller people, and that is the two twin XL.


Option #3. Two full bunk bed

And we are now in our third option. It is the two full bunk bed, not too famous but it offers a lot for you.

This type of bunk bed is gently common for people like the youth since it is more functional.

These beds do have mattresses that measure about 53 inches in width and 73 inches in height.

So this bed is comparable to the twin bunk bed. The only difference is that this bed type has an extra room of 15 inches on both sides.

As for the height, they measure nearly the same size. But, again, it does depend on what the purpose of your bunk bed is.


Option #4. One twin and one full bunk bed

This bunk bed type might be unique among all four since it is made of two different sizes.

One of the most common for those children who share the same room but in a different

age range, the upper part of the bunk bed comprises a twin bed, and the lower part is a full bed.

Which allows more sleeping space at the bottom of the bunk bed; this isn’t a bad thing at all.

It would mean that even parents can share on the bottom part of the bed since it has a broader space.


Where can you buy bunk bed mattresses?

Well, that depends on you because bunk bed mattresses are often sold together with the bunk bed itself.

But then, just in case you already have your bunk bed frame at home, and all you need is a mattress, here is what you should do.

Measure first and identify if what size of the mattress can fit in your bunk bed. Then, use the four options earlier.

And then, you can visit local stores near your location for easier access and faster transactions.

But if you opt for extra and you want more choices, you can try to seek these mattresses online, although you might need to wait for more days before it arrives.



And that’s it for our article we hope that you have discovered new things today.

As we end the article, we have answered, “What size is a bunk bed mattress?”