What Is A Bariatric Bed? 5 Awesome Benefits!

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Don’t worry because in this article we will enlighten your curiousness about the bariatric bed.

A Bariatric bed is not a typical bed you can see in a hospital ward.

They are usually located in private rooms or specified places for people with obesity.

These types of beds are designed differently with specific functions.

And includes different bariatric instruments to suffice the needs of the patients.

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Definition Of Bariatric Bed

To know more about what is a bariatric bed, here is the definition:

Bariatric beds are customized beds used to handle obese patients.

Their fabrication is adapted to the specific need of overweight and obese clinicians.

The usage of these beds is usually in conjunction with other unique appliances.

Like bariatric seats, bariatric walking supports, and bariatric overhead hoist systems.

In addition, this bed is developed purposely to aid a specific condition.

That is why it contains a lot of devices that put ease for caregivers in handling the patients.

Bariatric beds are considerably heavy, costly and require detailed instructions on how to use them properly.


Significant Parts Of A Bariatric Bed

As said above, a bariatric bed is not a typically made bed.

It has different parts and a unique structural form that is intentional for bariatric patients.

The following are the significant parts of bariatric beds:


Part #1. Bariatric mattress

The bariatric mattress shoulders an extensive role in a bariatric bed.

It covers the flat surface of the bed.

This mattress is not the usual foam you buy in the market.

Commonly, these mattresses are acquired from overseas from authentic factories.

Moreover, these are also wider than normal-sized mattresses, and the thickness is much longer to handle larger weights.

They also contain spring in the inner part of the mattress.

That hinders the foam from shrinkage and giving a comfortable bounce.


Part #2. Bariatric bed frame

Bariatric bed frames are rectangular panels attached to the sides of the bed.

They are made of metals and steel with automation.

These frames give stability because it is made of more durable materials to support heavier loads.

These frames are also made to incorporate safety since they serve as a barrier from the surrounding.


Part #3. Bariatric weighing scale

One of the significant parts of a bariatric bed is a weighing scale.

This part is usually located under the bed surface where the mattress is placed.

Besides the bottom bed frame, there is a not-so-big screen where the ‘patient’s weight is scaled.

This equipment is super efficient because the medical personnel don’t need to transfer the patient to a separate weighing scale for updates.


Benefits Of Bariatric Bed

The following are the jaw-dropping benefits of using a bariatric bed:


Benefit #1. Prevents uncomfortable minor health issue

Since Bariatric beds are made solely for overweight people.

They are maximized and smartly fabricated to prevent minor health issues such as bedsores and ulcers for the patients as they use them.

The mattress is responsible for this since it enables the medical personnel to control the pressure of the mattress, either to float statically or automatic firm.


Benefit #2. Ventilation

The bariatric bed also offers operative ventilation.

The bariatric mattress is the one assigned for this due to its allowable airflow underneath the foam.

The mattress also has had a feature where you can control the temperature of the patient.

Either to aid the warm or cold atmosphere around them.


Benefit #3. Easier movement and convince to medical staffs

Bariatric beds have wheels under them.

Allowing the caregivers to move them to a different location if they need to.

Removable sidebars or panels of the bed permit a convenient shifting of the patient to another place.

The bed surface is foldable, helping the patient to rise in seconds from laying down above it.


Benefit #4. Accessible height

It is visibly challenging for obese people to reach higher heights due to their massive body weights.

Fortunately, bariatric beds are programmed for lower heights so the patient can climb the bed with ease.


Benefit #5. Maximum weight capacity for overweight patients

When compared to traditional health facilities, bariatric hospital beds have a higher maximum load capacity.

The highest quality bariatric bed can support up to 1000 pounds of weight.

A much massive patient can be above it for hours straight with this capacity.


Final Words

The discovery of bariatric beds deserved to be recognized in history.

It is because of the undeniable usefulness of this invention.

We are pretty sure that it helped millions of people who needed it and continue helping out bariatric people until this time.

We hope we answered your curiousness about “what is a bariatric bed” well.

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