How Much To Rent A Food Truck For A Wedding

Those curious about how much to rent a food truck for a wedding should expect to spend a starting price of $2,500, depending on the type of food truck, the number of guests to serve, and how long the service will be. 

We’ll also discuss everything you need to know about having food trucks at weddings, such as where you must put them in the venue. And speaking of having cost-effective catering for the wedding, do you know what is the cheapest food to serve at a wedding

how much to rent a food truck for a wedding


Here’s How Much To Rent A Food Truck For A Wedding

The cost for a wedding food truck rental typically starts at $2,500. The duration of the food service will affect the price, but many other factors can increase or decrease the costs of renting a food truck for a wedding. 

Furthermore, some companies charge per guest instead of by the hour. Usually, the food truck will cost $10 per wedding guest, but some menus may cost $35 per wedding guest. 


What affects the costs of renting a food truck for a wedding?

  • Food truck menu

Consider when you’ll have the food truck, as the food served will affect the cost of renting one. For example, some weddings only rent a dessert food truck as it’s cheaper than catering bigger meals. 

Specialty dishes will also be pricier than picnic foods like tacos or sandwiches. 

  • Number of food trucks 

The number of food trucks you’ll need for the wedding will affect the rental cost. Usually, a truck can serve 200 guests, so one truck is more than enough for a typical 50-person wedding. 

However, you might also want different food trucks for various food types. Perhaps you’ll rent a savory, cocktail, and sweet truck, depending on the type and duration of the wedding. 

  • Location of the wedding venue

Expect that bigger cities will be more expensive when renting food trucks. Remember that permits, labor, and even ingredients in metropolitan areas are higher than in less populated areas. 

However, if the wedding venue requires the food truck to travel significantly, they might also charge higher. 


Other considerations for wedding food truck rental

  • Wedding budget for catering
  • Number of wedding guests
  • Wedding guest diet
  • Wedding theme
  • Wedding season
  • Wedding time


Is It Tacky To Have A Food Truck At My Wedding?

Having a food truck for a wedding is not tacky because rentals are available for different foods. Just learn about your area’s regulations to know where the food truck can operate. 

Some places may require permits and fees, especially with outdoor wedding receptions.


How many food trucks for a wedding?

Typically, one food truck can accommodate 75 wedding guests per hour. So if you’re having a huge wedding, consider the guests’ waiting time and add more food trucks if needed. 

You can also hire servers to assist the guests so even those in line can start getting serviced. And of course, be mindful of the menu as some dishes may take longer to prepare. 

Do you think you can cook for your event? Here’s how to cater your own wedding


Where to put a food truck for a wedding?

  • Have the food truck/trucks around the vicinity to make them readily accessible to the guests
  • You can also have the food truck close to the focal point of the reception, so those waiting in line can still see the event
  • Check the venue to ensure that the area is flat for the parking of the food truck 
  • Select an open space for easier maneuvering of food cards 
  • Opt for a comfortable site so the guests waiting by the truck will still be comfortable 
  • Have a separate area for the cutlery so the guests won’t overcrowd the food truck or interrupt the truck cooks
  • Don’t forget to add the tables and chairs to the layout 
  • Have many garbage cans in the area


Food Truck Rentals For Weddings Near Me

Here are some popular wedding food trucks you can rent for your wedding: 

  • Cheese Louise: artisan grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Circus Eats: county fair snacks
  • Denver Taco Truck: various tacos
  • Devilicious Food Truck: comfort food
  • Firehouse Grilling Co.: firehouse favorites
  • Lucia’s Neapolitan Pizza Truck: Italian dishes
  • Red Hook Lobster Pound: seafood

Compare different food items offered by various food truck rental companies in the US to help you find the best ones for your wedding. 


Pros And Cons Of Food Truck Wedding


Pros of a food truck wedding

  • Food truck rental allows the convenience of serving guests, especially with outdoor venues
  • Wide cost range to suit different wedding budgets
  • Renting a food truck can be customized to your wedding theme and style
  • Engaging food experience for the guests
  • Unique and memorable for a wedding reception


Cons of a food truck wedding

  • Some trucks can be pricey depending on your location and chosen menu
  • Need to clarify the regulations in your area regarding having a food truck
  • Must be parked somewhere flat
  • Need to rent separate chairs and tables for the guests
  • Can have a long waiting time when serving many guests



And that’s it! You just learned how much to rent a food truck for a wedding, starting at $2,500 or $10 per wedding guest. 

The menu you’ll offer, the number of truck rentals, and the location can increase the price of renting a wedding food truck. But, overall, it’s a unique way to serve food to your guests, and many trucks are available for interesting cuisines. 

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