How To Change A Heating Element In A Whirlpool Dryer? 8 Easy Steps!

You might be looking at how to change a heating element in a Whirlpool dryer. Here you will find the way. Here you’ll find the way. Read this text and learn the simple steps in barely a few minutes.

A variety of things on a dryer might cause it to fail to heat. The warmth source is just one of the several factors that may lead your dryer never to heat up. Examine for any limits in your dryer and venting. Also, make sure that your heating coils don’t seem to be connected to the earth.

One of the only do-it-yourself machine repairs is replacing the warmth source in your Whirlpool dryer. Dryer heating components frequently fail, so understanding how to perform this easy maintenance is admittedly beneficial. You’ll be able to save a good deal of cash if you easily replace your component instead of purchasing a replacement dryer. This text will quickly show you how to replace a part during a Whirlpool dryer.


Steps To Change A Heating Element In A Whirlpool Dryer

Here are some basic steps on how to change a heating element in a Whirlpool dryer.


Step #1. Disconnect the dryer

Whenever you commence work on the dryer, you must disconnect it and disconnect the exhaust pipe. It may also be a good idea to read about how to disconnect a gas dryer,


Step #2. Remove the panel

The dryer’s backside will then need to be removed. Disconnect the nine 1/4′′ bolts, bend back and raise to replace the cover.


Step #3. Cut the heating connection 

Disconnect the cables that connect with the warmth source and, therefore, the upper limit thermometer. Sure, dryers might well have four or five connections, so keep a record of where and how each wire is connected. The high threshold thermostat is linked to the thermal element’s backside. The newest dryers have a push-on type high-speed thermostat. However, older dryers have a temperature gauge secured with one or two 1/4′′ bolts.

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Step #4. Sensor removal 

Remove the black sensor from the head and the black sensor from the base.


Step #5. Unhook the wires

Unplug the wires located right underneath the lower sensor. These two devices might be the source of your issue (in 50 percent of the cases, it is). Also, there is a heating switch to your left, beneath the more significant point on the left. It’s roughly an inch in length and has cables connected to it. This could be your issue as well. It’s held in place by a single screw. If in doubt, take many of these to an electronics store and test them with a voltmeter. You may also want to read about how to unhook a gas dryer.


Step #6. Remove the casing 

Gently raise the entire gray covering. It should be easy to get rid of. If not, raise somewhat more forcefully and drag the bottom toward you. A bolt and a bit frame at the highest may need to be replaced. A number of the stitches on the bottom will come undone.


Step #7. Turn it upside down

Convert it the other way up, and you will notice one screw keeping the component in situ. Remove the bolt and gently attain the piece, a heating coil on some metal case. Search for any breaks within the ring. Examine the element with a voltmeter if you have got one. Sensors should even be tested. This can reveal what’s broken.


Step #8. Install the new heating element

Remove the component, all of the detectors, the rear panel, and the vent hose. When finished, put it to the test. Check that you buy a primary Whirlpool constituent. Whirlpool appliance repair parts are available to support the look of your dryer. Your dryer’s guarantee will presumably be voided if you get an analogous or third-party component.

Furthermore, a label heat source is definite to perform better and have fewer installation troubles. It’s just the difficulty of reinstalling your new heat source and having to get rid of the screws. Make sure that you utilize the new bolts provided with your new element. The screws must be tight, so the part doesn’t come free during typical dryer movement. Also, before turning off your dryer, make sure it’s plugged in.

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It’s A Wrap! 

As you know now, how to change a heating element in a Whirlpool dryer can quickly fix your dryer along with your new part installed, your dryer will indeed be ready to heat up more quickly and dry your clothing more quickly. In the future, this may also facilitate your saving cash on your energy expenses. Also, Before opening and re-starting your dryer, remember to reconnect the facility supply. This easy procedure will provide you with a large amount of cash. You may also not purchase a brand new dryer, but you may also not like better to pay money for the labor expense of expert installation.

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