How To Reset Samsung Dryer? 7 Error Codes You Must Know!

Finding the answer to how to reset Samsung dryer is essential if it displays error codes. Resetting a Samsung dryer isn’t a big deal. You have to follow some basic guidelines and prevention methods to keep your dryer in its peak condition.

Usually, Samsung dryers have a long life of about 18-24 years. Maintaining the dryer by regularly resetting increases this life even more. 

how to reset Samsung dryer

Samsung is renowned for its top-quality washers and dryers. The toughness, reliability, and effectiveness of the appliances are unbeatable. The user-friendly and advanced featured control panel makes the Samsung dryers everyone’s favorite. Let’s have a deep look at it!


How To Find Out The Main Issue With The Dryer?

Before knowing how to reset Samsung dryer, you have to figure out what an error code means. This is easy if you have a Samsung washer and dryer app on your phone. If it is not, install it quickly. Press the smart care button or find smart care written below some button. Press that button for 2 seconds to activate. Open the app and select smart care. Capture a photo of a display screen with the back camera of your phone to determine the type of code.


How To Reset The Error Codes In Samsung Dryer

Remove the error code by resetting it. Keep reading to find out the solution to your problem:


#1. TE, TE2, TE4

If your Samsung dryer is showing TE, TE2, TE4 errors on the control board, it means there are issues with either the lint trap or condenser grill. Remove the lint trap from its housing and throw out all the dust particles or foreign objects present inside. Clean the dust from the housing by rinsing it with a soft cloth. Also, clean the dust sensor and condenser grill.


#2. TE5

TE5 code indicates a problem in the temperature sensor of the dryer. Resetting this issue is super easy and fast. You have to turn the switch off for 5 minutes. Turn the switch on again to resolve the issue.


#3. DE/DF

The dryer shows DE/DF error on the control board when the door isn’t closed correctly. The reason could be a clogged dryer. 


#4. HC/HE

HC/HE code indicates that the hot air compressor is overheated. Reset the dryer by following this guide. Press the power button to stop the power supply. Wait for 20 minutes. Turn on again.  If the washer doesn’t start, you have to try another technique. Press time and mixed laundry or dryness level and hybrid laundry buttons depending on the dryer’s model number. The dryer will start working correctly. If not, a DE notification appears, or the lights start blinking. Turn the dryer on and off. 


#5. 2E

2E code is a sign of an unplugged dryer or defective wall socket. Consider plugging the dryer again if the code isn’t removed yet. Check the wall socket by connecting some other electric appliance with it to ensure that the socket supplies the electricity. Replace the wall socket if the different device is not working too.


#6. 3E

The dryer shows 3E code when the motor doesn’t work well. Switch off and on the dryer to resolve this issue. If the dryer motor is not running well, you have to reset it by pressing the reset button. First, wait for 10 minutes to let the motor completely cool down. 


#7. 5E

The water reservoir is complete, and the dryer shows the 5E code. You have to empty the condenser reservoir to remove the error code. 

Here are the washing machine fault codes you should know for more details.


How To Reset The Network Settings

If you want to erase the network settings from your dryer. You have to follow this systematic guide.

  1. Press the smart control button. Hold until the AP notification appears.
  2. Press and hold the button again until OK appears on the screen. 
  3. AP code will show again on the screen, indicating that resetting is done.
  4. Turn off the dryer.


How To Reset The Control Panel

Remove the power cord from the back of the dryer. Make sure to pull the cord carefully by holding it from the power block. Push the power button and hold it for 5 seconds. Push and hold the start/pause button for another 5 seconds, and voila! The Control panel will work smoothly now.

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How To Troubleshoot The Dryer If It Is Not Drying Clothes Properly?

Here are the steps in troubleshooting your dryer:

  1. Don’t overfill the dryer as the heat will not reach appropriately to all the clothes. A ¾ quarter filled dryer is ideal for a balanced cycle.
  2. Press the button of mixed laundry when you are doing a load of light and heavy clothes together. In this way, heat flow will distribute between both types of dresses.
  3. Clean the duct hose regularly to make sure that there is no clogging. A clogged hose results in disturbed ventilation.
  4. You must choose duct hoses with suitable lengths for proper ventilation. 


It’s A Wrap

You must be feeling satisfied after finding the solution to how to reset Samsung dryer. We all feel so after figuring the way out of our problems. You have to determine the type of problem with your dryer and reset it accordingly. There is no need to call a technician to do the chores yourself.

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