How To Unhook A Gas Dryer? 7 Easy Steps!

Are you planning to do maintenance on your gas dryer, but you don’t know how to unhook a gas dryer? No need to worry. Read this article till the end to learn all the steps for unhooking a gas dryer.

Detaching a gas dryer might look complicated but, it is pretty simple if you know how to do it. It is essential to understand all the steps; to safely unhook the gas dryer.

how to unhook a gas dryer

Many homeowners prefer gas dryers as they are cost-effective. Additionally, a gas dryer takes less time to dry laundry than an electric dryer. However, you will have to be careful while unhooking the dryer for replacing or maintenance or moving. Your safety and minimal to no damage to the dryer are the priority. Fire hazard is a common accident related to the gas dryer. So, even if you are slightly reluctant about the procedure, it is better to take professional help. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Steps To Unhook A Gas Dryer 

So, how to unhook a gas dryer? Here are the following steps:


Step #1. Gather the equipment required to unhook a gas dryer  

You will need some equipment to unhook a gas dryer. These things make detaching the gas dryer easy and protect in case of an accident. You will need a pair of latex gloves and eyewear, and a face shield: these will protect you from gas leakage, electrical spark, or fire. In addition, you will require a wrench, screwdriver, and duct tapes for unhooking the gas dryer. A wrench is required to disengage your gas dryer from the gas supply and, a screwdriver loosens or tightens the screws. The duct tape is to seal the gas supply to prevent leakage. Keeping a fire extinguisher ready is recommended because this procedure has a substantial risk of fire.  


Step #2. Ventilate the room 

Considering the risk of potential fire hazards and gas leakage, we suggest you make sure the space or your laundry room has good ventilation. If you live in a small house, open all the windows for ventilation. Additionally, check that all the flammable items like room spray bottles are away from the gas dryer. 


Step #3. Clean the lint 

Clear away all the laundry items from your dryer. Then, switch off the appliance. Before you begin to unhook a gas dryer, you must clean it. You do not want to work in an unclean or dirty gas dryer. Plus, the lint in the dryer is a potential risk of causing a fire. Therefore, remove the lint filter and scoop away all the debris from it. Never forget to vacuum inside and outside the dryer. It’s best to also know why does my washer smell and how to prevent and clean it.


Step #4. Turn off the gas supply 

After approximately twenty to thirty minutes, turn off the gas supply. This break is taken to ensure no gas is left in the dryer. You can find the gas supply valve behind the dryer. You can also turn off the whole household gas supply for your safety. If there is any gas leakage source inside your home, seal them with duct tape. Click on this link to know why does my dryer smell like gas.


Step #5. Detach the gas hose 

You can find the gas hose attached to the dryer gas supply valve. Sometimes Teflon tape is used for securing the attachment of the gas hose. Pull the tape off before disconnecting the hose. Using a wrench, loosen the gas hose from your dryer. Be careful while losing the gas hose as not to damage it. You will require a screwdriver to extract screws and bolts from the attachment. Then pull out the hose from the dryer. Once the open end of the hose is exposed, seal it with several layers of tape. If you plan to replace the hose, repeat the same process on the gas valve supply. However, this time seal the gas valve with tape instead of a hose.  


Step #6. Detach the vent 

Leave your dryer as it is for fifteen minutes to confirm that there is no gas leakage. Your room windows and door should be open for ventilation purposes. Now, you will have to detach the vent from the dryer. Locate the exhaust hood typically found on the wall near your gas dryer. Remove tape or screws from the exhaust hood to loosen the vent. Once you have managed to disconnect the dryer vent, clean it using a vacuum or the brush. Don’t forget to clean the hood as well. You may also want to read about how often to clean a dryer vent.


Step #7. Pull out the dryer

Pull out the gas dryer from its space and use a broom and dustpan or vacuum to clean the area. Congratulations, you have unhooked a gas dryer. You can use a slightly damp towel to clean the dryer’s exterior. If you have found any screws or hoses damaged, replace them immediately. Being careless about damages or leakage in the gas dryer can cause fire hazards. 


It’s A Wrap! 

To unhook a gas dryer, you need to follow the above basic steps. However, you will have to be careful throughout the procedure. If you are unsure of the procedure, leave it and call a professional. Never leave the gas supply open during this. Detaching a gas dryer is not difficult if you know how to do it.  Anyway, you’ve already known how to unhook a gas dryer. 

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