How To Build A Log Bed? 4 Easy Steps!

You might wonder how to build a log bed?

You are going to need a lot of logs to do the job and a little knowledge of lumberjack and carpentry.

If everybody could make their preferred bed, the world must be a peaceful place to live in.

Why is that?

We will have a better time sleeping in our dreams so when we wake up, everything will feel right in place.

Although on an industrial scale, this doesn’t necessarily happen.

These beds don’t satisfy our every need.

So if you happen to have a lot of logs available and opt to go for a rustic and authentic feel, a log bed is suggested.

If you want to have a more natural setting for your bedroom, having a log bed is a great step to it.


Log Bed

A log bed differs from other kinds of bed with the materials used for the construction.

The bed frame is built with logs entirely which are shaped together to fit one another.

Modern log beds have box springs to help support the mattress while old log beds have cross rails as the bed bases.


Steps To Build A Log Bed

Then, here are the following steps that could help you to build a log bed.


Step #1. Prepare

Before anything else, prepare the materials and tools that you will be using in the whole process.

  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  1. Eye Hook


Wood coat


The first is to prepare the logs that you will be using.

A good log is best found in areas where a fire killed the wood but is still standing.

You can also find good logs washed up to the shores of the beach or a riverbank.

You have the option to buy one at a sawmill too.

Although some of the logs washed up or have stayed too long in water have something rotten inside so it’s hard to clean them.

Once you have the log that is appropriate for the job, saw these logs to the lengths that you will need.

Saw at least 2 pieces or a 4–feet post to make the legs and another 2 to 3 feet for the headboard and the footboard.

Saw another 4 rails to separate the poles.

The best measurement is to measure the dimension of the mattress that you will be using.

Cut some spindles to put on the rails of the headboard and footboard.

You will be using at least 36-inches spindles for the headboard.

24- inch spindles are required for the footboard and some cutting tenons with a length of an inch or shorter.

The bigger your bed, the more spindles you will need.

Prepare the rails to be used to connect the head post and the foot post.

After measuring the mattress, at least an inch or two for allowances.

Remove the bark afterward using a drawknife.

Then shape the log’s endpoints with a tenon maker.

Put some holes using a drill to the head and foot posts appropriate for the bed’s height.


Step #2. Assembling

Once you have everything in place, assemble each part one-by-one.

You will be placing a metal eye hook a foot above the floor.

Connect some cables diagonally between these posts.

These will act as support while you’re attaching the rails.

You might have to use some turnbuckles on the center part to tighten the cables.

You may have to adjust it from time to time to ensure that it stays rectangular.

Notch the ends of the bed rails from the head post to the foot post.

Make sure that the box spring will fit later without slipping over.


Step #3. Wood protection

There are numerous varieties of chemicals used to preserve the logs to ensure a long life.

If you already have some idea about preserving your logs, then it’s good to make use of it, if not,

Here are some tips to preserve your timber.

Add some stain to the bed which will protect the bed from further rotting or against termites.


Step #4. Add box spring

After assembling the bed, add a box spring to support the mattress.

After adding the box spring, you can add details to your newly assembled bed.

Box springs are necessary for this type of bed since a slat is unavailable with our design.

Some box springs are composed of a wooden frame with upholstered fabric

Sometimes have springs inside them to add support to the mattress.

Add the beddings, from the bottom sheet, upper sheet, blankets, and some pillows to help you get sleep better.


Rustic Bedroom Ideas

If you are going for rustic room décor or style.

I have a few things to add that could help when you decide to organize your room.


Natural light

Use natural light.

You can make your windows bigger or have some lightweight window treatments.


Use calming colors

Since a rustic style is close to nature, the use of calming and colors close to nature is highly recommended.


Create contrast

After securing natural colors, make a contrast out of it by incorporating dark colors with lighter ones.

One example is adding a cream-colored sofa cover to a brown wood nightstand or a bed sheet lighter than the bed’s shade.



Now that you know how to build a log bed.

Good luck with your rustic style bedroom.

Make sure that when you are making a bed yourself.

Take precautionary measures and do be careful while doing the task.

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