How To Make Bed Taller? 4 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered, “How to make bed taller?”

You can buy or make bed risers to increase the height of your bed.

Or you can try on some other ways too.

If you do not have the knowledge or idea of doing it, then let us teach you how it is done in this article.

Beds are essential to any home, and without them, your sleep will not be comfortable.

When picking a bed, you want to make sure that you have chosen the right frame and mattress that suits your preference.

Somehow, some people are uncomfy with the height of their bed, while others want to raise their bed to get extra storage space underneath it.

But how can this task be done with ease? Well, worry not because, in this article, we will teach you the basics of how to make a bed taller.

Hang on with us because we have the answer.


Ways To Make Your Bed Taller

How to make bed taller? Keep on reading!

Making a bed taller sounds complicated if you don’t have any ideas about how to do it properly, right?

Worry not because we will help you with that.

The number of people you will also need in this task depends on how heavy your bed frame is.

When it comes to dealing with beds, there are many solutions.

But we have come up with the perfect and easiest one, which can be learned and applied directly.

Written below are steps where you can follow to accomplish this task easily.

It may take a while to finish, but this will be worth it.


Step #1. Making your risers for the bed

To start the process, first purchase around two to four wooden blocks of the same size.

It doesn’t matter what type of wood you would use.

When it comes to building bed risers, wood is the most reliable material.

and it also blends in with the color of your bed, making it hard to notice.

Any form of wood will work, so don’t panic; you’re still on the right track.

Note that you can go to your local hardware shop and get plastic bed risers if you need to finish the work quickly.

However, they are not very stable.


Step #2. Using a saw, cut your wood to the same height

When you have decided on how tall you want your bed to be raised, make sure to saw off your risers one by one that comes to the same height.

Also, remember to utilize the saw at the end as the riser’s top.

That way, if you saw unevenly, the block’s more level side will be able to rest against the floor.


Step #3. Attaching patches and drilling a hole for the bedposts

Felt patches are cheap and will provide you to help prevent the wood from scratching your floor.

Apply any glue to the back of your felt patches and start securing it at the bottom of your risers.

Allow it to remain that way.

Then, you can use anything heavy enough to allow the glue to adhere to the wood for ten to twenty minutes.

Once the adhesive has all dried up, start by creating a hole that is one-half to three fourth inches in length.

Also, do not forget to choose a drill bit that will produce a small indent in the top of the riser for your bedpost to fit securely.

That will keep your bed frame solid and secure by holding your bedpost in place without any worries furthermore.


Step #4. Putting of bed risers to the frame

Now that you have done all of the steps above, it is now time that you put your DIY bed risers into place.

To do that, get a companion that will help you to carry the mattress of your bed.

It requires the coordination of two people for the task to be carried out successfully.

With your family or friend with you, start by lifting the mattress and placing it somewhere it won’t distract you.

Resting it against a wall near your bed is also a good idea as this will make carrying and placing it back again on the bed frame easier when you are done.

Then take out the bed riser you made earlier and place them where you want your bed to stay.

Once you have placed them, divide these two jobs between you and your companion.

Line up your bedpost with the holes or indent in the top of your riser.

Once all is lined up evenly, gently lower your bed frame to the risers and make sure that all the bedposts are placed firmly to avoid problems furthermore.

A little shake afterward will do the trick whether you’ve placed all of it securely or not.

Lastly, put on your mattress back onto your bed frame and enjoy your new raised bed!

However, if you chose to buy bed risers, this article might help you.

That is all.



Alright! So now that we’ve answered the question “How to make bed taller.”

I hope that you’ve gotten some helpful knowledge on how to do it properly.

Now you can relax in your newly modified bed at home without having to worry about sleeping issues.

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