How To Accessorize A Gray Dress For A Wedding

If you’re unsure how to accessorize a gray dress for a wedding while maintaining class, read this the best jewelry, bag, and shoes for this style. Even though gray is a neutral color, remember that you are styling yourself for a wedding, and you should be tasteful for your outfit. 

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how to accessorize a gray dress for a wedding


Tips On How To Accessorize A Gray Dress For A Wedding



Deciding the jewelry for a gray dress is trickier than one might assume. For example, you might think that silver accessories will look good with a gray dress because of the color relation, but the last thing you want is to look washed out. 

However, if you’re wearing a shade of gray on the velvety side, silver jewelry would look classy, especially for a wedding. Try a pair of silver drop earrings or a thin-chained silver necklace with a dainty pendant with your gray dress to maintain subtlety.

You can also opt for jewelry with pearls and sparkly stones with the gray dress, as long as they’re not oversized, or you might gain attention unintentionally. And as for gold accessories, the combination might look tacky, but it depends on the shade of gray dress you’re wearing. 



Deciding what bag to wear with a gray dress is relatively easy since gray is neutral. A safe tip is to match your shoe color when choosing a bag for your gray dress. 

Some other safe options include a white purse, a black clutch,  a brown handbag, or even a pastel tote bag for your gray dress. But since you’re attending a wedding, remember to choose a bag that’s not only stylish but also functional. 

You want the bag to be easy to carry if you’re attending an outdoor wedding, but not something too small that you can’t keep all your essentials in one place. Furthermore, using a very bright-colored bag is just not tasteful, primarily if the color palette of the wedding is composed of neutral tones. 



What shoes go well with a gray dress for a wedding? Again, you have various colors and styles to choose from since gray is not difficult to pair with. 

The next consideration would be the style of dress you’re wearing. For example, strappy black or white heels will look classy with a gray midi dress, while something longer like a maxi dress on a beach wedding can be styled with brown or even red ankle-high shoes if your bag is also red. 

Do you not plan on wearing heels for the wedding? Read this guide on how to wear flat shoes to a wedding to remain formal but comfortable for the event. 


What Color Looks Good With Gray?



When unsure, you can never go wrong with pairing neutral colors with your gray clothes. Think black, brown, white, navy blue, beige, or even other shades of gray.

However, if you go with this palette, you want to introduce other colors, be it lighter or darker, so the outfit won’t look too dull. If you’re attending a wedding, you also want to be careful with maintaining a palette that looks like your outfit is white as it’s distasteful since white is reserved for the bride.



Red can be a classy color combination with gray. You can use this for shoes, bags, or even accessories if your outfit is gray. 

Remember that less is more, so you should probably stick to these two colors only when styling an outfit. You can also add other shades of gray, black, or white if you think the outfit needs more variety. 



Yellow can be a fun color, and it’s something not to be afraid of when your clothes are gray. If the wedding you’re attending includes yellow in its color scheme, then it’s a good idea to add some of it to your outfit. 

Consider yellow for your shawl or cardigan, especially if you’re attending a fall or winter wedding where it can get chilly. Pointed yellow heels can also look classy with a gray dress. 



Are you attending a rustic or outdoor wedding? Embrace the earth tones by using green with your gray outfit. 

Male wedding guests might be wearing a gray suit, so they can also select a neutral shade of green for their inner shirt or pants. Some dark shades of green will also complement a gray blouse or top for the wedding. 


Is A Gray Dress Appropriate For A Wedding?

A gray dress can be appropriate for the wedding because it’s not bold and eye-catching. It also speaks sophistication and class, which is essential when attending events like weddings, especially when it’s formal. 

However, make sure that the bridal party or the couple’s mothers are not wearing gray. You can always ask the couple themselves if gray is appropriate when in doubt. 



Was this guide helpful? We’ve learned how to accessorize a gray dress for a wedding, where you can never go wrong with neutrals, but even exciting colors like red, yellow, and green can also work. 

We hope you’ve created an outfit with these tips; let us know in the comments how it goes. 

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