How Much Does A Truck Bed Weigh? 3 Popular Trucks!

You might be curious about how much does a truck bed weighs.

Do you intend to remove the tuck bed of your vehicle for a repair or new bed switching?

In this reading, we will guide you on figuring out the weight of the truck bed of the various vehicle.

The truck bed is efficient because of its carrying function.

For this reason, many vehicle users prefer to buy a car with truck beds.

You can transport any load type on a truck bed safely without hindrances.

You only need to be equipped with enough ropes then your job is done.

However, since a truck bed is used daily, it may also acquire several damages and sometimes a terrible expense.

Therefore, it will leave you no choice but to remove or switch your truck bed.

This situation will lead you questioning the actual weights of your truck bed.

So stay tuned for more information!


Weights of Truck Bed for Various Vehicles

As the advancement of technology continues to rise.

Many companies also improve the models of cars with truck beds for more functionality and safety.

Hence, the length and structural composition of the beds compose how much does a truck bed weighs.

The following are the weights of some of the popular truck beds based on their lengths, model, and structural composition:


Truck #1. Pick-up truck bed

Pick-up is the type of vehicle in which truck beds are classified into three types; standard, long or short.

For a short pick-up truck bed, the length is usually five to six feet with a width of 50 inches.

The material used to form a truck bed is heavy gauge steel and metals.

This material involving the flat surface of the truck bed weighs 150 to 200 pounds.

On the other hand, the standard size of a pick-up truck bed is the most common of the three that has a length of six and a half feet and a width of 60 to 65 inches.

As the pick up with a short-size truck bed, the material composing of the body is likewise composed of heavy gauge metals.

So they only differ 80-90 pounds which gives a standard size truck bed a weigh approximately 240 to 290 pounds.

Since pick-up truck beds are made of heavy gauge steel, a long-size truck bed with a length of more than 8 feet having a width of 85-100 inches is considerably massive.

Including the added length, a long-size truck bed of a pick-up can weigh 550 to 600 pounds.


Truck #2. Ford truck beds

The vehicle brand ford has three different truck bed sizes; 5.5 foot, 6.5 foot, and 8-foot style side, similar with the pick-up.

Ford is a famous car brand; there is no doubt that the vehicles are installed with durable and class A steel and metals.

The different styles side length of the Ford truck bed is only the factor that sums up the actual truck bed weight.

The three different truck bed sizes have the same width that is 50.6 inches for all of them.

A 5.5-foot style side has a weight not greater than 600 pounds.

On the other hand, a 6.6-foot ford truck bed has 680 pounds and, the longest 8-foot size can weigh 750 to 800 pounds.


Truck #3. Toyota truck bed

Like Ford, a foreign brand Toyota also publicized a recent model of Toyota having a truck bed named Tundra.

These specialized beds are designed for a more equipped and firm composition for carrying much larger loads.

As a result, it has a heavyweight that varies in several sizes.

Tundra truck bed can go in various sizes, such as the following:

Well, you can have the 5.5 foot, 6.5 foot, and 8 foot with weights  350 pounds, 400 pounds, and 500 pounds, respectively.


Truck #4. Utility truck beds

Utility truck beds are beds used for carrying a categorized load.

They have compartments connected to the truck bed surface.

Consequently, utility truck beds are heavier than normal ones.

This particular car can go in different sizes like short, regular, and long truck bed sizes.

And are usually made of toughened and lasting metals.

The weights of individual truck beds prior from short to long size vary from 500 pounds to 850 pounds.

Here’s what you should note:

You need more than three people to carry or move a single truck bed if its weight turns out to be 350 pounds or more.


Final Words

Researching before doing a job is excellent.

It will always give you more than enough information on how you do problems you encounter every day.

As you start removing or switching your truck bed, it is not practical to do it with a clueless mind!

Your job might develop major faults if you don’t know what is needed and what to do.

It may require greater efforts and time to accomplish.

We give you approval for looking for information on the internet.

We hope we answered your question on how much does a truck bed weighs well.

Thank you so much for reaching this part of the reading.

Your time and effort are wholeheartedly appreciated.

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