How To Bustle A Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to bustle a ball gown wedding dress? You can do the ballroom wedding dress bustle, over bustle, and royal bustle for various ball gown wedding dresses.

These are the appropriate ways to bustle a ball gown because of the voluminous silhouette. And if you’re curious about trumpet and mermaid wedding dresses, you can read how to bustle a mermaid wedding dress

how to bustle a ball gown wedding dress


3 Ways On How To Bustle A Ball Gown Wedding Dress


Ballroom bustle

From the name itself, the most common way to bustle ball gowns is the ballroom bustle. This is perfect for the bride who doesn’t want the noticeable folds and pleats behind the wedding dress as with a typical bustle. 

The wedding gown train is fastened underneath the skirt for the ballroom bustle using multiple attachment points. And even if it’s in the name, the ballroom bustle is used on most wedding dress silhouettes. 

If this is your choice bustle for your ball gown, bring your maid of honor to your final dress fitting. The designer should guide her on how to hide the train inside the wedding dress. 


Over bustle

Another type of wedding gown bustle that suits ball wedding gowns is the over bustle. Also known as the American bustle, this is distinguishable because of the resulting folds that cascade. 

The train of the wedding gown is gathered and fastened over the rest of the ball gown skirt. So if your train type for the wedding dress is the cathedral, opt for the over bustle. 

How to bustle a ball gown with the American or over bustle? The seamstress will scatter bustle points on the waist and hips of the ball gown, so what’s left is to pull the train up and over the skirt. 

Among the other bustles, the over or American bustle is ideal for brides who want the fastest and easiest way to have their ball gown bustled at the reception.


Royal bustle

The final type of wedding dress bustle that suits ball gowns is the royal bustle. However, the royal bustle or Victorian bustle is not as simple as the over bustle and ballroom bustle.

The resulting folds are more dramatic because of the multiple bustle points at the back of the ball wedding gown. However, this bustle is ideal if your wedding dress is full and voluminous because it’s very secure, regardless of how heavy the train fabric is.

Gather the ball wedding dress train on the points at different lengths to do the royal or Victorian bustle. Then, secure the train similar to the under bustle to finish. 

Does your ball gown have an overlay? Read how to bustle a wedding dress with a tulle overlay for additional reference. 


Can You Bustle A Ball Gown?

You can bustle a ball gown using three different types. Pick the wedding dress bustle that suits the specific style of your wedding gown and what you think is practical to do at the reception. 


How to pick the wedding dress bustle for your ball gown

For example, the ballroom bustle is ideal for the ball wedding gown that is not as full. On the other hand, heavier wedding dresses with ball silhouettes are better bustled with the royal bustle for security. 

And if you want to bustle the wedding gown easily, consider the over bustle. Again, however, the emphasis is necessary on having your attendant or maid of honor trained by the designer or seamstress.

The bride can’t bustle her own wedding dress. Alternatively, you can change into a lighter dress for the reception since ball gowns can feel heavy to walk and dance in. 


What Is A Ballroom Bustle?

Brides who also don’t like folds and pleats behind their wedding dress should consider the ballroom bustle since the train is brought up inside the gown. And if you want to preserve the shape of the A-line or ball gown wedding dress you’re wearing, you’ll still be able to keep the silhouette since the ballroom bustle is lowkey and unnoticeable. 

Finally, brides wearing a sheath wedding dress can keep the smooth and long appearance of the silhouette thanks to the absence of bustle pleats with the ballroom bustle. 


How to do the ballroom bustle

  1. While the bride is wearing the wedding dress, hold the middle of the train and lift it to level with the hemline
  2. Wherever you’ll hold the train up, pin six points across the bodice of the dress to mark them
  3. On the train itself, pin the points where the six ones you made previously will meet them; trains with straight hems will have the markings straight, while those with curved hems are U-shaped
  4. Sew buttons on the six points of the wedding dress
  5. Sew thread loops on the six points of the train
  6. Hook the train loops over the dress buttons and spread the skirt at the hem
  7. Check if the skirt is still full and the train’s bottom portion is even with the skirt hem



And that’s it! You just learned how to bustle a ball gown wedding dress using three ways. 

Select from the ballroom, over, and royal bustle, depending on how voluminous your ball gown is. You might also prefer pleats, or perhaps you’d rather keep a smooth appearance of the wedding dress.

We hope this was helpful; let us know below if you want more bustle tutorials.

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