How To Ask Someone To Throw You A Baby Shower

If you’re unsure how to ask someone to throw you a baby shower, read the tips below on how to drop hints without sounding tacky or insinuating. We will also discuss what you can do if no one volunteers to host the baby shower. 

You’ll even know if it’s acceptable for the expecting parents to throw their own baby shower. Besides this discussion, we recommend that you read who throws the baby shower to know what to expect from the host. 

how to ask someone to throw you a baby shower


How To Ask Someone To Throw You A Baby Shower


Drop hints but never insinuate

There is no specific wording that you can say to ask someone to throw you a baby shower. Instead, you want to drop hints without sounding like you’re forcing friends or family to host your party. 

You can drop hints about a celebration for the pregnancy, but it would never feel right to flat-out asked even your closest family members to throw you a baby shower. But if someone asks if you’d like a party, then it’s the best time to mention you do instead of acting like you don’t. 

The etiquette for the expecting mom or dad is to never go out of your way to request a baby shower. According to some people, if you want one, you should host it yourself. 

However, a contrasting opinion is that someone else should always throw baby showers for expecting couples. This is because you don’t want to look like you’re having a party to collect gifts from friends and family.  


What If No One Offers To Throw You A Baby Shower?

If it’s nearing the due date and no one is volunteering as the baby shower host yet, then it might be acceptable for the expecting parents to throw their own event. To avoid assuming you’re having a party for gifts, you can be careful with your baby shower invitation wording. 

You can use phrases like gifts are welcome but not required or offer a baby registry with items that new parents would use. Never put any gift on the baby registry more suitable for personal use. 

It’s likely that when you plan your own baby shower event, someone will want to help and contribute. If this happens, do not be afraid to mention what elements of the party you need help from. 

However, even if it’s your close friend or mom, be realistic and understand how they can help you. If they’re financially limited, then you should even be more understanding.  


Is It Tacky To Throw Yourself A Baby Shower?

The etiquette for throwing your own baby shower is tricky. Some people recommend doing so if no one throws you a party, while others are against the idea as they believe guests will think they’re having an event to collect gifts. 

But with modern times and close family and friends understanding the pregnancy and needs of new parents, it’s more likely that it’s accepted to be your own baby shower host. You’re not forcing anyone to take responsibility, and you’re not going to mention that you want expensive gifts. 

You can also mention how you’ll use the gifts or explain where they will go if you prefer cash gifts for the baby. And who knows?

If you throw your own baby shower, someone might also step up and volunteer to help you plan the event. 


Should A Mother In Law Host A Baby Shower?

No rules oblige the mom-to-be’s mother-in-law to host her baby shower. However, it’s pretty common, especially if they have a close relationship. The mother-in-law might also help the friend or the mom of her daughter-in-law in planning her baby shower. 

Any party or gift should always be voluntary and never done out of obligation. Some parents-in-law are just usually excited about their grandchild and enthusiastic about throwing the baby shower. 

But overall, anyone can throw a baby shower. Having multiple hosts for the event is even possible to manage costs and planning needs. 


How Do You Plan A Baby Shower For Yourself?

Here are some considerations to remember if you’ll do your own baby shower:

  • Make sure no one else is planning to host the party
  • Decide on the date and time of the baby shower
  • Plan the budget for the party and stick to it
  • Decide on the event theme and venue
  • Book the vendors if needed
  • Decide what food you’ll serve at the baby shower
  • Manage the guest list
  • Buy the necessary things for decorations and favors for attending friends and family 
  • Send the invitations on time 


How Many Baby Showers Is Too Many?

You can have up to two baby showers. Some expecting parents may have one exclusive for relatives and the other for friends. 

There might also be a diaper shower for the dad-to-be and a ladies-exclusive party for the mom-to-be. And if it’s a second child, there is a sprinkle baby shower that’s more lowkey than the first baby shower. 

For the financial expectations, do you know who pays for a baby shower



That’s it! We’ve just discussed how to ask someone to throw you a baby shower where there is no specific wording. 

You can drop hints, but flatly asking someone to host the event would be tacky. Instead, it’s better to host your own party, and it’s likely for family and friends to want to contribute to the planning. 

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