How Much Is An Ice Sculpture For A Wedding

The answer to how much is an ice sculpture for a wedding range from $250 to $5,000. We will talk about the other factors that affect the price of an ice sculpture to help you decide if you must get one for your wedding. 

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how much is an ice sculpture for a wedding


How Much Is A Wedding Ice Sculpture?

The price of an ice sculpture for a wedding can range from $250 up to $5000. If you’re on a budget, the simplest ice sculpture typically starts at $250, while a bigger one can cost up to $800. 

What about custom wedding ice sculptures? Expect to spend anywhere from a thousand to $5,000 if you want a unique ice sculpture made for your wedding. 

The company will communicate with you regarding the design you want and other expectations for the display. If you find the usual initials on the ice sculpture too common, invest in something customized or take inspiration from other interesting ice sculptures from different weddings


Why are wedding ice sculptures expensive?


  • Intricacy and size

The most significant factor that can increase or decrease the cost of an ice sculpture for a wedding is its design. Simple shapes will be cheaper than more intricate designs, especially those that are sizable. 

It’s only reasonable to pay a considerable sum for detailed or customized wedding ice sculptures because of the time, work, and talent needed to make one. And once it’s finished, the package for the wedding ice sculpture typically also includes how it’s delivered and displayed. 


  • Transportation and display inclusions

You’ll be paying for the transportation costs of the ice sculpture to arrive safely at the wedding venue. If the company is traveling for a significant time, you can be charged per mile. 

Then, you might’ve also chosen a package that will make the ice display more enjoyable, whether it includes different color lights, fog, snow, and some even rotates or are suspended.  When the ice sculpture is displayed in your wedding, all of these additional details can increase the overall cost by hundreds of dollars than just having it sat on a table alone. 


What is the point of an ice sculpture at a wedding?

A large display like an ice sculpture makes the perfect focal point in the wedding reception. One can even say that an ice sculpture is an ice breaker, pun intended, for conversations among guests. 

It is an iconic wedding element, and the advancement of technology even helps the ice sculpture industry grow further. Computers allow more unique designs to suit clients’ imagination for their wedding. 


What is a cheap alternative for an ice sculpture for a wedding?

Since ice sculptures require time and effort to make, the resulting high price of one has couples considering other ice alternatives. For starters, you can get a cheaper ice sculpture mold that won’t get higher than $50 and make your ice sculpture. 

It won’t last as long as a professionally-made ice sculpture, and you’ll be limited with the designs since the molds are premade. However, it suits short and small receptions, especially for couples who must stick to a budget. 

Other ice sculpture alternatives include ice towers for the buffet, ice luges for the bar, or even frozen flower arrangements in the reception tables. They are also aesthetically pleasing while still being functional, and not to mention, easier to transport than large-scale ice sculptures. 


How Do You Display Ice Sculptures In A Wedding?



The most common way to display ice sculptures at a wedding is to treat them as centerpieces. They can include lights, effects, or other displays when decorating with one.

You can even have the ice sculpture in your wedding bar or buffet table to be functional. 


Hanging displays

A unique way to display ice sculptures at a wedding is to hang them. They can be an alternative to chandeliers and can add to the overall ambiance of the wedding reception. 


Reception areas

If you have the budget, have massive ice sculptures that the guests can interact with. Some unique ice sculptures include ice walls, ice arches, or even ice lounges that are big enough to sit on. 


How Long Does An Ice Sculpture Last?

The location affects the longevity of the ice sculpture. For example, an ice sculpture can last up to 9 hours in an indoor wedding venue, while outdoor sites can shorten its lifespan to 4 hours. 


How Do You Make Ice Sculptures Last Longer?

The secret to making ice sculptures last longer is where you’ll put them. Find the coolest spot in the area and ensure it’s out of direct heat or sunlight.



And that’s it! We just found out how much is an ice sculpture for a wedding, and it can cost as much as $5,000 when custom-made and simpler or smaller designs can go for under $300. 

We hope the discussions about this type of wedding display helped you decide if you must get one. We also recommend browsing our blog for other exciting wedding display ideas. 

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