Do Widows Wear Wedding Rings

If you’re curious about do widows wear wedding rings, the answer depends on the person. It’s not wrong if the widow chooses to wear her wedding ring still. 

You can continue reading below to understand why some widows still wear their wedding rings. You can also read about the wedding anniversary message for husband who passed away

do widows wear wedding rings


Do Widows Wear Wedding Rings?

There’s nothing wrong with widows wearing their wedding rings or even if they choose not to. If your husband has passed and you’re not ready to take off your wedding band, you have every right to continue wearing it. 

Some people might prefer to remove their wedding rings and keep them somewhere safe while grieving. Some widows remove the wedding band from their fingers and wear it as a pendant. 

Other widows put the ring close to their husband’s picture. There are many ways to handle grief, but it’s best not to force anyone to rush through the stages of healing and recovery. 

Mourning comes in many forms, and some widows might still wear their wedding rings to overcome the grief of their husband’s death. You might refuse to take off the ring because it feels like you’re rushing recovery, or you’ll forget and disrespect your husband. 

Nonetheless, you can take off the wedding ring whenever you’re ready. You are also free to transfer it to one hand or keep it if you prefer not to see it for a while. 


Do widows wear their wedding ring on the right hand?

Some widows transfer their wedding ring to the right hand from the left. Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the left hand, so a widow or widower might put their wedding band on the right hand to indicate their status. 

People can interpret the wedding ring on the right hand as a sign that you’re widowed or no longer married. If you’re not ready yet to remove the wedding ring but want to start, you can transfer it to the right hand first so you’ll still see the ring. 

Remember that it’s okay if you still want to cherish your memories with your husband. But over time, we must not let the past dictate our present. 


What Do Widows Wear On Their Ring Finger?

A widow or widower might sometimes keep or wear their wedding rings on their left ring finger. There is nothing wrong if you can’t take off your ring yet if it’s part of your grieving process. 

To indicate status, the widow’s wedding band might also be on their right ring finger instead of the left. This can symbolize that they were married but no longer with a spouse. 

And besides wearing the ring on the finger, widowers wear their marriage rings around the neck as a pendant. This is a sentimental way to remember your partner, and it’s understandable if you’re not ready to have the wedding ring out of sight. 


What Finger Does A Widow Wear Her Wedding Ring On?

Widows and widowers usually wear their wedding rings on the right ring finger. However, it shouldn’t also surprise you if a widow still wears the marriage band on her left ring finger.

If you want to honor your spouse, you can transfer the ring to another finger. It can even be worn as a necklace if you prefer to keep it close but not see it for a while. 

Dealing with possession’s after a loved ones death is understandably complex, and people vary in how they go through the process. Unless the widow is ready to talk about it, do not bring up the wedding ring if she’s still wearing it, especially if the passing of her husband is pretty recent. 


How Long Do Most Widows Wear Their Wedding Rings?

There is no time duration on how long widows wear their marriage rings. Some widows take it off immediately, while others may take months or years before removing their weddings. 

You don’t need to follow what most widows do with their rings and when they took them off. But of course, be on the lookout if you feel it’s the right time to remove the wedding band. 


How to take off your wedding ring after your husband passes away

The process of removing the wedding ring is pretty straightforward. You can be as quiet or symbolic with it, but it can also be quick and casual, whichever you feel is right. 

There is no right or wrong answer as some might spontaneously remove their wedding ring. One day you might feel not to put the wedding band on, or you might schedule a special day to keep it somewhere safe ceremoniously. 


When Should A Widow Remove Wedding Ring?

Understand that you should focus on what feels suitable for you. No time for removing the wedding ring is exactly right, and you’re free to remove and wear it as often as needed until you’re decisive. 

Remember that you shouldn’t worry about what other people may think. If you believe you are better off selling the wedding band, you can even read where to sell wedding rings



Was this discussion insightful? The answer to do widows wear wedding rings depends, and it’s not right or wrong whether they choose to wear the ring or not. 

Widows and widowers may transfer their wedding bands on their right hand or wear them as necklaces. But if it feels right, feel valid that you can take off your wedding band without worrying about other people’s perceptions. 

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