How To Make A S’mores Bar For Wedding In 2 Steps

You can learn how to make a s’mores bar for wedding in two steps. This tutorial is perfect if your wedding has a rustic theme or you want an interactive dessert bar for your wedding besides offering cake as dessert. 

Speaking of cake, read about when to cut the cake at a wedding. It would be helpful as your catering staff will slice the cake to serve to the guests after the bride and groom. 

how to make a s'mores bar for wedding

Some guests might still prefer the wedding cake, but if you want another option, here is an easy s’mores bar for a wedding:


How To Make A S’mores Bar For Wedding Easily


Step 1. Make a portable fire pit box 

  • Prepare a heat fuel cans, a box to carry these cans, paint, skewers, and the ingredients for s’mores
  • Paint the box according to the wedding theme; this will be the fire pit for the s’mores
  • Decorate the box as you want, then fill it with packing material
  • Leave about three inches of space from the top of the box to help the cans reach the lighting level 
  • Finish the rest of this “fire pit” for the s’mores bar


Step 2. Set up the s’mores bar with the ingredients

  • Light the heating fuel cans with a lighter 
  • Place the portable fire pit over a long table, which will carry the skewers, toothpicks, tongs, paper towels, and the containers filled with the ingredients 
  • The classic s’mores ingredients you’ll need for a basic s’mores bar are graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows
  • You can also arrange the components in one starting kit, so everything the guests will need is already at their table before going to the fire pit
  • For a more exciting s’mores bar, include nuts, dried fruits, coconut, sliced berries, peanut butter, and candy sprinkles as your ingredients


What Do You Put In A Dessert Bar At A Wedding?

Your wedding dessert bar menu can include mini treats like cupcakes, tarts, cookies, pies, cobblers, or even parfaits. Bar-shaped sweets will also undoubtedly be appreciated by different guests, so why not include cheesecake bars, banana bars, or blondies, to name a few. 


How do I start a dessert bar?

  1. Position the dessert bar in a spot in the venue where it’s out of direct sunlight, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoor
  2. Cover the dessert bar table with the same color as the dominant color of the desserts you’ll serve; never use a table cloth that drapes to the floor as the guests might step on it and potentially yank it off
  3. Use LED when lighting up the dessert bar as it doesn’t generate heat; if you include a s’mores fire pit, keep the other desserts that melt quickly far from it
  4. In an indoor wedding venue, pick the coolest spot and increase the AC settings if needed to ensure that the desserts won’t melt or soften; there’s no need to refrigerate the sweets on your wedding as they might sweat once outside the fridge
  5. Make sure that the dessert bar is accessible all around to hasten the movement of the line of guests
  6. Offer varying heights on the displays and containers of the desserts; use tiered platters, different sizes jars, trays, and platters for visual effect
  7. Don’t forget to include various serving utensils and napkins on the wedding dessert bar 
  8. Print out signs to let the guests know the type of each item on your dessert bar; you can learn how to make acrylic wedding signs if you want something classy and unique for your dessert bar


What Goes On A Wedding Dessert Table?

There are many sweets and treats that you can consider for your wedding dessert table. You can get extra creative with different themes while also ensuring a dessert for every type of guest. 

Your wedding dessert table can offer different pre-sliced cakes, cake pops, macarons, cookies, cupcakes, puffs, mini donuts, tarts, pies, or even candies. Some weddings even have interactive dessert tables so that guests can make their version of s’mores, sundaes, or cupcakes. 


How many desserts should you have at a wedding?

It’s difficult to mention a specific number on how many types of desserts you must have on your wedding dessert table. Instead, consider how big your wedding is and the variety of the guests. 

Try two candies, two homemade desserts, and at least one special treat if you want many options. For the number of desserts to order, assume that each guest will take two pieces of dessert, even if you’ll also serve your wedding cake. 

If you are also giving the desserts as goodies for the guests to take home, count three servings.


What Kind Of Desserts Do You Have At A Wedding?

  • Provide various dessert options based on the dietary restrictions and avoid potential allergies of your guests
  • Use various serving sizes for the desserts 
  • With three to five types of desserts for the wedding bar, make sure that they’re of different heights and colors also to make the table look aesthetically pleasing



And that’s it! We just learned how to make a s’mores bar for wedding, which is as easy as using a box as a fire pit. 

You’ll put heat fuel cans and packing material on this box, then place it over a table. Then, arrange the ingredients and utensils to make s’mores around the fire pit. 


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