How Much Does It Cost To Rent Wedding Dress

If you’re curious about how much does it cost to rent wedding dress, it’s possible for it not to go over $1,000. Compared to buying a wedding dress, renting one will be more affordable, especially for those with limited budgets.

We’ll also guide you on how to rent a wedding dress, so you’ll know what to expect. And when it comes to setting a budget for your bridal attire, you might appreciate knowing how much is too much for a wedding dress

how much does it cost to rent wedding dress


How Much Does It Cost To Rent Wedding Dress And How To Rent

There are various wedding dress rental shops, so the cost of renting a wedding dress will vary per bridal boutique. But to give you an average range, it’s possible to rent a wedding dress for between $50 to $500. 

Some designers might also rent out their wedding gowns but expect that they’ll have higher prices. Designer wedding dresses for rent can cost $500 and up, but you’re still saving a couple of hundred to thousand dollars than buying a new wedding dress. 

For a more cost-effective tip, check websites where you can do monthly subscriptions instead of one-time rentals. These wedding dress rental services will give you exclusive access and offer special pieces and styles for a monthly fee. 


How Does Renting A Dress Work?

Renting a wedding dress can be a one-time rental, or you can subscribe to a service for exclusive offers. The latter is usually chosen by brides who also want to buy dresses and outfits for other pre and post-wedding events. 

The dress renting cost will depend on many factors, but of course, expect that designer pieces will be pricier to rent. Some bridal renting services also offer limited designs and sizes, so shop for your dress early on. 


Where to rent wedding dresses

  • Etsy

One of the most accessible places where you can rent a wedding dress is on Etsy. As of this writing, the pieces available for rent are interesting and would suit boho, rustic, or even romantic weddings. 

  • Janet Mandell

Brides who want to rent luxury and designer clothes for their wedding should consider Janet Mandell. Just remember to contact them within 24 hours if you’re not satisfied with your online rental to get a refund, but expect a $50 restocking fee. 

  • Rent the Runway

A popular place for wedding dress rental is Rent the Runway. The options of the styles and costs of the rental fees are diverse to suit any wedding budget, and you can even rent pieces for the bridal party

  • Poshare

Another place to rent a bridal gown is Poshare. What’s convenient in browsing their selection is you can compare the rental price and the cost of buying each dress.


How Quickly Can You Rent A Wedding Dress?

Wedding dress rentals often allow the bride to take the dress home a few days before the wedding. Make sure to contact the store so they’ll be prepared when you visit, then ask about the deposit and payment. 

You should also read the contract to avoid additional wedding dress rental costs. For example, ask about the shipping, insurance, or damages if you tear or stain the wedding gown. 


Can you alter a rented wedding dress?

Some stores allow simple alterations like taking the size in for a cost when you rent their wedding dress. But of course, you can’t get the dress customized as you would be able to with a bridal gown you bought.


Can you try a wedding gown before renting it?

Like buying a wedding dress, you should set an appointment with the bridal store when renting a wedding dress. They would then help you prepare pieces according to your wants. 


When to rent a wedding dress?

The best time to rent the wedding dress is as early as possible to ensure that you have more sizes and styles. Confirm your selected piece’s availability on your wedding day and clarify how long you can keep it. 

Please read what is my wedding dress size so you’ll know what to look for when renting. 


When to return a borrowed wedding dress?

Policies differ in every wedding dress rental store. But if possible, return it the following day, but only after following the store’s instructions regarding cleaning if it’ll be your responsibility. 


Is It Better To Rent A Wedding Dress Than Buy?

There are pros and cons to renting a wedding dress. Here are some key points to consider to know if it’s better than buying a bridal gown:


Pros of renting a wedding dress

  • Cheaper than buying a wedding dress
  • You can score couture and designer pieces for a smaller price
  • You don’t need to worry about preserving the dress


Cons of renting a wedding dress

  • There might be a smaller selection of rental gown sizes and designs available
  • Brides might miss the sentimentality of keeping the dress they wear on the wedding day
  • Custom alterations are unlikely



And that’s it! To recap how much does it cost to rent wedding dress, it can be anywhere between $50 to $500 and up.

It’s also possible to rent designer bridal gowns, but they’ll be pricier. Overall, check your rental contract to ensure that you can return it on time and if you must also shoulder the cleaning responsibilities to avoid extra costs. 

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